November 19th, 2008


Plushies and Pichus and Cards, oh my!

This post serves three purposes :3 commission info, collection update, and mini card sales. BTW, any pack that I didn't send out on Monday will be shipped out Wednesday afternoon (tomorrow/today XD) sorry for the big delay, freebies have been added where I could to make up for this ^^;

Anyways, the person who commissioned the big Flygon, are you still commissioning me? I never heard back from you and I want to make sure before I buy the fabric.

First up, PLUSHIE TEIM :D and a few commission spots are open

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Now to the mini card sale

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Thanks for looking :3
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Auction Reminders, and Pokemon Christmas Ornaments!

Alrighty guys I still have a few more things left in my most recent sales post. I'm selling off my absol, and Mightyena/Poochena as well as rayquaza collections.

I also have a mint mightyena/poochyena zukan on auction with a BIN option!The auction ends TONIGHT at 10:30 PM EST OR if a BIN is taken place. Check the sales out:


Also just wanted to let you know toys r us has pokemon Christmas Ornaments they are 6.99 and really cute!


the ones avaliable are: Skitty, Charmander, Bulbasaur, Squirtle, and Pikachu. If anyone is interested in one of these guys, let me know I'll be happy to pick them up over the weekend and send out with my sales! No extra shiping for people who have bought from me in this recent sale.

Thats all for this update. ^-^

Treecko plush for sale

I found yet another Pokemon plush at the Goodwill recently. ^^ It's a cute Hasbro Treecko plush in perfect condition. No stains, marks, rips, nada! It's still very soft and looks practically new. I was lazy and didn't take a pic, so I used a stock photo from an ebay auction for the same plush. ^^;

If anyone is interested, he's $8. ^_^ Thanks for looking!

Also... I'm getting the feeling I owe someone in this community money from the past... >.> I don't know why, but it's a sinking feeling that's been making me feel uneasy. So, please... if that's that case, and I owe someone here money for an item, let me know asap. I'll pay right away. If this is all in my head, then disregard this plea.

To end that note: torakaka , I'm sure you still want Oddish, right? You've already paid the base price, so I'd hate to keep it from you. All I need is the $3 shipping charge and I'll send him off. Thanks!


Items recieved!

Hi everyone!

I just wanted to let rinkatink , glacidea ,yamadahachi , and caterpie that i have received all of your items. Thank you for all the great items ^.^ and that i already gave feedback to everyone ^.^

oh and i got my feedback page ^.^ so from everyone i traded with or bought something from if its not too much trouble would you be willing to give me some feedback ^.^ thanks: 

im at the bottom ^.^

and if i forgot to give anyone feedback please let me know so that i can do it ^.^

Zukan Group Auction Payment time!

Hey Guys! I got the invoice on this auction! Fortunately, shipping wasn't quite as bad as I figured it would be! Many of you are paying a lot less than your minimums, which is great for everyone! Shipping on these will be 3.00, which is my cost to buy bubble mailers, paypal fees, and to send them. Below is what you owe!

Vulpix/Ninetales: queenofnarnia-9.00 PAID
Seedot/Nuzleaf/Shiftry: kiohl-9.00
Wingull/Pelipper: teenbulma 9.00 PAID
Girafarig: kiohl-9.00
Shuppet/Banette: juumou-9.00
Growlithe/Arcanine: ravestars85-9.00 PAID (of course!)
Metagross: captkirby 9.00 PAID
Blastoise: chaosoftwilight 9.00 PAID
Volbeat/Illumise/Roselia: cy4nide 9.00 PAID

Alright! 9.00 for everyone includes shipping to your door! Yay! Payments are to be sent to

Thanks again everyone!

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I was just browsing some pokemon stuff on ebay and came across this lot.

At first glance, it seems to be a 'normal' enough lot, but one of the closeup shots, is (what I think) that one raichu that someone was obsessing over in this comm earlier. It has some other nice things in it, so I figured I'd throw it out here in case anyone was interested. :3

Also, this cute little number learning puzzle. :3
Noragami - Punk Yato
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Sorry, I caught the dumb.

Sorry to post again so quickly but I wanted to ask you all something.

I bought Japanese Versus Jumbo Packs (3 Different Packs) from a seller on eBay.

When I received the package I got:
I emailed them, letting them know this error and they asked how they could fix it. I just asked if they would be getting the pack I was missing back in stock.
They replied that they're not because they bought it a long time ago.
So... initially I bought something that they didn't have. I let them know that I was rather upset and told them that to make me happy, they should make sure they have all the items before posting an auction for it. Especially something that people spend a lot of money on to collect.

So anyway, now that I have two extra packs, I was wondering if anyone might HAVE the 1 JPN VS WATER & FIRE pack who would like to trade with either that I have.
If not, I was also wondering if anyone would be interested in buying the extra packs off me so I can get the money to buy the pack I need.

Thanks in advance!

For those of you who I owe cards to:
They will be in the mail tomorrow morning. I totally forgot I had to work all day today since it's usually my day off!
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Tiny Card Sales Update

My brother decided to sell a bit too, so my shop has been stocked with a few more cards (he has some cute ones :P).

I'm also giving away cards as freebies - depending on how many you buy, you can get a certain amount for free. So the overall price of the cards is quite lower!

Check it out especially if you're a fan of the older cards. :D

( Poke-Cardsss )

( Other stuff still for sale~! )