November 26th, 2008

Happy Mew
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Shipped + Grail Get(S)

Hi guys, everyone who paid for their items in my last post your items were shipped MONDAY. be on the look out!



The Raichu backpack is finally mine! I have wanted this guy for over a year.. I hardly ever see these guys around, and I do make an effort to search..I was in a nasty bidwar earlier in the year and saw this guy go for around 80 some dollars o__o;; Then I saw a BIN for around 40 with about 15 dollar ship..I wanted it but the discription made me say no, as it seemed fishy.

I got this guy for 35 total (including shipping!) Which seemed like a deal to me. Apparantly the guy has two more as well so snatch em up if your looking:


ALSO thanks to the lovely kiraraslemon, I was able to obtain one of my umbreon grails, the mega blok!!

I can't wait for them to arrive (its always the hardest part yeah?) But expect lots of photos :DD
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shroo shroo shroo your boat

ZOMG it's a group auction-a time, Mario!

I bring you... 88 round, flat items from the first 150 Pokemon. Several of these have art that is rarely seen! I've never seen Zubat all upside down and sleepy like this before, for example. :3 I... think they're stickers? If someone who knows better can tell me, please do.

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I'll have a proper collection update when I go back home from Thanksgiving. Zachsparkle, your Metagross will be shipped out Monday, sorry for the huge delay. All other packs are on their way :) so since I'm home, I went through my pokestuffs and founf some items I wouldn't mind parting with. As these are from my personal collection, the prices might seem high since I'm attached ^^; don't be afraid to haggle. Also, I DO accept trades. Mainly any chou getto I don't have, Pichu items, Regigigas Pokedoll, Mismagius pokedoll, Togekiss stuff, and such. Don't be afraid to offer :)

None of these items have been in any of my previous sales, so this is all new merch :o


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That's it for now :) don't forget I haggle and trade ^^

Group auction items shipped!

I finally got the chance to ship out the dice from the group auction :] So they're on their way~!

However there was one problem. The shipping cost turned out to be a bit higher than what I thought it would be. Packages within the US were alright, only a tiny bit higher, which I can handle. But the two packages to the UK took a hit to my wallet.

rentorar  and kiraras_lemon , I sent a PM to both of you about it. I'm really sorry about this, but in this time of economic ridiculousness, money is very important T_T

I received my cards, toda! Thank you! I love them~!
I'll be doing another collection update soon, as soon as several other packages dribble in :] My Umbreon is on the way~! I'm so excited!

Till next time :]

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packages mailed, and group auction reminder

:] Just wanted to let everyone from the stylus auction, as well as rinkatink, that their packages have all been mailed off. Please let me know when you get them!

Also, anyone who's bought or sold anything to/from me, would you mind leaving feedback? My feedback thread is on page six, and if I need to leave you feedback still, please let me know?

The group auction for these plush ends in a couple of days, so get your bids in! Lots of them are still unclaimed, or going for very low. :3

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Wild Poke Kids appeared!

Yes... It's true. :D I finally won a poke kid lot. *dances*
I'm keeping a bunch, some are going to friends and the rest I am going to sell on here. :3
There were two peeps I talked to before who were interested in a few of them when I mentioned bidding?
=( Please post if it was you! *has bad memory*

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Multi Purpose post

Hello to all! I have a few things to discuss and mention. First off, everything that was ordered from me has been shipped out as of this afternoon, except for bluetip_echelon , cuz that trade is still in the process of being completed. I'm terribly sorry for the delay in shipping. -_- I've had a hectic work schedule.

Secondly, I won something pretty neat on ebay yesterday. I'm shocked no one else bid on it. Makes me a bit uneasy, to be honest. =/ I'm hoping it's not some bootleg. Doesn't look like one... *shrugs*

I've never seen this guy before. The seller said it's tush tag has Nintendo on one side and TOMY on the other. Here's the link to the auction so you guys can help with the seller's honesty level. I'm happy I got it so cheap if it does end up being legit. :)

Lastly, I have a special meme for you all. In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I'd like you all to type out what you're thankful for in regards to this community and Pokemon in general.

As for me, I'm thankful for this community because it's given me the old spark back when it comes to loving Pokemon. I was in a "rut", per say, when it came to Pokemon for quite awhile till I happened upon this community. I forgot how I found it. Guess Fate played it's role. <3 I've met some wonderful people here and it feels like one huge tight-knit family. ♥ I'm happy to be a part of it. You guys are the greatest. As for Pokemon in general, I give my utmost love and respect, because it's the sole reason I got into anime. I must admit, I should dislike it on some level cuz it's evil to my wallet. XD I think we all can agree on that. Haha!

In conclusion, I'd like to thank you all for allowing me into your family and treating me so well. *bows* Much love to everyone here! <333
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hey everyone! Happy ALMOST ThanksGiving! just wanted to let you all know that all packages were shipped except for 3 people, I believe Archimer, ladylegsdarkrai, and one other person. I promise you guys will have your stuff shipped on Friday ^^; sorry for the trouble! I'll include something special to make it worth your while :] I ran out of shipping supplies o: anyway that's all! Sorry for the boring post^-^;