November 28th, 2008


paka paka

Two things to throw in here:

1. Got the Drifloon Kid from eggsterminatus ( Hes so adorable...) and Tangela+Wobbuffet kids from randomflavor ( The Rotom picture KILLED MY SOUL INSIDE. .. and i love those cards D: )

Thank you guyz~

I hope you guys will get my packages soon too ( growly ;m; ) And we will all be happy in our holidays~<3

2. Speaking of which, even though we dont celebrate this in Israel:

Dewott - Happy
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wanna try again?

Same seller, same lot. Apparently her husband acquired them in Japan working there over the summer, and now she's selling them off (thus the second lot). Maybe we'll have better luck this time? :D

I still just want Espeon, the others are up for grabs. Highest offer has dibs!

Highest Bids
Eevee - $10, tehpixelpixie
Vaporeon - $25, pacificpikachu
Flareon - $30, heenz
Jolteon - $15, bugcatcherjason
Umbreon - $30 heenz
Espeon - me, $35

Auction ends December 2, 7:33:13 PM, PST
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News from AAPF

Eevee collection picture!

Seems to just be re-released Pokedolls with the newer and softer fabric (cool :D), stationery, COOL TSHIRTS WTF, food and stuff like that.
Check it. Promotion starts 12/6.

New Kids set for the end of January.
* #003 Venusaur, #136 Flareon, #149 Dragonite, #156 Quilava,
* #216 Teddiursa, #246 Larvitar, #259 Marshtomp, #306 Aggron,
* #330 Flygon, #372 Shelgon, #383 Groudon, #398 Staraptor,
* #466 Electivire, #479 Frost Rotom, #479 Wash Rotom
These are similar to this series I think, where only a few will have new poses and such. And yay some Rotom forme merch where is my lawnmower
Pokemon - legendary bird trio
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quick sale

As it looks a lot less like I'll have the money to get the Christmas presents I want to buy and because I also want to clear up some space in my room, I'm starting to thoroughly weed out my personal collection. Right now I want to do a quick plush sale, but later on I'll have figures and such and at the last moment, an eBay lot with whatever remains.


-All prices are in USD and shipping for each plush will be $5.50 to the USA and $6.00 outside of the USA. This includes paypal fees and packaging along with postage.
-I not accept haggling unless specified otherwise and I will only accept a trade for an official Zapdos plush of any sort, as it's all I need to complete one of my collections.

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Finally going home - and a question

Phew, I've had no time to post my collection and wanted list here yet, but expect it next week when I finally get home! I've been staying in a different town for a month now, because of practical training stuff. My friend who's been checking my mail this time told me that I've gotten a lot of packages during this month, and I know many of them are from some people here. I'll give everyone I bought something from a positive feedback when I get home and open the packages. : D Anyway, I want to thank everyone already!

And. A question. I'm sure this has been asked a million times but couldn't really find a thread for this. So, which one of these services you prefer and why: Shoppin Mall Japan, Crescent Shop or Japamart? I'm quite new to these and trying to find the best solution for me to buy Pokémon stuff from Yahoo! Japan Auction. Before joining this community, I've only used Japamart about two-three times but no one here seems to use it so I've been wondering if that's the worst of those three services. xD

I hope this is Pokémon related enough. o___o

Auction ending soon!~

Just a reminder that our auction for the mini Pokemon Party figures ends tonight at midnight (UK time - thats in about 12 hours!) - there are still some figures without bids looking for homes, and quite a few for under $5 ^-^ The auction can be found here -

Happy Bidding!~

oh! And a thank you to
pheonixxfoxx and bluetip_echelon - I received the photo album and Manaphy plush from you guys, anf they're wonderful, thanks so much! <3 <3

Wanted List

Ok So Soon Im Hopefully Going To Sell Some Of My
Unwanted Pokemon Stuff I Would Also Like To Trade
Some Stuff Aswell I Mainly Want Croagunk/Toixcroak,
Heatran, Entei And Zukans Here Are Some Of The Main
Things That I Am Looking For.

(Here It Is)


I am a Multipurpose Post.

Hokay. So. Here's the earth.
And here's my updated want list.

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I'm willing to trade or buy those cards. I'm low on money though. =[

And for those of you who participated in the metal figures group auction: We won =]
So as soon as i get the invoice I'll post how much everyone owes for shipping and all that fun stuff.

Also, the mew and mewtwo card auction was shipped the other day. I was hoping to get it today but it didn't come. Hopefully tomorrow or monday. =]

I hope everyone had a good thanksgiving and gained 10 lbs like my boyfriend did. Lol. And Happy Black Friday for those of you who got up at 4 in the morning to go shopping.

check out mr. businessman oh-ho-ho

Good evening folks! All packages that have been paid for were shipped out today, so expect to hear of them in a couple of weeks, depending on where you live. Thanks so much! ♥

I did some gashapon shopping today and got Groudon and Regice figures and two Latios from the Legendary Battles set. Still no Skitty though - I now have basically everything else from the set sans Skitty and Jirachi. Oh well, I'll keep trying. Those four figures were added to my previous sales post, so check it out if you're interested!

trainer_irene, I promised you earlier that I'd look around for Deoxys figures for you. This is all I've found so far. I have no idea if it's the sort of thing you're looking for, but if you are interested in it and have money to spare (which apparently nobody does this time of the year), just let me know and I'll pick it up for you :3

Also, I received a package from lineaalba today, containing the lovely Espeon friends plush and a battrio coin~ I'm absolutely in love with the plush. My collection is still tiny, pitiful even, but it's inevitably expanding thanks to this community and I'm always expecting new packages to come.

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Oshawott - Glacidea

Sales Post Update: Kids!

Once again, it's time for a sales post! This time I've updated it with a bunch of kids!

Also, I have still have a TON of Full Color Stadium 15 figures. Bulba-ditto is sold out, but I still have plenty of Charizard, Blastoise, Venusaur, Lugia, and more! I also have Clear Scyther and Cloyster FCS Figures (One of each, though!).

Have a look! Thanks! <3



I see these wonderful round things called Battrios for sale quite often. I was wondering if they're was a list online somewhere with all of them (preferably with pictures)?

Also: do you like my obscure (is like lickitung or lickilicky?) Xmas theme icon?