December 4th, 2008


YY Sleeping Espeon, Bendable Latios and Shaymin!

I'm throwing a couple of things up on ebay, including a Yutakayumi sleeping Espeon and a rare bendable TOMY Latios. ^_^


EDIT: Just added!


My shipping prices are higher on ebay because I've been defaulting to priority with insurance as of late, but if you win something and contact me, I can probably give you cheaper shipping (though it'll depend on where you live.)

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first of all! i have three remaining christmas plushies i would like to get shipped off to some new family in time for christmas. i reduced prices by 5$, so give them a nice home!

ALSO! Want some of the new POKEMON KIDS added to your Eevee order for NO ADDED SHIPPING?! Check out the bottom of this post!


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First of all, I sent out packages to scarsofsunlight, chronidu, dewott, and alberick yesterday. I apologize for the shipping delay, as transportation issues came up at the last moment and even buying boxes to send the plush out in was quite a feat. Please let me know when they arrive!

Second... did anyone here bid on this lot of figures? Needless to say, I really, really want the Quilava since it's something I never knew even existed until recently, and I'm willing to pay a pretty penny for it if there aren't any dibs on it already. D:

Answered and image removed! =]

Custom cushions?

Everyone remember Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald? Remember the secret bases you could make, and all the swag you could buy to put in them?

Well I was replaying Emerald so I could re-capture the Hoenn legends, when it dawned on me: The cushions!
Remember the cushions?

Pikachu! Azumarril! Zigzagoon! Pokeball! Grass! Fire! Water!

All modeled after different Pokemon or types.
Well I think I might just have to create some of these. :D

I mean, these are real cute. Especially the fire/water/grass ones. I'd love to turn those into reality.
In fact, for the Pikachu one, I actually already have a pattern in mind, and I can get started on that. :D Maybe I could commission some one day...

Like the idea? Think they'd be cute?
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Signed Inflatable Pokeball auction

So, today while cleaning out my closet, I found some lovely items. Some old Pokemon cards, video games and this:

So what, an inflatable pokeball, right?
Well, I managed to get this little gem at Comic Con 06 as a promotional item. Not only that but...if you look closely there's some signatures on it :D

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The signatures are those of:
Sarah Natochenny : Ash (season 9 or later)
Bill Rodgers : Brock (season 9 or later)

Basically, this pokeball's been sitting in my closet for two years gathering dust, so I figure it's about time to clear it out and make some space for my other things.
I have NO IDEA as to what this thing is worth, so I'm going to do it auction style right here in the community.

Auction Ends Thursday December 11th at 12:00AM/0:00 PST.

Current Bid: $11.00
-High Bidder : iaibou

Add like, $1.50 for shipping to anywhere in the world.
Paypal only please :<

If this doesn't sell here, I'll be sticking it up on ebay.
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Collection Update with added Grail

This item made my life, I love it.

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I probably owe a bigger collection update as it has absolutely exploded in the past couple of months, despite my better judgment (what better judgment?). I have just sent all my figures and a couple of plush home to stay in a box over the Christmas break whilst I find a new house at University, but I began photographing them all for anyone's viewing pleasure (and as an aid for friends during the gift-buying season XD) and you can see them all at my journal if you're interested.

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Yay, my first contest entry ever! I haven't got many plushies so decorating a Christmas tree with them would have made the tree look a bit... empty. That's why I decided to concentrate on the favourite plush of mine, the happy-happy-joy-joy DX plush.

Now, back to reading some grammar. Mid-term finals are almost over, thank goodness...

By the way, has anyone heard about light_venusaur? I had a trade with him/her on April but haven't yet received his/her part of the trade. Last time heard of him/her in October and I'm getting a bit worried...

Another thing: that age-old TCG trades post is still active. I updated the wishlist a bit.

Factory reject/bootleg?

Hello everyone! I don't know if I'm allowed to post this but if I'm not I'll get rid of it straight away.

I found a cute Pikachu on eBay but I don't know if its a factory reject/bootleg as I've heard some things about this seller selling them. Its really cute and I might get it but I want to know a bit about it first.

pretty cute :D

It looks a bit like one of the Hasbro Pikachus 
I think they look very alike and I think the one above is a bootleg but if anyone knows something about it please tell me. thanks!


mega Pichu sale and card sale and others!

I'll have a collection update soon. Anyways, somehow my financial aid for Uni got messed up, so I ended up owing a few hundred, which came out of my money and now I'm completely broke. I'm sorry for this, and most of the cards and small packs have been mailed out, but bigger ones will have to wait for my paycheck next week. I'm sorry for this, but I had no choice.

Also, sorry for my delay on plushie commissions. I'm working on them now, but I had to take a tiny break in order to study for a few tough exams and presentations.

I have to make sacrifices in the way of my Pichu collection and some other items from my personal collection. So though it pains me to do this, I will have to sell a good chunk of it (I'm keeping my most favorite items) as well as a good amount of cards including the rare holofoil Cynthia's tears, Japanese light-eeveelutions, some promos, and so forth. All of these items are in new condition with no flaws and are all from my personal collection. Feel free to haggle, as always. Also, none of these items have been featured in a previous sales post.

Also, I would prefer cash to trades, but I may take trades for some Mismagius, Cacturne, Gligar, and other items depending on what they are. Never be afraid to ask.


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Thanks, guys <3

Nono /♥/ Cloudy with a chance of CUTENES

[ contest entry ]

Hello~ Hello!
Just dropping off my Christmas entry here. ♪(*^ ・^)ノ⌒☆
(( Click the picture for a bigger shot~ ))

'Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house
Not a creature was stirring, not even an electric mouse~~~ Σ(゚д゚;)

It took a couple of hours to build and execute the set but that's the end result~! I made the tree (obviously) out of pipecleaners from scratch, as well the wreath, the tiny hat and beard on Santa Ditto!Chu, and his sack~ And I wrapped the presents up in scrap fabric I had laying around my sewing room~~~ :3

Thankyou for checking out my entry~! ♥ ヘ(゚∀゚*)ノ
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Funnel Cake's House of Wares

Reduced prices on several items, and I've also got a brand new MIP Giratina Origin Form Pre-Order Figure for sale too. :3

If you've ordered anything from the last sales post, everything is packaged and ready to be shipped out, but I have not had a chance to get to the post office yet!

I'm also specifically looking for a few items that I'd be really willing to trade for (with the exception of one item in my shop), all of these have images on my wishlist on my site for reference:

Giratina Origin Forme Kid with the curled tail, Normal and/or Clear version
Giratina Origin Forme Metal Figure in either Copper or Pewter color
Giratina Another + Origin Form updated Metal Charms
Giratina Another Forme Card from Temple of Anger, Cry from the Mysterious (DP5 I think)
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Card bootleg?

Alright, I really need your help.
A month ago, I won a large auction of 23 booster packs. They came today and I was pretty excited. I just sat down and started opening them. Right off bat, I could FEEL something wrong with them. They were rough and not smooth like most cards are.
So I kind of brushed it off until I opened the second pack.

It was a Great Encounters and inside was a fake... holo of Pachirisu? I mean... it had the holo sparkles printed on it. I wasn't sure if there was actually a copy that was suppose to look like that. In any case, I opened a few more and I pulled a level X Dialga. I looked it up on Pokeorder and noticed that their card looked a bit different than mine. Theirs had holo around the boarder of the card while mine just had a gold foil.

The next pack I opened had no holos OR reverse holo BUT it had another fake holo but this time of Swampert. I stopped opening the packs and started doing bootleg tests but they all seemed to pass. I asked my girlfriend what I should do and she asked if the backs were different. Now that I look at them, they aren't as clear and bright as my other cards.

So... are these.... bootlegs?
I mean, they're sealed in the package and everything but there something in my gut telling me that there is something very wrong with these cards. Even some were facing the other way which I have never experienced when I open packs.

If anyone wants scans of them, please let me know! I want to make sure I didn't pay all this money for bad cards! D:

I received a full refund and the seller claimed fraud on the store he bought them from. 8D

In my flusterment of fake cards, I forgot to let those know who I received packages from:
iridescentfox, devi_white, & prguitarman! I'll be leaving feedback tomorrow~
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Sales update and looking for an item!

Hi again! I have a few updates for my sales post, including the rare Shaymin Land Forme Daisuki Club Bag, some Shaymin Land Forme merch, Movie 11 Kids, posters, and tiny magnets. I also still have a bunch of kids left, so take a look and feel free to haggle with me! Just click on the picture to get to my post! Thanks a bunch!


While I'm at it, I'm looking for this Skymin Plush(the first picture is from one of rentorar's updates-if you don't want me to use it, please tell me!):


I think this guy was a prize...if anyone has one they wouldn't mind parting with and it still has the hang and tush tags, I'd love to buy it! Thanks in advance!