November 13th, 2008


Huge zukan collection update + mini zukan sale/auction

Hello guys! I come bearing a massive zukan collection update, plus a few sales. kaygee84  will be having a big zukan sale soon, either through me or his own account. I don't know when, but I will keep you posted. He realized he went a little zukan crazy on Y!J in the past, so he has now narrowed his collection down to his select favorites. And who got most of the spoils? Me! ^___^ I sorted through them and picked out the ones I wanted. A lot of which are very rare and includes a grail of mine... which is the grail for many zukan collectors, I understand. ^^ Images under the cut. Enjoy! It's very image heavy. Fair warning!

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Stuff mailed, Emergency Weed

All domestic packages were mailed yesterday! The two internationals will go out next week. Sorry for the delay, but I literally could not go into the post office yesterday when I went - they had it roped off since I guess there was some kind of medical emergency. =/ I was still able to get to the APC, though, just not the main counter.

Having an emergency mini-sale. Most of the last bits of my Espeon collection are here, along with a few other things.


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Just a question

I haven't been on in a while, I've been deep in schoolwork and things. But I've also been researching more plushmaking methods and all that good stuff. I'm getting closer to my goal.

However, I'm getting fairly close to being able to make the simplest Pokemon of all, Unown. I have the concept/blueprints down pat for the most part, but now I just need the practice.

Here's the main question I wanted to ask, though... if I were to commission little Unown plushes, would any of you buy them? I could conceivably do any letter or the ! or ?. My projection is that the circular portion of them would be 6 inches long, and the little extensions that form the letters would be the appropriate size compared to the circular part.

I was debating myself to think of a fair price, and I eventually came up with $20 for one, $30 for two, $40 for three, $50 for four, and so on. That way they're fairly affordable, and the more you get, the less each individual one costs! (ie, if you get two for $30, you're only paying $15 apiece for them, as opposed to $20.)

I swear, there are so many $20-$30 Pokeguys that I want to get, the biggest ones I'm after right now are Jirachi, Shaymin Sky Form, and the standing Glaceon coming out soon. Those guys are adorable, and I would be in heaven if I could get them. But the fact that 1, I still can't get a job, 2, the economy is terrible right now, and 3, my mother won't let me get anything online, it's been getting harder to add to my collection of Pokemon love. But if I do these commissions, it will be fun, it would definately tide me over, you'd get a cute little unown, and it would help me get some of these guys I've been looking for.

This is still just in the idea phase, and once the time comes, I'll make a proper post. But I just wanted to gauge what you guys think. Is this a good idea? I'm all ears...
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Nono /♥/ Cloudy with a chance of CUTENES

Pokemon Hoodies!

I just realized I have neglected to show off the boat load of Pokemon Hoodies I have finished since my last Hoodie commission post over here! :O ((Which must have been about, what 3-4 months ago? xD;;))

At any rate, I have finished a ton of hoodies. (( And I apologize if there are some duplicates, I can't quite remember exactly which one was the last one I showed over here. ))


Annnnd I think that's all of them as far as Pokeymanz goes. @o@

I still have a slot or two open for Decemeber/Early Jan for those interested, I have my Commission Poster Here~! ♥

Oh! I forgot to post this here too! This was aTiny Raichu I made for Gin xD

(( And since I am posting anyways, left over sales post is over here Buttons. Lots of them. xD ))
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Zukan Collection Update! + Trade?

I shall now proceed to talk. The other day I recieved a package. A package from ebay. A package filled with things. What kind of things non of you may ask? The tenth anniversary zukan, I reply! I'm quite excited to have gotton it, cause it means until the next zukan set comes out (DP09 I believe. Dang I can't wait for that.....Farfetch'd and Garchomp and Palkia~) my zukan collection is COM FREKKIN PLETE! At least to my knowledge!! I dare any of you to name a zukan I don't have. >D Go ahead. If you find one, I'll spazz like a spacemonkey and waste days trying to obtain it.

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EDIT: Nevermind the trading for a leafeon and glaceon zukan. Don't have anything good anyways : D;;. Anyone have a leafeon/glaceon zukan for sale then?

Also, I'm still willing to trade the lickitung/lickilicky, magnemite/magneton/magnezone, togepi/togekiss/togetic, and skorupi/drapion zukan if anyone is interested. Don't really know what I want though. : D;;


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Hey Baby!

Fall Cleaning & Cosplay Photoshoot!

Hello, hello, hello! Long time no see everyone! Nothing really of note at my end of things collection-wise, being busy with this current circulation of mid-terms and RL-issues, but I've decided to do a little fall cleaning! Kids and Zukan! ;D

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On a sidenote, to the kind members meowthcollector, darkrenegade123, and truepromises, shipment of your respective parcels has unfortunately been delayed to this weekend. I apologize immensely for this turn of events and thank you for your kind patience. D;

Meanwhiles, as some of you may already know, I recently attended Aki-Con this past weekend. For a first-year con, it turned out to be much more fun than I initially anticipated; I not only had the extreme pleasure of meeting one of our fellow community members, friskavk, in person, but a good friend of mine also stopped by on Sunday to pull off a little Pokemon photoshoot with me.

For further pictures and details, skip on to this entry right over here! ♥

Shameless pimpage aside, the hoodie I'm wearing is the Lucario hoodie commissioned from usakochan of our community, hot-and-fresh off the same batch she featured just earlier today. Needless to say, her work is absolutely stunning; if you haven't done so already, be sure to check out her works and/or commission her for something of your very own! On that same note, I'm curious as to whether other members have pictures of themselves in their respective hoodies? I'd love to see!

As always, thanks for looking everyone! ♥

Its this time again

Ah man, ever since school started again, i barely have time to comment and stalk around :[
Missed some selling and all.. AH WELL, THIS IS NOT DEVIANTART JOURNAL TO CRY AT! c:

Some stuff i got not long ago tha cried for me to show and tell~

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