November 9th, 2008


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I went to Toys-r-us today to get the special Dragonite and I also decided to get some Pokemon cards since it's been ages and I've gotten into Pokemon cards again recently. Well, I'm looking at the cards and the girl behind the counter asked me if I wanted a Dragonite since the event was ending very soon, and I told her I'd already gotten mine, then I noticed the shaymin charm on her DS was the same one I had on mine! So I showed her and she mentioned Pokemon Collectors. I was like "I'm a member :O" and it turns out...I had just unwittingly met fernchu! OMG how awesome was that :D it's a small world ^^ but man, that was SO awesome :DDD

I really pulled some awesome cards today :D including one I've been wanting! Pics under the cut. I just had to tell about this day =D

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It's been a few days and i still haven't recieved payment from a few people. I'd like to give pay ASAP so we can get these cards soon. Please send payment to and include your uername and the card you got.

These are the people i need payment from.
meirin $10
heenz $9
ann_chovi $10

The Most Expensive Mudkip Ever! and something else....

Hello Everyone!

i was browsing ebay a bit today and i found this Mudkip plush. now i know it it s a bit of a rare plush. but not THAT RARE!

also, i was organizing my pictures on my computer yesterday and i found pictures that where taken at the 10th Anniversary Pokemon Tour that toured around in 2006. I went to the one in New Mexico in March 2006. i thought you would enjoy some pictures from the event:) there is one that has to do with collectors, sort of. you will see:D

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Well thats it. hope you all enjoyed! i hope to post a collection update sometime soonish. just mostly laziness at not doing it sooner......:D

Have a great day/night everyone!

Pokemon: Espeon Umbreon

[Espeon collection completed!//]

Okay, don't know quite why it's taken me about two weeks to post this, but I completed my espeon collection with the help of lineaalba ^_^

(click for bigger)

On the back row we have the friends plush, the pokedoll, and the super rare TOMY keychain plush
On the next row we have the TOMY monster collection figure, the normal kid, and the Attack pose kid. We then have the Full colour stadium figure, megablock and the keychain figure.
Last but not least, on the front row is the battle museum figure, super-cute V-trainer/V-chip figure, and the zukan ^,,^

I have a few more updates in the works. Thanks guys :D
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Pokemon Clay Creatures

I love sitting and crafting with my kids. We got out the sculpey one day and spent a few hours molding and playing. I make most of mine as magnets for the fridge. Now, I just have to get more sculpey so I can make MORE!!!!! :)

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small weeding

No I haven't dropped off the side of the earth! I just didn't have any money for a while. XD

Went through my relatively small Pokecollection, and took out some things that I think would be happier in another home. :]

Paypal only, please send payments to danika_garcelon at
I'm willing to make trades! Check out my wish list for the figures I'm looking for.

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Thank you for looking! Have a nice day~


Okay I have a couple questions
you know those PMD2 Dioramas
you know
What all pokemon are in that series and is there anywhere I could see pictures of them all
or does anyone have any theyd be willing to maybe trade :D (I would buy but im sort of low on money right now)


Okay yeah thats my only question sorry

OH but anyone whos bought or traded with me Your stiff has been mailed ALL OF IT i meant to say that in my last post but I didn't so yeah
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I'm currently looking at a Charizard Plush bag, but I haven't seen them before. The seller is asking $30 + $15 shipping to the UK- do you guys think it is worth it? I do like it and I do collect Charizard merch but I don't wanna pay over the odds.

Also not to make this post completely useless, this seller is selling individual Zukan quite cheap:

Pink Leopard Print
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promo cards question

I'm clueless when it comes to promo cards, other than I assume that they're released to promote something, though even then I could be wrong xD

I've seen some of you post your lovely promo cards here and some are just pictures of the cards but some come wrapped in plastic with some sort of booklet.

So what I'm asking is how do I find out which cards are released for what occasion, and what cards there are to collect? How should they be packaged (with the booklet?) so I know what I'm looking for and  I'm guessing the prices depend on the Pokemon, as with normal TCG cards. Are they all in Japanese and what's the booklet for?


Charmeleon! Rawr.

First off -
To those who purchased items from this sales post - I've only received payment from two of you! Please let me know if you still want the items by Tuesday, or I'll presume you're no longer interested ;_;
Also: happyjolteon - Did you receive my message about my order?

It's been a while since I've posted any proper collection post - So here's one: Charmeleon!

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I also have had this up for a fairly long time, but finally advertise it here:

It's also my first site coded in XHTML 1.0 Strict that's 100% approved! Yay!