November 15th, 2008


Early Christmas pressies.

I want to apologise if I haven't responded to you yet! Aside from LJ's messages not all coming through, I've been busy with work lately. Thank you to everyone for the wonderful comments on my Charmeleon collection!

Came home yesterday though, and there were a couple of packages waiting for me. One of which was the pin group auction!

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Now, I received only some of the cases - If you want one, post here and let me know. First come, first served! These will be shipped out on Monday :3

Finally! I still need to receive payment from the following people for the following pins:

juumou: $3.50 - Hoppip (You've already paid for Typhlosion, so no extra shipping charge)!
ravestars85: $10.50 - Venusaur & Meganium
_nofuturenohope $7 - Sneasel
volkner is sweet too

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welcome to a true sunyshore update (the shop update is coming along tomorrow or monday ;D)! we'd like to feature for you shinx, raichu, AND our very own gym leader, the blackout captain volkner.

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and, i usually do not post about TCG news, but this is a doozy. a DOOZY i said.
it's gym leaders and elite four - yes, that's right. gym leader and elite four pokemon!!

featuring volkner's luxray! roark's rampardos! byron's bastiodon!candice's frosslass! gardenia's rosearade! flint's infernape! lucian's gallade! must i go on? check out the preview photo!

AMAZERING!!!!!!!!!!!!! it comes out dec. 26th! cannot wait :D

Yahoo Japan Auction question

Sorry this relates slightly to Pokemon. I'm currently looking at a job lot of Pokemon plushes on Y!J with 1 day left.
How much do fees normally come to for a job lot? The lot I'm looking at mainly consists of Friends plush & about 5 beanies. I'm asking so I don't bid too much and get stung by the fees. Thanks.

Hey Guys!

Does anyone have a large Lugia plush they would be willing to sell me??  The one that's suppost to have a little pikachu riding it? I have been checking all over ebay and haven't had any luck. If you know where to buy one, or if you're selling one, PLEASE let me know!
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Just a Reminder...

The Cyndaquil line zukan auction ends tonight in approx. 7 hours! There is only one bid on it so far...
Check it out if you're interested!

Also, I got the pins today, usakochan ! ^_^ I love them! :3

On a side note, I've been really~ contemplating the idea of doing a Pikachu 'jinka (I, honestly, forgot how to spell the word ^^;;) for ALA in January. I've walked by several articles of clothing that look promising at Target. I'm thinking yellow sweats and a soft yellow jacket would do just fine. I could easily make a tail, stripes, and ears. Does this sound like a good jinka? Anyone have any suggestions? I'd love to order a custom hoodie from our beloved usakochan , but I simply cannot afford it right now. =/ I'd love to hear *professional* advice on how to go about this. I am a newbie at this, after all. *sheepish grin*

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I come bearing the fruits of my newly-hatched gashapon addiction and a sweet story! :D

Today I was hanging out at a local movie theatre which has several gashapon machines scattered around. I spotted a couple of kids (a girl and a boy, about 5 and 6 years old) marveling at Eevee spintops that one machine had among with a thousand other kinds, with the kids' mother waiting in line at a fast food joint a few metres away. I couldn't help but squeal "EEVEE!" and quickly explain them that I'm a huge pokemon fan and can't act normal around Eevee merch. Turned out they both adored pokemon too. They asked me the names of some of the pokemon featured in the machines and told me about crazy fake unown cards that do 1000 damage and what their favourite pokemon were. I of course spent far too much money on the capsules in hopes of getting an Eevee (which I kind of got) and they were just as excited as me about which pokemon I was gonna get. The girl even offered to ask her mother to buy her a capsule and give it to me in case she got an Eevee, but of course I can't make a stranger buy me things. When their mom came with the burgers I stopped by their table, said hi to their mom and goodbye to the kids, and was about to leave when the girl said "I hope you get that Eevee sometime!" I still can't wipe this silly grin off my face, it was too sweet!

In addition to the spintops I later bought some chou get from another machine. Collapse )

The store that owns the machines will also be getting restock on European zukan, even the 10th Anniversary ones! I am a poor but happy girl.

Toys R Us Swag

Payday, woo! Went off to do some lovely shopping~

I was finally able to get the HUGE Jakks Palkia and Real Attack Empoleon I've been eyeing for forever~ Unfortunately, no sign of the RA Garchomp in sight (or I would have gotten two T_T)

I know Toys R Us isn't the best place to get TCG cards, but I couldn't pass up a Mewtwo tin. I pulled another Torterra Lvl X from the D&P pack and was wondering if someone wanted to trade it for an Empoleon Lvl X? I can never seem to pull that bugger.

Also, I'm thinking of trading my Lucario pokedoll. He's mint with all his tags, just sitting around since I bought him from the pokemon center website way back when...but I realized that I'm not his biggest fan, considering he's the only bit of Lucario merch I own of him (outside of TCG cards). I have no idea of his worth. I'm really looking for any Blaziken, Empoleon, or Skarmory goods that I don't have. Help him find a good home?

Plushies and Shaymees

Just a note, the few things that I have yet to send out will be sent out on Monday, which is just a few things from the msot recent sales post. Sorry for the delay, which is entirely my fault ^^; I've included extras to make mup for it :3

First off, PLUSHIES :DDD I've been finishing them pretty steadily ^^ I took a tiny break for exams, but no worries, I'll hopefully get them all done ASAP :3

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Now to the collection update :D

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That's it for now ^^
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'Sup guys. I'm currently bidding on several plush items from a seller. Some are less popular Pokemon than others, so I've been holding off bidding, but with the auctions ending in a few hours, I thought I'd consult some of you guys.

Would anyone be interested in the following Pokemon in small, plush keychain form, for a price of something like $13-15 dollars? Each plush will probably cost me around $12 so I think that's pretty reasonable.

THIS IS NOT A RESERVES POST. I just want to see if anybody wants these guys. They're so cute, but it's no point buying them if no one is interested. Pictures will be provided on request. They're from the Atsumete! Happy Mascot line. Corsola and Jumpluff's are not on the PPP, actually, but Duskull and Volbeat are.

- Corsola
- Jumpluff
- Volbeat
- Duskull