November 22nd, 2008


lati items

hey everyone! As many of you may know I collect both latios and latias, so I was wondering if any one was selling any lati items that I don't have :D I remember someone selling a bandanna that I failed to grab.... flat items are also welcome! particularly pan stickers or the exs, goldstars, etc ^^ here is my collection site please do let me know if you have anything :3 thanks!

OH and on another note, anyone who bought from me (and has paid) your items will be shipped monday, tuesday, or wednesday! if you still haven't paid, please send payment to xxFoXyChanxx(at) along with what you bought! thanks!

Just letting everyone know! EDIT*

I just wanted to let everyone know (because I know I'll forget to post unless i do it now)
I'm leaving to go to michigan for thanksgiving on tuesday and I probably wont be on at all until December 1st! Im gonna go see my boyfriend YAY! <3

Oh and also I updated my sales post with a few more kids and figures you can find that here

And everyone whos bought somthing your items WILL be shipped out on monday Im sorry for the delay
Moms *rolls eyes*

Does anyone have a layign leafeon plush they'd be willing to sell/trade
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Collection Update!

It has been a number of months since my last collection update. Due to real life stuff I had absolutely no access to a camera. But now I have one for my very own and can finally get around to picture taking. <3

Update is a bit picture heavy. n_n;

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star wars cial nixon?!

caterpie is in need of emergency help!

aaa! collectormergency!

i have animals (so it goes) and two of them teamed up to steal my caterpie friends plush. caterpie is mostly unscathed, but dirty.

because friends plushes seem mostly put together with glue, i'm afraid of running him through the wash. i rinsed him off best i could, but any more advanced plush cleaning techniques would be really appriciated.

he also lost one of his side spots, but given that the dog who got him usually tears the eyes out of stuffed animals, caterpie got off lightly.

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Dewott - Happy
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almost forgot to x-post

Sorry if you get this twice! Couldn't forget you guys, tho <3

I went to make a Glaceon the other day, and the entire block of Sculpey broke apart in my hands, dried and useless D: I was sad, so I broke open some Fimo and made something else instead~

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So u herd I liek mudkip.... Also marked down sales!

 Bby you herd right <3

I'd like to present the most glorious of glorious mudkip Plushies /ever/

Along with my Toto's to date <3

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NOTE: I'm still looking to buy/trade for ANY Mudkip/Totodile plush! I still have a MASS of plush left over from my last sales entry also sooo if your interesteeed you know what to dooo~ - PLUSH SALES 8D

Also, I'm still looking for a Nidoran Female kid, and of course, the ever impossible to find Marshtomp DX plush and Croconaw UFO, if you find any of these [at a reasonable price... I know there's a croconaw frequently relisted on ebay for like... $100 8C] please let me know!
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Uh, room clearing

So, uh, my exams finished yesterday and I woke up this morning to my mother screaming that either I get rid of three-quarters of my collection or she kicks me out to go live with my dad. (It's going to be a loooooooong summer.) Anyway, help me out? Please don't feel offended if anything you sold me is here, I'm just trying to clear stuff not of my main collections first.

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Also, psychmoonshadow, I have that Grovyle buildable figure if you still wanted to trade. ^^;;

Pikachu no doki doki kakurenbo

Is anyone interested in a VHS copy of Pikachu doki doki kakurenbo(Pikachu's hide and seek)
Japanese version. I won a lot of VHS on ebay,and I don't need this one cause I own it already.
I was just after the tankentai one.

Willing to trade for it. Just make me offers :3

ps, not sure if it makes any difference,but it looks to have been a video rental copy.

Story Time

I have a card story to tell you all...I know that there was one posted not too long ago, but I couldn't help but post this as it made my day...

Between the Chemistry test I have on Monday and my Grandma going in for surgery on has been a pretty busy weekend. Today we are up at my grandmas and my two aunts and I went over to a Super Target to buy birthday gifts for my little cousins b-day that is tomorrow. (I was actually going to post about this when I got home as I don't have my camera with me, but then I remembered my grandpa has a digicam...)

While there I decided I wanted to buy a pack of cards, as I haven't in a very long time. I was hoping that there was going to be a new 3-pack out with a new promo, but there wasn't so I just picked up some random Stormfront pack seeing as I have never gotten a pack if it. Thing is, Torterra was on the pack and it's not a favorite of mine (xD) so I went back to pick another pack...But as I was standing there I was thinking to myself; "you know, you never not get the first pack you pick up" (my fear is that, for all I know, there would be a rare card in the pack I put down xD)

So...I picked my original pack back up and continued to walk around with my aunts.

Once in the car I opened the pack (since I can't help myself) And was slowly going through the cards and looking at the art work... And then...

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Pink Leopard Print
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pokemon card pull!

So today I went Christmas shopping with my Mum and we decided to buy a new Christmas tree but of course it was my job to lug it about the town with me and it was doing my nut in! So I thought I'd treat myself to 2 packs of cards. I picked Stormfront because I'd not tried that pack yet and Legends Awakened (even though I'm kinda sure I asked for Majestic Dawn lol!)

Not only did I get 2 more cards towards my grass mission (I'm now 36/56) but I got a few other cool ones too!
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Guh by Ghostmeast
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Growlithe/Arcanine Collection Update

I have a large collection update, some clear kids photos, and a question about organization... but before that, have a poll!

Poll #1302411 Sales Post Organization

How do you prefer to see sales posts organized?

By Pokémon + their evolutions
By type of items (all plush together, all figures together, etc)
By elemental type
It doesn't matter to me.

Reason I ask is because I have a HUGE sales post coming soon, and I never really know how to organize these things efficiently. So I'll leave it up to you! How would YOU like to see everything broken up?

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And since I missed the horse on that one post by PRGuitarman about clear kids + DS screens, here are my contributions!
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And as always, if you have anything Growlithe/Arcanine that I don't own, please feel free to show it to me or sell it to me :DDD