December 7th, 2008


It's beginning to look a lot like Eevees.

I was going to post this last night but decided to wait since there was an EXPLOSION of entries and didn't want to kill people's f-lists too badly. XD;

Contest Entry Time!

We all know that December is pretty much Eevee month at the Pokemon Centers.. Including Eevee and all its current evolutions there are eight.. Santa also has eight reindeer.. COINCIDENCE?! I think not.
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Pixel Pair

Eeveelicious auctions!

Hey everyone! I've shipped out packages from my sales post for everyone (except garefowl , rentorar , and bluetip_echelon ), as I'm waiting for the last payment to clear before shipping them out. Everyone who paid before today (12/9) has now had their items shipped!

Anyway, in the spirit of Eevee Collection this month, I'm offering some (fairly rare) Eevees up for auction!

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possible Group Auction Tme And Reminders

I just wanted to remind people who haven't paied for the Metal Figures auction that I still need money from them. The Package is already in the US but i have to pay SMJ before they will ship it.

scarsofsunlight - Charizard $5 - Checked with me
badgerr_ftw - Arbok $5
g_manluver - Likitung $6 - Checked with me
aphotic - Seel $7
tufails - Nidoqueen, Cubone $6

Y!J has so much cool stuff, and i love being able to do these here..
Anyway, This auction if for what looks like a bunch of Tomys and some Kids. However not everything in the Kids section looks like they're all kids. then again i don't know because I'm not a huge Kid collector.

Rules and other stuff you'd like to know
- Please make a response with a title of what your biding on
- If you want to out bid someone please respond to them so everything stays organized
- State the MAXIMUN you're willing to pay
- If you get outbid i will contact you and let you know
- This auction has 6 day left
- I'm expecting it to go up ALOT
- i'm pitching in $15+ for the auction.

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Umbreon Love!


Woo, sales time! Unfortunately, there are a few "special circumstances" to my sales this time, but they shouldn't affect us too badly. Those special circumstances are that:

1. I can't seem to find my camera cord, so we have to go off the original auction pictures, unfortunately. If you have any questions about the condition/size of the plush, just let me know and I can answer them, however. :)

2. These will be shipped in about a week/a little over a week. This is because this next week is finals week and I'm quite busy as a result. If you're nervous about getting things before Christmas, however, just let me know and I can give you a quote for Priority shipping instead of First Class/Parcel. Also, because of this extra waiting period, I'll include some drawings and freebees to make up for the slight wait. :D

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Let me know if you have any questions! I'm recovering from an ugly stomach flu (the plush were kept in an entirely different house than I was sick in, though; don't worry about them being contaminated with my germs) so I apologize if my responses are a little odd/vague/confusing or anything. ^^;
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New ^_^

Hello everyone, I am new(obviously). I've been lurking around this place for a couple of months and just now got around to joining.

I've been a fan of Pokemon for almost 8 years now, thanks to my neighbor who got me into it. xD
I mainly collect the eevee evolutions, though I have some other Misc. stuffs to.
I use to have a huge collection, but for some reason I sold and gave away most of it in a yard sale about 4 years ago. ;-;

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two quick questions


I've seen this item around a bit, how big is it? Some sellers say its 3-4 inches tall and others 1.5-2.5 inches tall. Doesn't sound like much but that's a different between a TOMY figure and Jakks figure. I'm sure someone has this lickilicky or one of the keychains from the set so maybe you can answer the question of its size.

I saw an item on ebay I would like but its in a big auction of 23 figures. Now I know group auctions are allowed but this item is a bootleg as all the other figures that come with it. So I was wondering if group auctions of Pokemon bootlegs are allowed here or not as long as I specify they're not official merch?

Sorry if there isn't much to this post ^^; I'm hoping in the next couple of days to get my contest entry up.

both questions were answered, thanks everyone.
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Auctions reminder and shipping

Just a reminder, my eBay auctions end in less than 2 days! Everything is still under $5, so chances are you'll be getting these items at incredible discount :)

And I'm sorry to say I still haven't shipped those 4 last orders. They will be mailed no later than Tuesday! Please pardon my delay, I'll give you guys lots of freebies to help make up for it.
I'll be sure to put a notice on my next sales post warning people of my slowness. ;-;

Oh, and Kameil, I got the game thanks! I'll ship out your items with the others.
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