November 16th, 2008

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A Gimpy Arcanine has appeared

Tonight I happened to be browsing ebay trying to find myself a nice deal (they happen sometimes XD) and decided to type in Arcanine as my search subject in hopes of finding something new that I didn't already have.

I found something.

A noseless Arcanine. I'm not sure if it's a factory defect or it's just a hilariously failed bootleg; either way I thought I'd share with everyone XD

If you're actually into collecting defects/whatever or you just feel bad for the little guy and want to give him a good home, here's the link:
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Another Yahoo Japan question

I was watching this auction (I bid eariler but was outbid), and I noticed that the username of the bidder is cha*****
I don't want to outbid anyone here so is anyone here bidding on this lot (end in 3 hours):

If anyone is bidding on this lot, and they don't want Celebi & Marill I would be happy to take them :3
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For 570 yen, sweet stupidly rare Espeon plush keychain, it is mine!

And for those who want tiny rare keychain plush of their own, the following: Bayleef, Corsola, Houndour, Natu, and Togepi will be up for auction when I get receive them! I wish the seller had put them in a lot instead of selling them individually, time to go get raped by fees...
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Alrighty Guys- Umbreon Pokedoll w/tags

It's time to pay the bills and thanks to the economy, I'll be running a little short.

So, I'm going to offer up my Umbreon Pokedoll, complete with tags :D

I'm thinking I should let him go for $25? The cheapest I've seen them going for is near $50 @_@

So, he's $28 with shipping to anywhere :D


First come, First serve <3

Also, I can only take paypal at the moment, sorry for the inconvenience.

Sorry guys, he's been claimed. Thanks for all the interest and check up often, as I have a bunch of pokedolls I'll be parting with soon to make the bills XD;
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iCollect--by profsparky

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Sale at my journal!

Sales guidelines:
~I take cash and checks, and money orders if I know you.
~I can now ship internationally, but you'll have to convert the rates yourself.
~Give me time--it takes me a while to get to the bank since it's not on the bus line. Shipping time may depend on the volume of orders--the post office *is* on the bus line, but if I have few orders I'll wait to see if I get more before I go (no more than a week).
~Shipping costs will be approximated--I have a cooking scale and this site, but that's it.
~I can take a picture of or provide more information on any single item upon request.

Inside! Kids figures (boxed and not, including some clear), misc figures, model kits, plushies, foodz, manga, cosplay supplies, cards, and CRAP. Also some other series like Neopets, FMA, FF, Fruits Basket, etc.

-sneak sneak-

hey everyone I had a wonderful time in NY! I'm grounded for today (snuck on) but I will tell you that a handful of you will be pleased with your goodies^-^ I even picked up a few extra things to sell :D sorry for teasing you all...expect a post tomorrow! -flees-