November 27th, 2008


pokemon anicomics

ok, so I know someone on here purchased 2 comic books from me,and I think they paid...But I can't find their address in my paypal! If this was you plz PM me. I want to ship them out. They're packed and waiting for an address.
I haven't been getting LJ replies in my email sooo don't reply I wont get iiit!

Happy Thanksgiving! (And a quick question~)

Hey everybody, I hope that everybody has a super special awesome thanksgiving :D

Normally I'm a lurker, however I have a question. This weekend my family and I are going to NYC (and Nintendo World, naturally) and I'm curious to see if anybody here knows what they stock. I've heard they usually have PokeDolls and figures, but do they have any other exclusive merchandise? I'm on a somewhat tight budget and would like to have some idea about how much I'm about to throw down the drain...I remember last time I went there (when it was still the Pokemon Center >,>) they had all of this cool Japanese stuff, like notebooks and pens and whatnot. Is there still stuff like that still there?

Thanks for the help :D
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Sales time!

I finally got my sales permission (thank you denkimouse, ilu)

nekokatsu: Sorry I don’t have your Skitty figure yet – I got the vending machine happily jammed after the first two figures by inserting the wrong kind of coins. I called their customer service and they said they’d send me a figure for the money I lost, but I haven’t received it yet. I’ll let you know once I get hold of the Skitty though! c:

trainer_irene and mr_ivyon, the items you expressed interest in are on hold for you. Let me know if you’d still like them.

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Oh, and I pulled a "secret rare" Charmander. Stormfront loves me <3

Edit: Let me ask this while I'm here: Does anyone have pokemon notebooks for sale? The new period's coming up and I thought I could motivate myself to study with pretty notebooks c: Just about any kind would work! Edit part 2: Got them~
Pokemon: It&#39;s a Pokeshipper Christmas!
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An Intro, and a Wanted Post!

Hello everyone! So excited to be a part of such a cool community! How I missed it over the years, I'll never know. :)

This, however, is also a "wanted" post. I have...a quest. Back in the day, circa '99, I was in a comic shop in Phoenix, AZ and saw the following wallscroll:

I loved it, but at the time, I didn't have the funds to pick it up. Unfortunately, I've never been able to find it again. Over the years, I've trolled ebay and the rest of the internet in a failed attempt to get ahold of it somehow, some way, and with every passing holiday season, my desire for it becomes stronger and stronger.

Anyway, I thought I would try this community. If anyone has it and is willing to part with it, I'd love to hear from you in the comments or at shanito (at) gmail (dot) com. I'd be willing pay quite at bit for it, and throw in some items from my collection (many items, like some of you, that go back to the beginnings of Pokemon in the US - I can detail to anybody interested).

Hope y'all can help, and nice to meet you all!
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Searching, hard.

I found someone who didn't already sell their Clear Latias, the rare one, and I dearly hope they'll log on sometime this week to let me know if I can buy it.
By the way, I can't send payment until I get a Paypal, which from now would be in 11-12 days, as I'll be turning 18 on December 8.
Wish me luck.

I've noticed a few people have the clear Latias and Latios figures, and I'd love to buy them from someone.
Especially the clear Latias - I can find the Latios online just fine, but not Latias.
NO one sells it anymore.
I'm willing to negotiate a price around $5 or so for each figure, but I'll go up to $10, I suppose. $10 to $15 for the set. Shipping also negotiable.
Link to my journal for details:
Sorry, I'm new to LJ, so I'm kind of fail at links and cuts.
I'll get it.
Also buying Sky Shaymin stuff, if you have stuff you'd like to sell...ahh, it's in my journal.
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Red-Eyed Charizard

Wanted Post

Hey everyone! Happy Thanksgiving! I'm looking for the hard to find Latias and Latios UFO plush. (Not the chibi pokedoll ones though...) I'm also looking for any Lugia plush besides the bendable and the pokedoll one.  (Preferably the tomy or hasbo) And I'm looking for the electronic Lugia figure as well. If you see any of these for sale, and especially if you have one and are willing to sell it, PLEASE tell me!!!!! I need replies as quickly as possible! Thanx!
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