November 8th, 2008

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Christmas Shaymin+multiple News!

Hey everyone, in this post I have a few things to ask and say so lets start!

.For starters my next collection update should be up around the end of this month featuring some lickilicky stuff. It will probably be one of the last updates this year due to the reason I am now spending less and getting ready for next years mechandise. Expect that soon,

.Secondly does anyone have the Shaymin Land forme christmas plush. I know Gin had them but unfortunately I was at school and they were all sold out. There are some I have seen around but with other stuff on order I have they are to expensive. I CAN pay by Paypal for this occasion(my brother just got it) as well as MO. Please help if you have one you may be looking for a new home!

Thanks again,


Electrifying fun~

Just finished this big guy today! *^^* I'm really content with how he turned out. I can't wait until I've made bags/plush of all the eeveelutions. Comments/constructive critiques are always welcome. You can see the uber version and more images of the Jolteon bag here. :3

I'm hoping to be able to open up for commission starting in January of next year.. n___n
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Mini pokedoll sales.


Kai decided she didn't, in fact, want the Eevee pokedolls she got. xD So She gave them to me to put up for sale for her. 

Only Eevee left!
Eevee is stain/flaw free, though she lacks the little Pokedoll tag. Tush tag is still there.
Kai's asking $30 shipped, anywhere.
She's coming from a pet friendly home, and unfortunately, one that's also smoke friendly. </3



Look what I found!

This is my first post here, and while I've been meaning for a long time to post my collection, I just got back from a family shopping outing and had to share my finds for the day.

I went to Toys R Us this morning for the Dragonite giveaway and was sad they didn't have a Darkrai Jakks figure. However, I went to Meijer shortly after... and discovered all their single Pokemon figures were on sale for $3.88 (compared to $6.99 at TRU :D). And while there was no Darkrai... what I did find was just as good.

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Funnel Cake's House of Wares

New items this time around include 11th Movie Pokemon Kids and Clipping Figures from the newest set.

Also I'm looking for a few Giratina items that I would gladly pay for or trade anything in my store for:

Origin Forme Zukan

Origin Forme Kid with the curled tail that is sitting up from the most recently released set

Japanese Giratina Another Forme Card from DP5
Dewott - Happy
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(no subject)

So it's come to my attention that the Pokemon All-Stars episodes 1-10 retail for like $10 US plus tax. Each. That means if you buy them new, individually, you could spend $100 dollars on all of the darn things. This kind of pisses me off - I bought the boxed set of all 10, and I can't remember the price but it wasn't more than $40.

Furthermore, I still have this boxed set just laying around, basically brand new (none of them have been watched more than once).

If anyone is interested, I'd be willing to sell the individual DVDs off for I dunno, like $3.50 each. Shipping would be $5 for up to three discs (possibly four discs if I can find slimmer jewel cases)... I'm not looking to make much of a profit off of them, since I'll probably just go buy another set with the money XD Yay for Toys R Us!

This isn't officially a sales post yet, I just want to know if there is interest. Especially if I go and buy another set, I don't want too many doubles left over. ^^;

Each disc includes three episodes that feature its indicated Pokemon.

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LadyLegs = MAN

Sales and some translation help?

I've finally officially got LadyLegs' Little Shop up and running, and with brand new items! To go straight to the sales, please click on the linked banner below. Mods, if you could add me to the Shops in the sidebar, that'd be awesome. ^_^

I've also obtained a lovely pokemon book from an Asian bookstore, and it is basically full of little four panel comic strips with various pokemon. Since this book is entirely in Japanese, I can't read what's going on, though some of them are obvious. I've taken pictures (don't have a scanner... T_T) of several amusing looking ones, and if those of you who understand Japanese could give even a rough translation, I'd much appreciate it! Otherwise, I hope everyone can at least enjoy the art.

I posted pretty much all of the comics featuring Palkia, because it seems like he's somewhat of a joke character in here, though I could be wrong. There's quite a few featuring him, which is not really the case with the rest of the pokemon (there's only ONE with Darkrai... :'C), besides the ones usually in the anime of course.

Anyway, quite large pics under the cut!

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