December 1st, 2008

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Looking for stuff!

Anyone have a copy or Red, Blue, or Crystal they'd like to sell or trade me? I'm willing to pay up to $8 shipped and/or trade you anything unsold off my sales post from a few days ago. :3

Also, zukans... anyone have any fire-type zukans for sale? I'm looking for a few specific ones, just comment with what ya got and we can go from there. :3

And finally, I'm also looking for any small Ditto items... maybe a clear kid or a MegaBLOK or small gashapon figure or something.

Oh, and I plan on going to the post office tomorrow if the roads don't ice over tonight. CROSS YOUR FINGERS, MY FRIENDS. <3
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Cheap Umbreon listed BIN

Attention Umbreon fans! Here's a tagless pokedoll BIN for 25 dollars, and only asking 3.00 to ship! Grab it up fast!

I seriously thought about buying it as an extra to tote along on travels, but Im trying to hold out for Gins update, with the new ones. Give this lil guy a great home :D
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A Wonderful Find!

As everyone in the Pokemon Community knows, it's the most wonderful time of the year! ^w^ And, as it is the most wonderful time, why not make some wonderful finds during it?

So, here's the scoop. My boyfriend was doing Christmas shopping online last night, and he stumbled upon a really interesting site, called

Here, he found all KINDS of imported Pokemon merchandise. This store is set in California, and it seems like some sort of middleman and receives all kinds of Pokemon Center Exclusive merchandise, so here's what I'LL be receiving for Christmas this year!

A copy of Pokemon Platinum
A Mismagius Pokedoll
A Skymin Pokedoll
A Giratina: Origin Forme Pokedoll
A Mudkip Pokedoll
And a DS Silicon case with Pikachu on it for my DS Lite!

This seems like a pretty incredible place; all the Poke Dolls and the DS case will have free shipping! And since they're coming from California, and I live in North Carolina, that's worth a sigh of relief. My boyfriend also bought the Platinum copy for 60 bucks, but that INCLUDES shipping. Most eBay sellers have it for 60 plus free shipping. owo;

Also, tell me if this is not allowed, because... I don't want to be called out for advertising. xD

I hope that this might help your Christmas shopping, or make your day a little brighter! Have a nice day!
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Pokemon - Mew - ^-^

(no subject)


Highlights include several 10th Anniversary Zukan, including Lugia, Dialga & Palkia, amongst several others! Come and see!

There are also a few other non-zukan items, including some flat stuff as well!
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(no subject)

Just a reminder about this group auction.

I still just want Espeon, the others are up for grabs. Highest offer has dibs!

I have actually acquired an Espeon since this auction started, so I'm lowering my max bid on it ^^; If anyone wants to bid higher than me on Espy, they can have her, but only if they're willing to host the auction instead. Note that I will not hand this group auction off to you unless you have a sufficient amount of good feedback on the comm's feedback page.

I know the new Eevee pokedolls are coming out, but a few of these are still going for pretty cheap!

Highest Bids
Eevee - $15, wilyfungi
Vaporeon - $16, caterpie
Flareon - $19, citrus_vision
Jolteon - $21, toda
Umbreon - $19 citrus_vision
Espeon - me, $20

Auction ends December 2, 7:33:13 PM, PST

EDIT: I just realized that the last post was getting confusing with all the comments. Gonna organize the comments this time - please remember to reply to the last bidder with your bid!

Aie, aie, aie.

Yeah, so.... Sorry for pretty much disappearing lately. I came down with a cold, which developed into the flu, and I'm only just getting over it. I know I have some people to reply to - I shall be doing that within the next few days! <3

So this post isn't dull - miss_fuu_chan, I received my Kids! Thank you so much! Delibird collection: Complete!

(Missing from pic: Zukan)

I'll also give this long shot a try - Anyone have a Noctowl Pokedoll for sale?


Look what my friend picked up for me at a Walmart in Connecticut!
Bootleg pokemon merch is so fun sometimes.

I have NO idea why it says "chickens" or "A O E" but... they're cute xD I don't want to wear them just so i can look at the mall the time and lol to myself.

Anyone else have any odd bootleg stuff, or even (c) pokemon stuff?

Plus, i've been looking for some decent pokemon clothing for Xmas. Any ideas?