December 3rd, 2008

Bedding question!

Eh, I'm not sure if this is allowed, and if it's not, sorry about that! D:
But yeah! Because I've always wanted these sheets, for evar, and I want our bed to have nice sheets, I was curious as to if anyone owns this set, and does it come in full?:

O_o I know that I will have to search forever to find a full set, and I'm fine with this. o.o I gotta get them when we actually have our full bed, but still, I just wanted to know. thank you in advance you guys!~ <3
be gentle

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eeveelution doll pre-orders are up a bit earlier than i planned, and a dollar more expensive than originally planned as well (i am sorry =( the dollar keeps dropping even as we speak).

shirt orders i will post about probably on friday when i can know the prices and other information! and all other items will be posted later friday night (japan's saturday afternoon) and i will combine them with your eevee pokedolls. :)

PLEASE AVOID E-CHECKS AND MONEY ORDERS AT ALL COSTS. IF YOU CHOOSE THIS OPTION EMAIL ME OR COMMENT HERE IMMEDIATELY AFTERWARD WITH YOUR PAYMENT PLAN OR I WILL /NOT/ PICK UP YOUR DOLLS. I have been burned too many times by people having me pick up dolls for them and NEVER paying for them. I WILL cancel your order, I am very serious!

i've been getting lots of questions from first time shoppers at sunyshore.

1) i ship to your country, no matter what it is. the shipping doesn't change much for different countries. have no fear!

2) you can find out how much your shipping total is by clicking "confirm order". it WILL show you the total with shipping before making you pay.

3) whatever shipping address you signed up with at sunyshore is, that is where i will ship, not the address your paypal has.

4) if you do not get a confirmation email, it's possible your order didn't go through for some reason! please re-check what you did if you do not get a confirmation email!

enjoy your eevees!

Intro post!

Well, I've been a member here for a while, but I was always too nervous to make an intro post before. ^^; So I guess it's about time I made one now.

My favorite pokémon are the Houndoom, Mightyena, and Growlithe lines, the Eevee evolutions, Heracross (and a bunch of others, but those are the main ones) but my most favorite pokémon is Scyther.

I have a few figures, plush, and pokédolls, but not much else at the moment. I don't have my own camera and I need to use my parents' or sister's to take pictures, and I haven't gotten a chance to take a picture of my collection yet. (Don't worry, you aren't missing anything. xD) I'm planning to enter the Christmas picture contest though so you can see what plushies I have then.^^

I know some people here make custom plush, which is something I also enjoy, so I thought I'd share my homemade plushies with everyone here. Most of these pictures are kind of old, but they're the only ones I have at the moment. I'll post pictures of the plushies I've made so far. (Warning: There's kind of a lot of pictures...)

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I'm sorry I don't have a picture of my collection right now, but I don't have much yet anyways. I really hope I did this post right and didn't break any rules-I really tried to remember everything^^ I have the feeling I did something wrong or forgot something though. D: (If I did, I'm sorry! I'll  try to fix this post if I did do something wrong^^) I'm really glad I found this community and I really look forward to meeting other people here!

Auction Reminders!

Well I have a reminder for my current ongoing auction and my previous mega blok auction.

Here are the items in my current auction! Bidding ends December 8th at 10PM Central time!

Please note that these items are rather small. (Mew cup is about an inch tall)

Click Here to go to the auction!

To the Winners in my Mega Blok auction:

To all of you who have already payed, I have shipped your bloks out! If you have won an auction and have not payed yet, then please contact me and let me know if you live in the US or not so I can give you your total!
These people include kasaiface, regen, and lonepichu.
Aaaand if you want to look over the auction again, just follow this link.

Also, don't forget I have a sales post now!
Click here to go see!

also, my new icon is awesome

Okay, fuck you LJ, rewriting my whole post now.

GROUP. AUCTION. The last one has kind of fallen through because I didn't get enough offers... but the auction keeps getting extended, so... I may try for it again one day, especially if he lowers the price eventually!

So I should probably not try to do anoth-- HAHA SHUT UP HERE'S ONE MORE 8]

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Annnnd, my entire Sandshrew/Sandslash collection has now been documented! If you know what a particular item is called, feel free to tell me. And if you know an item I don't have, I'd love to hear about it! (If anyone has the 151 Sandshrew badge or an extremely fat Sandshrew keychain PLEASE SELL IT TO ME OKAY)

As I said yesterday, pangolins_box is continuing to update with sales and photos. I'm working on getting every item documented. Soon my completed Espeon collection will be ready!

Extreme Multi Purpose

The user selling those cards doesn't accepet bids from middleman services. So that auction is a no go. I hope none of you are to disappointed. =[

The cards from the Mew and Mewtwo auction came today. FINALLY! So I'll be getting those in the mail to you as soon as I possibly can. Also, If you could PM me with your addressed and what you got from that auction it would be super helpful. Since they took so long to get here all of my Paypal stuff it whack and a lot of you didn't leave your LJ names and what you ordered and I don't want to send the wrong thing to someone. -.-; I'm sorry about that.
I got everyone figured out

My Grandmother unexpectedly passed away this past Saturday. My family and I are trying to make money to buy a memorial piece for the League for Animal Welfare here in Cincinnati where she worked for the majority of her life. I know it wont be a lot but I'm hoping to make some money for this project.

Mega Awesome sales
buy stuff and make me cash dollaz

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I'll also be posting a collection update soon, I'm just waiting for a few cards to come from eBay. =]

Thanks for looking guys.
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Just to let you guys know... The following users will have their packages shipped tomorrow. If you see anything wrong with the information here, let me know, please!
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Anyone is free to add up to their orders or change their envelope free of any extra charge (unless you're getting a bubble padded envelope instead of a normal one, then it'll add up the cost of the envelope). If you're giving up on the bubble padded envelope, you'll be refunded the $1.00 difference. To the others, if you were thinking about buying/trading something but were not sure, be quick about it or you'll have to wait until next week. xDDD
My sales/trades post is located on my LJ, there are less than 5 entries and it's the top one, so you can't possibly miss. xD Feel free to ask any questions if needed be.

Thank you very much for the attention and I'm sorry for taking your time if this had nothing to do with you. ^^" here :}

Hi there, my names Rosie, but you can call me meowth or rofl, whichever. xD
I've known about this community for a long time and I liked to see everyones collections, but I was too shy to join!
Well, now I did it :}

Um, what can I say about myself..
I'm pretty young compared to you people (i think)
I'm 14 right now...first year of highschool! haha..
I like pokemon (duh) and video games, and my little pony! hehe
I live in Canada! WOOO GO CANADA!
and um..yeah.

Now you can see wonderful pictures of my very small collection.
I have a few more plushies then what you are about to see but they are at my sisters house xD
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