November 21st, 2008

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pokedoll group auction?

Wssssht. Sorry about the rapid posts D: I can delete one if it's a problem.

The image is obviously a stock photo, but the seller has a 100% rep, and they are described as brand new with hang tags. <3

I only want Espeon, so the rest are up for grabs! Post with the highest you're willing to pay~ Highest bidder gets dibs.

Current offers
Eevee - $25, wilyfungi
Flareon - $30, pheonixxfoxx
Jolteon - $25, citrus_vision
Vaporeon - $25, pacificpikachu
Umbreon - $30, pikaraii
Espeon - rachelled, $30 (willing to go higher~)

End time: November 24, 10:37 EST

Note: Payment is due ASAP after the auction ends!
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Mega Blok Auction Reminder!

A while back I posted an auction on 3 sets of Pokemon Mega Bloks, and I would just like to remind everyone of this! There are still many bloks that have no bids on them at all! If you're interested please follow this link to the auction!
Click Me!

The auction ends November 24th 10PM central time, so don't miss out! Also I will be posting a reminder again a few hours before the auction ends.  Well, that's all for now. Have a nice weekend everyone!



So I requested shipping on my Very First SMJ Box *magical sparkle noise* hoping for it to come on my birthday.

Even better, it came a day early! Hooray!

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I might get some stuff tommorow too so there could be another update then lol. Now to go re-arrange everyone...
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Group Auction time perhaps?

Hi everyone!

Anyone want to do a group auction on this big ol' lot?


The only thing I want out of the lot is the TOMY Eevee (I'm putting around $10 on it), so everything else (including the sleeping bag and pillow) are up for grabs. Seeing as none of these plush are all that rare or unusual, there's no starting bid as long as you recognize you have to pay shipping from me to you and Paypal fees on top of whatever you offer. Shipping shouldn't be too expensive at all on most of these, though. If we win the lot for less than the combined offers, everyone gets a discount!

We only have nineteen hours until the auction ends, and I would want payment within a day or two at most after that, so be sure you have the money to put up for the items. I'm used to estimating shipping on things so if you want a shipping estimate on a particular item so you can be sure you can afford it, that would be fine. :)

Highest offer on each plush at the time of the auction ending in nineteen hours wins it! I hope some of you are interested! It's a good opportunity for some cheap plush!

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Cool items I found on eBay- and UK Toy's R Us news

Apologies for 2 posts on the same day but:

Yes- that's the rare Raichu Clip Plush- being sold by a UK seller- offering it worldwide, 8 days left. Shame the other Pokemon items they have for sale are a bit on the not so rare side...Why aren't I bidding? I just aquired one (like buses, you wait ages & 2 come along at once). I would bid again, but I would love to see someone else from the comm have it and I am over the moon with mine :3

Also on eBay:
Pichu, Charizard, Squirtle & Pikachu plates! I would have these but I don't trust them surviving from US-UK (ceramics aren't covered by insurance for breakages...)
Pikachu & Raichu RC Toy
Charizard Electronic Toy -didn't someone have a video of this Vs Blastoise?

Also UK collectors! Toy's R Us have TCG gift sets with Palkia or Dialga Jumbo Holo cards! Not boxtoppers- they come with a deck *and I think* some boosters for £25! I wanted to get Palkia but I had no money for that (just Xmas shopping unfortunately...)

small sales

Here are a few items I need to get rid of ^_~*

-Paypal only (sorry, no echecks)
-No holds
-I'll ship any where in the world at the cheapest for your convenience, comment with location for shipping

-Chikorita mini house with chikorita figure, charmander figure and chikorita mailbox- SOLD
Closer picture of it-

-Kids figures in the middle- (misty, pichu and pikachu)- $2.50 ea.

-Squirtle pez- $1.50

-tiny squirtle- $.25

-Jirachi clear sparkle jirachi- $2.00

-pikachus- peace and jakks- $1.00 ea. -Jakks pikachu has tiny piece torn off his tail. pic here of tail-


Looking for some things, and a sales update

First off, I've updated my sales post with a few new figures, as well as new pictures for everything. Yay! xD

Next, I'm looking for some sort of Pichu or Minun plush for a friend for Christmas. It'd be great if they were on the larger side, but I'll consider anything you have to offer. :3

And finally, card request. I want this card like burning. Someone sell me this card. >:[

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Massive Collection and Sales Update!

Hi pokemon collectors! It's time for another collection update! 8D

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Also, I have updated my sales with a bunch of Full Color Stadium 15 figures, which include: Lugia, Blastoise, Charizard, Venusaur, Bulbasaur,Pikachu,Geodude,Golbat,Clefable,Bulba-ditto, Clear Golduck, and Clear Omastar. I have also added a Combee Throw Pokeball Plush.
Have a look!

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VERY excited for all the updates i'll have to my collection these next two weeks :D let's starting now!

wait, blow that up a bit...

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but what's got me even MORE pumped?
THESE NEW CARDS, BABY!!!! not coming out for over a month from now, but MAN i am so excited for them! that's raichu and luxray sitting in sunyshore gym, for the win! if you want to see all the preview card images that slipped out, check out collectorviper!

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i'm kind of a flake, i'm not in denial


1) I believe as of today all my packages owed to people are out! They've been trickling out slowly, I know some of you have gotten them and some haven't and as for the three foreign buyers I had, yours all went out today. Sorry for the wait, getting to the post office is kind of hard right now. Everyone should be getting their stuff in the next week or two!

2) I paid two members earlier for items I had on hold, do I owe anyone else money? I have a feeling there was one more of you...


Marki-san's plush are even more incredible in person. Sandshrew pillow is big and fluffy (he's probably about a foot long) and shiny Espeon is perfect down to the shiny stitched reflection in her eye. The two new Skymins are so cute, no matter what anyone says about the Merry Christmas UFO being lame.

4) Here's a lot of Pikachu items I am selling up on eBay.