December 2nd, 2008

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advice plz?

I've just found an auction on Y!J that I really, really want, but I don't have a Crescent Shop/SMJ account.

My question is, which of these (or other) services charges the least fees? I know to expect a little extra on top of the current price but I don't want to be hit with hidden fees I didn't know existed on my first try at this :(

Thanks :D
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Updated sales post!

Newly added Pokémon stuff--Movie 11 snacks, big Kids figures, and watches! Puzzles, Pokémon Mini, gratutious RS bootlegs, plushies, inflatable toy, misc figures, standees, magazine promo card! And a restock of the starter Kids! (plus some other series too)

Sales guidelines:
~I take cash and checks, and money orders if I know you.
~I can now ship internationally, but you'll have to convert the rates yourself.
~Give me time--it takes me a while to get to the bank since it's not on the bus line. Shipping time may depend on the volume of orders--the post office *is* on the bus line, but if I have few orders I'll wait to see if I get more before I go (no more than a week).
~Shipping costs will be approximated--I have a cooking scale and this site, but that's it.
~I can take a picture of or provide more information on any single item upon request.

business wrap-ups and a Christmas wish

Hello all!

This post is mainly about tying up loose ends. I had a sale recently, and I've heard back from most of you, so it seems that most if not all shipments have been received (without incident, thankfully!). There are a few that are still unaccounted for, though...

I am still waiting to hear back from:
nsoroma79 thanks!, nekokatsu thanks!, gallifaerie thanks!, british_male

Additionally, I request feedback from those listed above (provided they have received their items) and those listed on my feedback thread; links have been provided to the transaction where available.

Finally, with Thanksgiving passed and December just begun, the holiday season is officially upon us. I'm already well into gift shopping (for others and, well, myself... heh), but there's one wishlist item that still alludes me:

Picture courtesy of aftertheheaven

I wish to give a Kadabra 151 button to a friend of mine for Christmas. I even have a matching NIP Abra button to give her sister, but I can't give one without the other. If anyone happens to see one, or even has one they'd be willing to sell or trade, I would greatly appreciate being contacted. Thank you!

I'm sorry this post is rather dry, but I promise that a large collection update is coming soon, as is another sale, some very enticing auctions, and a holiday contest entry!
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a wild pangolin appeared

I'm finally working on my collection journal properly. Adding pictures of my collection later on today. From now on, pangolins_box is home of my sales posts! Mostly it's just leftovers right now, but I have some nice things coming in the mail soon enough.

...Having said that, here's some sales on the comm, not my collection journal. XD It's a temporary deal, so I'm not going to bother putting it up there permanently.

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Also: I haven't given up on that group auction. The seller extended it by several more days is all. But now it's ending in about 15 hours and I need $10 more to justify bidding on the auction, so please, if you want one of them, a dollar down would help greatly!

Possible Group Auction

Again I was browsing yahoo!Japan and I came across a interesting Auction with a lot of different pokemon card.

I know most people here are interested in figures and plushes but i'd really like to get enough for this auction. It's about $45 BIN or $30 as a starting bid

I'll be puting about $10 - $15 dollars into the auction and whatever i need to for shipping.

I'm really only in it for a [hopefully] near mint condition of the coro coro Lilypad mew. Which there are three of.

Anyway Here's the auction.

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If i made any errosrs on card names or the version of the card feel free to let me know. My only forte is mew.
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eBay find

I saw this on eBay (UK) and thought of all the Eevee collectors we have here in the community :) I can't tell which type of plush it is, not even by looking on PokePlushProject, but I think it's legit because the person selling them has been selling other legit Poke plushes (in fact I just got outbid on one, grr!)

EDIT: It's a Play by Play plushie, thanks guys!

It's still got 6 days to go and is only £3 including shipping (to the UK)!


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Hi pkmncollecters!! alright, this is my contest entry pic, someone had to do something  other than an x-mas themed one even tho i must say, the contest so far seems rough and i hope i stand a chance!! ^__^:
k well i have serious issues using a cut, pple keep tryin gto help me through it and i am depirate to post, if this is a problem tell me right away( plz dont be mean :( )) and if worst comes to worst i'll remove this post no problem, but if anyone could explain to me how to do an LJ cut in like kindergarten form plz let me no-.-; i'd srsly appreciate it for the sake of the community and so i can post collection updates!! thank u!! happy holidays everyone!! :D
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Just wanted to say that my sales post from a few days ago is inactive, and I've placed everything that didn't sell up for sale on eBay in 4 huge lots!
All the auctions are starting at under $5 with no reserve and truthful shipping prices, so they're at a HUGE discount! Feel free to resell these if you win, I'm just tired of them being around. ;) I want my room back, dammit!

Also, I've shipped out everything I owe except the orders from the following people, due to lack of small boxes!

I'll try and get some boxes and ship them out before the end of this week. Sorry for the delay!

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I got some new stuff in the mail! IT IS TIEM FOR COLLECTION UPDATE TIEM!

(Warning-- Image is large height-wise; it might nom your Internetz.)

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I got happyjolteon and seouldew's packages last night. It was like an early Christmas. :D Thanks so much! I left feedback for you, HappyJolteon. Shemii-- Do you have feedback anywhere? Thanks so much for going out of your way to find those Pokédolls for me. You truly rock! :D