December 5th, 2008


Group Auction Totals

I finally got the invoice of the Metal Figures Group Auction. Internation Shipping was a ton as expected.

Anyway Here's what people owe for their figures and Shipping from me to you, ect.
scarsofsunlight - Charizard $5
badgerr_ftw - Arbok $5
g_manluver - Likitung $6
aphotic - Seel $7
kefanii - Sandshrew $9
toda - Magnemite $6
tufails - Nidoqueen, Cubone $6
meowthcollector - Staru, Ditto $8
ridi - Voltorb, Electrode $14
firebomb - Oddish $5
bergunty - Wartortle, Raichu [box only] $11

If this seems a little high let me know. I'm just worried about the weight for these. I have no idea how much they weigh and since international shipping was a lot, i'm guessing these are a tad heavier then normal.

Please send all Payments to and include what you ordered and your LJ username.
Thanks guys.
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To anyone who bought kids in my last sales post: all of the paid orders have been shipped! Easier to make a post about it than reply to the 20+ odd comments XD;

However. I have a.. small dilemma. See, I charged most people 1.60-2.50US to ship the packages, which even with exchange rate would have covered all the postage according to the weight charges on Australia Post. However. The little detail that eluded me because they didn't have it on their site until they updated it for december is that letter airmail is restricted to a width of 20mm (or 2cm).

This is the damage from the post office. I wish it was some horrible photoshop, and if you seriously don't believe me, wait until you get it and see the sticker.
It took an hour of battling between three post offices with no results and left me at least 80-100 out of pocket personally. I'm both very upset and angry with this, since the prices I gave people would have covered the originally checked costs with the exchange rate. All I ask is that if anyone bought kids from my sales post could chuck a few extra dollars my way to help cushion the bill I paid, I'd be extremely grateful. I understand that people are tied for money at the moment with christmas.. I am as well now. Paypal is
Thanks in advance if anyone can spare a few bucks. I feel terrible asking :(
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I finally got my collections together as well as packages I've received of things I purchased before I had to pay hundreds in Uni debt >>;; I've been meaning to post this for awhile now. Anyways, don't forget my sale's post which has reduced prices now, and I do haggle :) anything is a help to me now, really.

I sent out a few more things today since I got some money from the sales post last time ^^

Now on to the collection update ^^



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Thanks for looking <3


Question About Plushie Care

Hi everyone! I thought this would be the best place to ask such a question since I've been wondering for a while now and don't know anyone who has an answer.. how do you clean your plushies without damaging or ruining their fur etc.?
The main reason for asking this is because my huge Lugia plush is getting very dull in colour now, probably the excessive hugging and random dust particles. There's no way I can fit him in the washing machine.. and I'm terrified of messing up the softness of the material, I already put one Lugia plush in the washing machine and it cleaned very well but now the fur isn't nearly as stroke-able as it once was..
I'd really appreciate some ideas and experiences from other precious plush owners ^v^ Just how do you clean your plushies?!
Many thanks for reading! Arti~

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Hi guys im back :D
sorry for the long absence
Ive been back liek a week but it's been a pretty rough week and I jsut haven't relaly been feelign amazing
BUT I had an amazing time with my boyfriend
I miss him so much though I wanna go back D:

BUT Upon my arrival I had ALOT of new packages it was jsut like christmas but a lot earlier :D

But I was lazy and didnt get a picture right away so im not even sure if i got a picture of everything BUT I tried

Also I did some more collection weeding of my figures so there will ALSO be sales

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 I haven't been active on here for a while due to a broken internet connection. I put a Capture Styler Toy on hold for a seller that I can't remember, I'm so sorry about this whole thing. I can't buy it now, Sorry For This :(
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I thought I should make a dedicated post for this auction, since the auction-slash-sales was getting a bit confusing.

Right now we're doing okay, but there are two days left, and if I know anything about rare pokedolls, it's that prices often shoot up at the last moment. ^^;

Highest Offers
Latios - $11, _nofuturehope
Latias - $20, anuvia
Sceptile - $10, trainer_irene
Rayquaza - $10, mommymoose
Lugia - me, $40

Auction ends Monday, Dec-08-08 10:22:59 EST

I'm going to make comments for bidding, please don't bid till they're up! Thanks~