December 8th, 2008

WoW ♥ Malygos Forms


Kitten, the residential (lurking mostly due to lack of mula) Mewtwo collector here. I just got this package today and it was a japanese mew card. I think this was sent to me by mistake. I ordered a few Mewtwo cards from someone, but no mews. o.o;

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Auction Reminders!

My auction on the items below ends tonight at 10PM central time! So if you wanted to snag any of these items, this is your last chance to place a bid
All of the rules and what not are posted in the auction.  If you would like to place a bid, please go to my auction post and reply to the comment of the last bid placed on the item you want.  To get to my auction post, simply Click Here..

Please note that these items are rather small. (Mew cup is about an inch tall)

I also have a sales post up, so if you would like to check that out you can Click Here. If you win anything in my auction and want to buy something from my sales post as well, I will gladly combined shipping, just make sure to let me know otherwise I will end up getting confused somewhere along the line. :P Also, don't forget that none of my sales prices are set, so feel free to haggle some.

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Sales Notice

A small sales update before the holidays. I can't guarantee international delivery will arrive in time for Christmas, but all packages paid for by tomorrow morning will be shipped out tomorrow evening. New and outstanding inquiries will be addressed tonight, as I'm on my way out to dinner. I hope to have a collection update coming up as well, as I've been busy lately but have received many wonderful packages. :)

Zukans are in!

Hey Guys! I wanted to let the group that helped out with the Zukan lot know that they finally showed up today! Everything appears to be here and counted for. I plan on getting them set up and packaged tonight for everyone. I'm hoping to be able to make a post office run for everyone tomorrow and get these mailed out within the next couple of days. Thanks for making it possible! Hoping to have a post update here later tonight with some sales stuff too!

Ebay Lies

So i was searching eBay for a nice heatran figure when i came across this

You can clearly see that there is a massive amount of paint work missing from the front.
Now in the discription it says

Size: approx. 5cm
Color: Full Color as Pictured.
Condition: 100% Brand New!
Content: This auction is about ONE Pokemon Figure ONLY .
Packing: Package in protective box.

Come on that now way near new is it. And doese anyone have a heatran zukan that they are willing to sell or trade

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sales update!

Hi again! I've updated my sales post yet again (This will probably be the last shipment before Christmas, and last sales post for another 2-3 weeks)

This time I found some of the rarer Jakks plush at my local Walmart, so I picked some up for the comm! I found Prinplup and Cherrim Throw Pokeball Plushes, and Prinplup and Chingling Jakks Plush. Enjoy!

I also have a Metallic Giratina Another Forme TOMY up for sale, as well as a bunch of Mini-cot, as seen below, and some other things!


Take a look!! Thanks a bunch!! :3

EDIT: Also, I forgot to mention this, but I would appreciate it if one of the mods could fix the way my username is typed in the Member Feedback page. I believe it is typed as tomago226 instead of tamago226. Thanks !! :3
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huge post is really, really huge

It's time for my.. yearly sales post! 8D; Seriously, I haven't done a sales post since August 2007 when I joined.. and I have accumulated a TON since then! Time for it to go! :3

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Phew! That took.. a lot of hours. I hope you guys find what you need! Please let me know if you have any questions. :3 ♥

*edit* I'll do some better proofreading in the morning as it's now 3:30am, please let me know if I've made any glaring mistakes. XD;

*edit again* time for bed! will finish answering comments in the morning. (I made so many evolution mistakes, so embarrassed! Grimer, I know you're not Muk, really. Same goes for you, Vileplume. I love you, don't hate me.)
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I know everyone hates these posts, but halp plz.

Seriously. D:
I know nobody really likes these kinds of posts, but I'd love if someone could help me with my small grail.

See this adorable little guy here? I've been trying to get him since October. ; ; I just missed the one Regen posted, as well.
I'd love it if someone on here had one they'd sell me, as I'd really prefer to not pay $30+shipping. I actually already bought one for $30, only to have the seller email me to say they were actually out of stock. =_=
So, if anyone has one they could sell me, that'd be amazingly awesomely wonderful, and I'd be forever in your debt.

So this post isn't entirely useless:
acidmimi - Jolteon's in the mail. :]

nofuturenohope - I believe you still owe $5.50 from the plush group auction. I could be wrong, but I'm pretty sure I never received payment, as there's nothing in my paypal history I don't recognize.

Everyone from chat I promised stockings to - I have all of the pokemanz sketched out, I've just been in and out of the hospital with my grandad too much to scan them. @_@ I'll post them up tomorrow when I get home, so you guys can tell me yes or no. <3