November 7th, 2008

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Reminder: Settei Auction ending tonight!

Hey guys!
I think I posted my auction announcement at an inopportune time, so here's a reminder that the settei auction ends tonight at 9pm California time. Please place new bids in a new comment, and bids against someone in a reply to their comment. Late bids (after 8:59pm) will not be accepted.

(Also added a Christmas Pikachu plush)

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Big Plushie commish, Clearance Sales, tiny update

My I've been active XD first off, I have TWO slots open for big plushies. Big plushies are the normal ones I make (not chibi) here's some examples:
Shiny Umbreon: 
Beldum (lol):

Big plushies are 30$ plus 5$ shipping to anywhere in the world.

Plush slots closed :)

Sorry for taking so long with the chibis, btw, but I had a small cold and I didn't work on any for safety measures ;) I'm healthy now, so no worries.

Secondly, my friend is doing commissions of clay figures and pictures, traditional work that can be sent to you for your displaying pleasure, and other such things. Go check it out :3

Thirdly, tiny collection update, just to let peeps know I got the items. I got the kids today and a Pichu beach card and the Pichu card with Badgerr_ftw's payment <3 thank you so much, that was one I did not have!


Note: ALL PACKAGES HAVE BEEN SHIPPED =DDD thanks for your patience ^^

Fourthly, I'm in need of space in my dorm and some extra cash for a few school fees, so here's a big clearance sale :D
don't forget that I'll still have to add shipping and pp fees :3 just a reminder, also PLEASE include what you bought in the note on paypal, PLEASE. It makes shippin a LOT easier.


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calling all meowth lovers!

what's adorable, exclusive only to osaka pokemon center, and going to be so, so so rare within only a month's time?!

the 10th anniversary osaka pokemon center meowth goodies!!

are they adorable or what?

just a head's up if you want them - i'd keep an eye out and get them soon if you want them!

thanks, naturally, to AAPF.

Hello everyone

ATTENTION Everyone who purchased anything from my last 2 posts!
Everything went out today! Sorry,some of you didn't get drawings,cause I had to hurry before the post office closed today. Would have had time,but I left everyone's addresses at home,and had to go back and get them,then go back to the post office... Yeah I'm SMRT like that.


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