November 20th, 2008

pichu :P

Collection update!

Hey guise! Its been a while since ive done a collection update. My piplups are slowly starting to grow, and my Weavile/Sneasel collection has EXPLODED recently!!! Also i have come into some rare plush too!!!

So without further ado...

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I had a few issues with my paypal and my bank this week, so if you have received a payment from me, please make sure it went through ok. If it didn't i will repay you ASAP.

Also im terrible at feedback, so i know i need to leave feedback for the above stuff, but anyone else, please comment here and let me know!!!

Also to people who i owe payments to on friday, please comment here to remind me if you can!
I have to leave for work right now (night shift at Fedex), but ill be back later, and i will have a small sales post!!

I made this video of my collection too! (I forgot to film one part of my shelf lol) But take a look if you want!¤t=MVI_1906.flv

Hooooooly Sh*t

 Yeah....... so.... a few.... BIN... ebay mega finds... my heart is still racing.... this... makes up for the hell that has been the last 3 weeks ten times over....... I present to you... the motherload of Ebay BINs....

BIN: 5.99
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chupa, i have them!

you can add a hard-to-get chupa figure to your sunyshore order for just 6.00$!
or buy one seperately for 8.00$ including shipping.

cresselia is 10$ (12$ with shipping).

comment with who you want and your sunyshore order if you have one pending.
Zigzagoon Ooyama

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I went to my mom's house for the first time in over a year and stumbled upon a very nice surprise

An Ancient Mew card that I used to own back when they were first released in Japan and that had been missing for the past 4 years was hiding under an old book in my room. I seriously thought it had been thrown away all this time. So now I have THREE versions of Ancient Mew (+1 bonus American version). Happy days~

I also found a Delcatty holographic card with it, but I'm just going to sell it later.

In other news, Lissie was able to help me get [THESE CARDS] and they will be mine forever once SMJ decides to send them to me. Now I only need one more [Imakuni? card] to complete my gallery

Sales Post!

Hey Everyone!

This is my second sales post!
The first one didn't go so well..I sent the things while she received it but I never got anything back(it was a trade)
well I hope this one will be better!

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Bargain bucket Sales ($5 or less)

Prices do NOT include shipping.
I ship worldwide from the UK (figures will be minimum $4 ship to overseas, cheaper for flat items)
I accept Paypal (PO/Cheque/Concealed Cash from UK buyers only)
I can hold items
I accept trades (mostly Raichu, Skymin but try me, you may be surprised)- wishlist:
I accept haggling/offers
I combine shipping

If these don't go after Monday 24/11/08 they'll be going on eBay in one job lot the following Tuesday! NOW ON EBAY- Job Lot of Cards, Plush, Figures here

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