November 29th, 2008

Strange Request

 I have not been here in what seems like forever but I am hoping someone here can help me out. My six year old daughter is soon to turn seven and we are throwing her a Huge Pokemon Birthday Party bash. She is actually the Huge fan at my house (since she was 2), and I have bought several items in the past from kind people here to help keep her collection growing :) So.. this was the first place I thought of when I got in a bind for pokemon items. What I am hoping to find is about 15-20 EMPTY Pokemon trading card tins. Obviously the more I can buy from one person the better but I realize it's a long shot. I am not sure there is anyone out there with that many empty ones laying around. Anyways, any help is appreciated. Thanks! 
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Espeon Pokedoll On Auction

Hey guys, just letting you all know that I currently have an Espeon Pokedoll, mint with tags, up on ebay right now.

The auction ends in roughly two days and the current price is $15.50.

Take a look if you've been looking for Espiez :P

Oh and I feel the need to mention I borrowed the image from the PokePlushProject simply because my camera is busted :x I also credited it in the auction.

Link to Auction:
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it's the most wonderful time of the win free toys!


What?: Like the Halloween contest, you take the best holiday-themed photograph possible! You make include any and as many toys as you want, even do a whole photostory, but you may only enter ONE photograph officially! You can take a photograph meant to appeal to the voters, or a photograph meant to warm the heart! Anything you like related to the winter holiday season!

Until when?!: You have until December 24th! I thought it would be nice to have entries posted all up until Christmas Eve, so we can keep the holiday spirit alive in the community all throughout December!

What do I win?!: If your entry wins in the vote, you win something nice and lovely from the Pokemon center! You want one of the new Eevee Pokedolls with nice velboa fabric? Fine! Some holiday item? Okay! If you like cards, the new Bonds to the End of Time set will be out, and you can get binders or other goods! Whatever you like, one item, around a thousand yen or so. I'll ship it to the winner! (and probably something for the runner up as well, like usual).

YOU ENTER BY POSTING YOUR PHOTOGRAPH TO THE COMMUNITY WITH THE "CONTEST" TAG! Remember to specify which photograph is your entry if you do a photostory! AND GOOD LUCK EVERYBODY!!
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a warning about ebay sellers

I've seen way too many posts about these particular sellers lately, I feel like somebody should address the problem in one big post.

When it comes to sellers on eBay such as ectransfer, enforever, and any of their side accounts: BUYER BEWARE!

Now, that's big and dramatic text but this has started to become a serious issue with newer members and could become worse with the new onslaught of Eeveelution Pokedolls.

Why should you look out for ectransfer and his ilk? There are several reasons, such as dirty items, terrible shipping times, etc... but the main thing?

They sell bootleg or reject factory merchandise almost exclusively. The bootlegs are normally obvious for these sellers. However, while they do often have 'legit' Nintendo merchandise, that legitimate merchandise has almost all been factory rejected. Something is wrong with it. Be it a Leafeon missing several leaves, a giant Skymin plush without a scarf and droopy ears, a Horsea with a misshapen face, or an item that simply has no visible flaws and no tag, these items are taken from Chinese factories where they have been rejected and sold as is.

Now, often enough an item from this seller will be fine. But again, buyer beware. As far as I've seen, about 60% of ectransfer's merchandise turns out to be ugly, misshapen, tagless, badly stitched, missing pieces, the list goes on-- even when the stock image of the item shows it to be perfect!

So, considering all that information, it's not as if you can't buy from these sellers. There's no rule against it, and I'm sure sometimes the low prices might outweight the risks. I'm simply trying to get the information out there before more people get burnt without knowing! Ectransfer already has bootlegs of the new Pokedolls for sale. The Espeon I'm currently looking at is a stock image-- stolen from ailillui, a completely legit seller, no less! (this detail annoys me a lot)

Do you want to avoid these sellers now? Here are some tips before you bid!
1) Check the name! Ectransfer and enforever are the two most known for bootleg/reject items.
2) Location is important. Are they in China? Be careful! China is like the land of factory rejects and bootlegging.
3) Is the image a stock photo? Does the seller refuse to talk to you or give you another image when you ask? Many sellers use stock images but most will communicate or offer another photo if you ask them.
4) How's there feedback? Do they have 100% or do they have a high number that isn't as impressive if you look through their feedback and realize they've had 5 negative feedbacks in the last MONTH?
5) Realize if you get a bad item that looks nothing like the stock photo, as the buyer you have a right to complain about fraud. Use your rights!

That's all for now, hope some people can find this helpful.

ETA: I think some people are missing the point. If you buy bootlegs or rejects on eBay and they turn out to be crap, you are partially responsible for this. You took the risk, you bought the item. Don't blame the sellers exclusively (although yes, I think they should have a photo of each item instead of a stock photo).

What I want is for people to be informed. These sellers are high risk. They have low prices, but there are lower risk sellers out there. It's up to you what you decide. But most of all? If knowing all this, you take the risk and get a bad plushie? Don't complain to us, talk to the seller reasonably and see what you can do. That is how you handle the situation.

ectransfer - reject plush and bootleg figures
enforever - reject plush and bootleg figures
sweetpigster - side account of ectransfer
seasonjoy - bootleg figure seller
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Special Sales! Kids, Paintings, and Commissions!

Hey guys!

Special sales post here today. It's not part of my little store simply because.. my little store needs some major tidying before I do a big update of it with some new cards and such!

Today I offer:

Sale Conditions:

- Most shipping around the world starts from $1.60 a kid. Shipping will increase with more kids, of course. This is to cover my tush thanks to Australia post charging an arm and a leg. Last kid I sent cost me 8.50 to send just the one, so I will be battling to post these as cheap as I can for you guys.
- I will hold for up to 24 hours unless discussed otherwise.
- If you're looking to buy a heap of kids? Haggle! I'll usually be pretty happy to take someone's offer.
- Payment by PayPal only.
- Please CLEARLY state what kids you're after. It makes my job a lot easier in trying to invoice you and to set aside!
- All prices are in US dollars

- I WILL trade for other kids, and certain Zukan as well. Currently looking for
Kids: Sableye, Snorunt, Croagunk, Noctowl, Swablu (x2), Porygon-Z, Gliscor, Shuppet, Banette, Luxio, Swinub, Piloswine
Zukan: Gastly/Haunter, Haunter/Gengar, Gardevoir Line, Girafarig, Swablu/Altaria

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And I'm also offering commissions today, just before Christmas. They're small, 8"x10" canvas paintings done in a simplistic, colourful style! I offer these for $15 including shipping, and I'll take a stab at cutifying any pokemon! This cost includes cost of canvas, materials and time (and shipping). Basic requirements? A background colour and a pokemon (shiny or non-shiny :D)!
I even have some ready to sell right now, take a look!

(Please note, I will gladly do commissions for TRADE ITEMS AS WELL)


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Surfing Pika

Collection Weeding (as well as art commissions!) -- This post is SUPER image heavy!

Well guys, it's that time again... I have some things I need to pay for soon, so I'm being a little strict on payment this time around. Sorry about that--I will be more lenient with my larger sales that should be coming up soon. :)

Sales Policies
* Paypal only, no eChecks!
* I hold for twenty-four hours after I give you your total. Maybe slightly more if you notify me within the twenty-four hours when you will be paying.
* I do ship internationally! Let me know if you are international and I'll adjust the shipping accordingly.
* Allow me at least one week to ship, though I generally ship much faster than that. :)
* Feel free to barter!

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Hello. I don't think many of you know me but I live in Australia and my favorite Pokemon is Pikachu. I hope I can make some friends here. ^_^

Thats my Pikachu collection. I know not many people care much about Pikachu but I like others too. I have a lot more than that and the shelf below it is full of Monster Collection figures (which I might post a picture up of later). Sorry if I don't reply to you its just that I'm still really new to Livejournal and I don't really know how to do much so sorry ^^'

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I finally own the set! ;D; I never thought I would ever see those Imakuni? cards in person because they're ridiculously rare. However, Lissie found this card set on YJ and helped me nab it. Now I only need two cards to finish my Imakuni? card shrine. One is ridiculously easy to get(That Gym Trainer card), but the other one is a little expensive.

Anywho, these cards are awesome not only because Imakuni? is totally pimping them out, but they have hilarious translations along with the same kind of humor as Imakuni?'s Doduo.

Imakuni?'s Whismur:
Poké-BODY Ache
As long as Imakuni?'s Whismur is in play, neither player can open his or her mouth even 1 centimeter to talk. No way!

Flip a coin. Whisper into your opponent's ear whether it is heads or tails. And, this attack does 10 damage to the Defending Pokémon.

Imakuni?'s Loudred
Poké-BODY DecaVoice
As long as Imakuni?'s Loudred is in play, both players have to talk in a loud voice. They have to!
*Three colorless* "______" (Write your name) 40
Unless you say your name, this attack doesn't do anything.

Imakuni?'s Exploud Ex
Poké-BODY Jaw Drop
As long as Imakuni?'s Exploud ex is in play, it'll get mad if both players don't play with their mouths wide open. Hey!!

"______" (Write the name of a person you like) 50
Each of your opponent's Pokémon is now Confused. If you don't have anyone you like, you can't use this attack (even a star would be okay). If you don't have someone you like, confess so.
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Reminder of my sales! Figures, manga, plushies, origami sets, model kits, pencils, and so on! I take checks and cash.

However, I have an issue. A longstanding troll of mine wants to buy something from me, and he's offering ten bucks for a four buck figure. I don't want to give him my home address, but I don't know anyone who I could have middle for me. What should I do?
I'm thinking of having him put a stamped envelope in with it so that the middle could mail it to me, but I'm not sure how to find someone to do that.

Auction Winners!~ ^_^

 Last night our mini figure auction ended, and here are the winners! ^-^

mommymoose - Diglett ($3)
invader_julie - Clefairy ($3)
eggsterminatus - Psyduck ($3), Snorlax ($6), Oddish ($10)
sapphireluna - Charmander ($4)
lieneemaahinen - Eevee ($9)
stitchfrequency - Chansey ($10), Cleffa ($3)
iridescentfox - Meowth ($9)
badgerr_ftw  - Slowpoke ($4)

If you're a winner, please comment to let me know which country you'd like it shipped to, and I'll give you your total :D

oh! A Sunyshore package arrived today! *squees* Thank you so much for Batachu Gin!!~ A Pika collection post is forthcoming! ^-^


My logo is just a logo! Those plush sold long ago- sorry if I disappointed anyone!

If you pay before 08/12/08 I can ship 09/12/08 and it SHOULD be there before Xmas!
Prices INCLUDE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING- just comment & I'll send you my Paypal addy.
I accept Paypal (PO/Cheque/Concealed Cash from UK buyers only)
I can hold items
I accept trades- I am especially after the laying down Skymin & the arm clinging Skymin. I'm also wanting the new Raichu Kid/cards but I doubt anyone to have that. I collect Raichu, Skymin, Wartortle (RC most wanted), Charmeleon (RC most wanted), Charizard & others.


New for 07/12/08:
Jigglypuff Large Figure: $6 Shipped

Pokemon Lollipop Holders: $6 each shipped or all for $14

Figures: $5 each shipped (Vulpix has the habit of detaching itself from its bottom part)

Free with any purchase or $2 shipped.

Older stuff:

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Pokemon- Desukaan Aww yiss

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I need to get the addresses of the people that I've made bell plush for so I can ship them out. :3 But also, shipping costs are probably going to kill me shipping out all of these, so if some people would be willing to pay just to cover to costs of shipping, it would be greatly appreciated. ^-^;

Please e-mail me at k-hardin(at) with addresses.
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