November 30th, 2008


Sales post! And Auction!

I haven't had a sales post in FOREVER, but I finally got some new stuff in and now that I can actually drive, it makes things much easier in the ways of packing and shipping items. So lets give this another go shall we?

New in stock I have a few mega bloks that didn't get bid on! Then there are some metal swing keychains and a few parts of the pokemon kitchen set. Wanna take a look at all this stuff and more? Well follow this nifty little link!

Yay Sales!


To place a bid, please follow the following link or go into my sales post and follow the link in there.  If you want to buy something from my sales post and want me to wait for shipping until after the auction for a chance at combined shipping, just let me know.
Auction link!

As for all of you who were part of the Mega Blok auction, I still need to run to the post office to calculate shipping, so once I do that, which will probably be Monday, I will reply to your winning bids with your totals! I haven't forgotten about you! <3

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Auction GET.

We won the plush auction, you guys. :] Which I knew we would, but lolz.

Which means you guys need to pay for your stuff. xD Shipping is [usually] $2-3 inside of the US, and depending on where you live outside of it, I might have to charge you a bit more, though it certainly won't exceed $5.

Just leave a comment with your zipcode, and I'll get you a total when I get off of work. :] Please and thanks, you guys.

iaibou - $4, Piplup
toda - $10, Hoothoot
badgerr_ftw - $8, Caterpie
chibisilverwing - $6, Wynaut
youdbemydream - $3, Poliwag
nofuturenohope - $3, Gyrados
firebomb - $3, Oddish
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i've gotten lots of questions and requests when it comes to the new eevee collection pokedolls with velboa fabric, and other items! here is the dealio...

-PREORDERS for the dolls individually will begin on WEDNESDAY! You can already view the page for them here.

-I am ALREADY accepting a limited amount of orders for the complete pokedoll collection. Buy them all and you get one free! Also, they will be shipped by EMS with tracking for your mental stability!

Pre-order here:

-The t-shirts (which will probably feature the designated eeveelution on the back) I will offer to buy the size and color you want for a 10$ fee. I do not know how much they will cost in the store yet. Also please keep in mind how bad the dollar to yen ratio is right now, they will probably not be cheap! I will also only be offering this to a limited number of people.

-All other goods I will stock what I can and host a Sunyshore sale for them probably on Sunday or sometime in the following week. There will be more goods than what the site pictures, so look forward to it!
electrode :B
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Okay, so human characters not getting merchandise has never been a big deal for me.


I flipped through a magazine one fine evening a couple of months ago and came face to face with THEM.

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The Sinnoh Frontier Brains are absolutely wacky! Since that day, I've found myself obsessively buying stupid children's magazines to see if they just might contain something Brain-related, with Pokemon Platinum being the current big news and all.

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Pokemon - legendary bird trio
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Sales Reminder

Hi! I thought I'd let everyone know that I still have a bunch of plush up for sale over here, including the classic Vaporeon Pokedoll and Hasbro Grovyle. Tomorrow and Tuesday are my next shipping days and I've slashed prices, so if you've been eyeing something but wasn't too sure of the price, please take a second look!

Auction lost ;_;

Sorry guys! We didn't win the auction. I was outbid during the last few minutes... while I was asleep. *sigh* In any case, I'm glad I deleted my auction post before too many people placed offers. I would have felt even worse if more kept pouring in. I wonder if someone from here won...

Anyway, I plan on doing a Pikachu collection update as soon as I get my comp running properly. It's very slow right now. =/

Again, sorry to everyone who made offers on items from the auction post. -__- Hopefully, I'll be smarter next time by getting up in time to see future auctions to the very end.
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(no subject)

My last sales thread was getting so many replies and so many items were sold that it was getting very confusing for anybody to go through it, so I took new pictures of the leftover merchandise for everybody's convenience. I've also dropped prices on a few items, so hopefully that thing you were looking for that was a little too pricey the first time around will still be here, with a lower price tag :D

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ooak sales

My house is 100% smoke-free, but also 100% cat-friendly.

So after much thought, I have decided to sell the Umbreon backpack I made. However, since it's of a style I don't do anymore and was the first bag I ever made.. I am accepting offers on it which would start at $30 plus shipping. Images can be found here. This is the exact bag you'd be getting.

And because I have leftover felt from a project, I am offering to make and sell three magikarp into sushi plush. These have not been made, but I promise to have them made and shipped out sometime in December, most-likely before Christmas. These would be a flat $16 shipped to anywhere, if interested. Magikarp Sushi!

Also, if you bought and paid for anything from my Sales Post, it is planned to be all mailed tomorrow. :3
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Funnel Cake's House of Wares

More Chou Get from another new set! As well as several kid figures still available. :3
Anyone who is receiving a bell plush from me can combine the shipping. :D
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Ssssales Possssst!

Hey hey =D I got permission to make a sales post, finally. Because I have OCD and feel the need to keep it annoyingly organized and such, I put it on my own LJ so that I can keep track of it better.
Here's a tiny preview of what's in there (other than cards), click it to get to the actual sales post!
I hope you like it and can find something that interests you ^^ It might be updated in a week or so, because my friend wants to sell her own figures as well.

And for those curious about what they are... The figures are a bunch of tiny tiny figs that were released here in Brazil about 9 years ago, if not 10, in a promotion. They came in pokeballs that were attached to the bottlecaps of soda. 8D

... Enjoy. xD

And a warning... It's ungodly image-heavy. I like big-ish images because you can see better. 8D


Hey guys, I had a quick question, please let me know if I'm going against the rules asking this buuuut: Is there a bootleg community out there? I swear I remember seeing one back in the day and laughing my head off at what people were trying to pass off as legit merchandise, but I have no idea where it was. Could anyone supply me with a link to such a community if one exists? Maybe I just overlooked something? Thanks!

sale sale sales!!!

I'll have everything shipped out this week from the previous sales post sinc eI just got back to my place from the parent's for the holidays.

Anyways, here's a full sale post, please help me get rid of this crap XD New stuff, too :3 I take trades as well, Chou getto, kids, Uxie things, and I like the e-reader series of cards with the scannable games! Don't be afraid to ask, I accept most. I also haggle :3

I'll have a collection update tomorrow :)

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