November 17th, 2008



part one at an attempted overhaul and cleanup of sunyshore's sold out items, plus tons of brand new items, including pluhies from my personal collection!! please give them a look! under the cut is all sorts of good stuff :D

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Umbreon Purple
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Well I have decided to make room for new eeveelution merch this Christmas season, and so I'm cutting back on some of my loss your gain. This post has my Poochyena/Mightyena collections, absol collection, and Rayquaza collection. Some stuff is Buy it now or best offer, while others are auctions.

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thanks for looking!

Sales, modstuff, hiatus, and more!

Hello everyone!

I have decided to take a semi-hiatus from the community (not that I'm all too active anyway) due to personal problems and school getting on my back. I will still be around to do the member feedback (which I... neglected recently. All fixed now) and the contact post, of course, and perhaps peer at some sales posts, but not many.

This'll be my last sales post for a while. Just wanted to clear these things out of the way, although I forgot to photograph quite a few things. >:0 Maybe it won't be my last, who knows!

Under the cut is lots of kids, some plush, misc. figures, and.. clothing and accessories? Oh yes!

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Payment/shipping policy
- Paypal preferred. I will accept money orders and concealed cash at your own risk. No e-checks please!
- I will ship anywhere in the world.
- Paypal fee will be included in the final total if you are paying that way.
- Please allow me up to two weeks to ship your packages. The only transportation I have at the moment is my dad, although I am typically able to ship on Mondays.
- I will accept trades! But only for the following Pokemon:
Totodile, Croconaw, Feraligatr, Mareep, Flaaffy, Entei, Charizard, Nidoking, Mudkip, Ekans, Arbok, Scyther, Scizor
I am especially on the look-out for the newest Croconaw kid. :D

I'm hoping everyone received their packages from my last sales? :/ I have been having some problems with the post lately. Just wanting to make sure.

Also, all payments have been shipped from meeee~
Lugia & Moon

Looking for Lugias (again!)

Hey again Pokefans! I am looking for a few lugia items. The first one I am looking for is the figure that can move its wings and roar. The second one is a plush that is supposed to be around 14-17 inches high. (Not the poseable one) Here is a link to a picture of it from Hobbyvalley, who unfortunately, does not sell them anymore. And of course, I still want the giant Lugia doll with Pikachu riding it! If you are interested in selling your items to me, you can email me at Please provide their condition and a picture if possible. Thanks!
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New York, New York, big city of dreams!

What you've all be waiting for :3 sorry about being grounded, if you're wondering why, its because I was on the computer the night we got back for a few hours when I was only supposed to have a few minutes :/ Anywho I had under 45 minutes to SHOPTILIDROPPED at Nintendo World. Of course not everyone was able to get what they requested due to lack of merch BUT fear not! a good number of you did^_^ not to mention I am selling other things and perhaps an auction?~ Photostory and what not WAITTTT! READ FIRST: to anyone who reserved something please comment with your zip code ;3 shipping will include packaging fee (no more than 1 dollar) thanks!

Fatios says "Follow me!"

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Dice group auction update~!

They arrived~! The first thing I did was open my Arcanine dice, and needless to say, I'm really happy with it :] It was bigger than I thought it would be.

Unfortunately, I can't take pictures of them because, unlike most teenagers, I don't have my own camera...and my dad took the family camera to California. But pictures wasn't the issue I wanted to address. I saw the boxes, and I was like, "those are going to be hard to ship". I know someone warned me how big the boxes were, so I'm not surprised. The problem is that there is a LOT of hollow space inside the boxes, since I could shake the box and the things inside made lots of noise.

So I was thinking it would be safer for me to take apart the boxes and flatten them and send the things that way. I wanted to ask the participants of this group auction, since it's your items I'm shipping.

Also, since I have to go buy more bubble mailers, I might not be able to mail them out until next Monday, but I will try my HARDEST to convince my mom take me to Walmart to buy those mailers for guys. I can't wait to get my license in December D:

I'm very glad this group auction went rather smoothly, since it was also my first SMJ transaction. I was so happy when the box arrived Saturday at my doorstep safe and sound~ Though, now I'm worried about my other SMJ box, since they separated the items into two: Dice in one and plushes in the other. It has yet to arrive, but that's a different story.

Thank you everyone who participated! This was an awesome experience, and I learned many things along the way. I think I had enough of group auctions, so this will be the last one I do for a good while :]

Somewhat multipurpose

Oh my god

Guess whose nearby supermarket sells Blockbuster Edition aka 10th Anniversary zukan? Or at least the second set, now that I saw there are 2. I was too excited to notice.

I went there to check their pokemans situation at the toys section, then right when I thought nothing interesting would come up I saw these babies at the cashier. Oh well, I'm not complaining. I immediately grabbed as many as I could afford (which was, uh, 2) and got Mew and Jirachi. :3 I just wish I could find the Evolution series somewhere (I've found that pretty much all other series are available at one place or another), it has such cool pokemon ;3;

My main point is, as my selling permit is still pending, I'm still allowed to make a trade post, right? I have a bunch of gashapon items and other things such as the aforementioned Jirachi zukan that I'd like to trade. If you guys (namely mods) think it's all cool, I'll edit this into a proper trade post with the items and details. Otherwise please disregard me.
Noragami - Punk Yato
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Hello, tis Toda.

I have a few things to cover. :}
First off, I know this might sound a little farfetch'd (sorry for the pun), but I was wondering if anyone had seen any other merchandise for Haunter?
Besides cards and the 1.5" figure? He's my absolute favorite Pokémon and I feel like I need to have more of his stuff. TAT/ I've searched for years but haven't seen anything. I was just seeing if anyone had ever seen anything!

Secondly, my 5 Stormfront boosters came today along with my Japanese Versus 1st Edition boosters. My order for the JPN VS was messed up... so I can't open them until I get some word from the seller first BUT I did open all 5 of my Stormfront.
I was... actually kind of disappointed in my pulls, unfortunately. I didn't get any holos OR fire Pokémon out of the 5 packages. The hell's up with that?

Next in the mail are 23 Diamond & Pearl/EX boosters and 5 Galactic Conquest boosters, so I'm excited.
After I get them ALL in, organized and filed, I'll be having another sale for you guys and gals. :} I'm also going to see if I can pictures of my collection out for all of you & daynipp. It's definitely going to take a few whole days.

ANYWAY, I'm going to shut up now.
Enjoy my Stormfront pulls. ♥

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Raichu and Lugia

Mega Blok Auction!

Alrighty, so I bought 3 sets of Mega Bloks off of Y!J for 1500 yen, but with shipping charges and what not, the price came out to be, well, a little more than I had originally thought it would be.  Don't get me wrong, I can pay for all of it, but that leaves me with very few funds left for buying x-mas gifts.  So as a solution to this issue, I've decided to put these bloks up for auction a little bit early! A few have already been claimed, so please note that those are not up for auction. Any that are unmarked are up for grabs!

And here they are!

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SNUGGLES Little Foot

About Modern Pokemon Collecting

Well this has to do with collecting, but it's more of a personal experience thing, sorry if you don't feel it's relevant enough, if so, let me know and I'll delete my post!

Okay here's the deal, I'm writing a paper about the Pokemon Phenomenon and the last section of the paper has to do with the modern effects that it has had on us. I've been using this fantastic book (recommended from someone else on the community) for a lot of my research. However it was all set before 2001.

Seeing as in the last few years we've seen that Pokemon HAS been a lasting franchise, and even if it doesn't share the same success as it once did, I want to look at how Pokemon collecting and the franchise has lasted over the years until present day. Several of the essays in the book said that the card collecting "invented value" for the cards and created an illusion of rarity. That a valid collection requires value, like a stamp collection. They mean to say that after the fad ended that all the cards wouldn't be worth anything. Now we see that cards can still sell for 25 to 100 dollars. So we know that somewhere between the publishing date and today, things have changed.

What I'd like for my paper is to hear about Pokemon in your respective country from 2001 to the present. Any experiences about how Pokemon in general has affected you, especially Pokemon collecting, and also how Pokemon has lasted in your country. Thanks for any help guys! If I plan to use any of your comments you will be told and credited! And if I don't get to use them, I might write a "for fun" essay about it.
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