November 18th, 2008

Hey Baby!

Collection and Sales Update!

When I mentioned fall cleaning in my last post, collection weeding wasn't the only duty I had on my list. A few hours spent dusting off shelves, cleaning, rearranging anew, and finally I have this. A grail for the Lucarios also filtered through the mail. ♥

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I've also added a few last things to my past sales post, namely more zukan and some keychains for the new "Giratina and the Sky Bouquet" Movie. If you're interested, simply click on the Torchic below~!

Thanks for looking, everyone! ♥

Custom Raichu/Pikachu plush

Sunday was my sister's bday. She's now 20. ^_^ Damn, she's growing fast! Anyway, her boyfriend made her a custom Pokemon plush that's absolutely adorable. :3 And here it is:

kaygee and I both thought of Gin right away when we saw Raichu. ^_^ Obviously, this plush is to commemorate that all too famous moment between Raichu and Pikachu during Pikachu's Vacation short. :3 I can't wait to ask for more plush from this guy. He's awesome!


Pokemon Bento


Now, I'm sure you might be wondering what this has to do with pokemon.

Check the top part of my Bento box.


Pre-punched Pikachu seaweed.

I'd like to find more Pokemon Bento/food-type items that aren't candy or cookies. I found the pre-punched seaweed at Nippon Daido, this Japanese grocer on the other side of Houston.

Two more below the cut.

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They had a few other packages, so next time I go I'll definitely be picking some up. X3

*~Lots of Plush for Sale!~*

The spare room of our little flat was starting to get overrun with plushies, and with more on the way - it's time for a sales post!~ ^-^ Highlights include a Shiny DX plush, some mint UFO cuties, and rare button plush :D

Take a look under the cut if you're interested in giving a plush a home!~ ^-^ Collapse )
* ~ Sales Terms ~ *
* Payment is via Paypal (I do accept Cheques from UK buyers too)
* I ship internationally! - Shipping is different for different plush as they range in size - leave a comment and I'll get back to you with a quote Asap!
* I don't mind haggling - there is no harm in asking, I won't shout at you ^-^
* In about a week, any unsold plushies will be moved to eBay or the Safari Zone
* I can hold items for up to one week
Now - onto the plush!~

Collapse )1998 Hasbro Jigglypuff Bean Bag Plush - $5 (has a little mark to her eye)
Jigglypuff Keyrings - $3 each

Back Row: Interactive Pikachu x2 (Talk and cheecks light up - left hand side Pika's ears no longer waggle, right hand Pika's ear is bent) - $5 each
Fron row: Talking Pikachu Keyring: $3 (Still works!)
PlaybyPlay Pikachu UFO Plish (With tag): $4

Torchic Pokedoll (UK version - plush is the same as US/Japanese version, but it a European Tush tag): $10 (on hold!)

Hasbro Electronic Togepi (Talks and vibrates) - $6
Hasbro Psyduck Plush:$4
Hasbro Meowth Plush: $4
Hasbro Snorlax Bean Bag Plush (a bit grubby): $2

Hasbro Mew Bean Bag Plush (A bit grubby): $5 Sold!
Mew Reversable Pokeball Plush: $3

7/11 Lottery Skymin Plush Purse (Unopened): $4
Lickitung Reversable Plush: $2
Poliwhirl Keyring Plush: $2
Venomoth BK Plush: $2

Rare Terry Bean Bag Plush - these plush have buttons and their hands and feet so you can connect them together - I have never seen them outside of a few Y!J auctions, and these are doubles (otherwise I wouldn't be selling them - they're adorable! XD): 

Treecko are $6 each, - Spinda and Slakoth are sold!

Hoppip friends
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Massive Collection Clearing! SALE!


Tons of rare items added, massive discounts on settei! Check it out! ~22 images.