December 9th, 2008


This here be a multi-purpose post

Thanks for your help guys ^^ I was able to get a good amount on my bank account and I'm mailing out packages. The majority were mailed out today and I'll mail out more as soon as my other paypal money transfer goes through. Thanks for all of your understandings, I really appreciate it.

Those who commissioned Gligar and Wurmple Chibis, yours are next on the list, so yours are being completed currently. Also, Vibrava is in the planning stages, just to let you know where everything falls. I have two exams over the next two days, so my time will be strained those two days x.x

Also, I finished a chibi plushie :D

Bigger pic:

Finally, my previous sales post has many slashed prices. Thanks again for all of the help, guys <3 you have no idea how much I appreciate it.

I am accepting trades now. I'm mostly looking for chou getto and the Misdreavous and Regigigas pokedolls. Thanks ^^

EDIT: Also, I never received the Ho-oh magnet from the group auction and that was well over a month ago :/
Canalave CUTIES!

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a couple notices! :D part three of eevee country will hopefully be posted tomorrow - i've been photographing the three-part saga of mailing 150 eevees out. for the record, half of all full sets and all orders with 3+ eevees went out yesterday, the other paid-for full sets and orders of 2 eevees went out today, and all orders of 1 eevee go out tomorrow :D

also, i keep getting messages asking for pokedolls. i'm sorry =( they were pre-order only. i posted about it for a week+ in advance, and left preorders up for an entire four days, even taking some last minute before i left. there were plenty of slots left open and i bought all i could, and i cannot do another run on eevees as it was actually very painful and my arms are still affected by it 3 days later XD i am sorry. ;_;

well, two things then. :D one, look who is joining my collection next week! my four favourite sinnoh characters, YAY!

they will be here just in time for a VERY special photostory (no it wont be gay :( ) :D also don't miss how their hats and jackets are all removable. absolutely adorable.

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Pixel Pair

Small collection update (and auction reminder)

Hi guys! Since some of them are going to end later today (at this rate) I wanted to post a reminder to my Eevee auctions going on:

Also, I updated Dialga FTW with a few items I'd forgot to add before, and I now hit 300 Dialga-items! Woohoo!

Dialga FTW

It doesn't count the cut-out items, custom arts, or Dialga + Palkia items, so even though it does have a lot of stickers, I'm happy to hit this milestone. ;)

Now to hit the 100 figures mark... There's only one figure I know of and don't have (Chupa Chups figure, arg) but there will be 2 more coming out this month!

As always, if you're selling something Dialga I don't have, please let me know. ^_^

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Multipurpose post

This is probably not of any use to most of you but:

I got the pins a while ago, Holly (forgot your username)! Thank you so much, they are even cuter IRL!

I'll soon post my entry for the christmas/winter contest. I would have done it sooner but the day I got my idea all the snow melted away! That can be only my luck. But last night it snowed about 20cm so I'll be able to photoshoot once I get home.

And on Collection Update department: Mudkip plushie, Squirtle plushie, Pikachu (bootleg) squeeze toy thing, Ho-oh plushie...and probably something else I forgot xD

Still waiting for that cwute Piplup plushie from Heenz. :3

and FTWASDFOAMFROMMOUTH I shall never again step in this community DD:
For I came to make this update post and ended up spending my food money on things... DX
The sad thing is...I can't stop coming here<3
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i'm in a woohoo mood

Very exciting developments! Stunning collection update! Rare auctions! It's all here at the Fatshroo Carnival of Wonders!

click to go visit them okay


Now, after the auctions, the wonderment continues!

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THE (rest of and also more of the) EEVEELUTIONS!

Dun dun dun.
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More heavy METAL, anyone?

Alright, so eiei_o_kumori hosted the latest metal group auction and I'd like like to do the next one.

The bid right now is pretty low and I was just interested in one. I don't want the rest to go to waste so any help for as low as $1 would be great!

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Thanks in advance! Any help would be extremely appreciated!

Also, I have been looking up and down for this and I just can't find it anywhere! It has become a new 'grail' for me. I'm guessing that this is going to be a hard find but maybe someone can keep an eye out for me or maybe knows a place I could find it?

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Auction time!


Sup fiends! It's the most wonderful time of year, unless you happen to live in a country addled by what's now officially an economic recession (or about 500 countries far worse off, touché). So many friends! So many feelings! So many gifts! ... so little cash!!

So here begins Operation Recoup A Small Portion Of Meowth Festa Splurge. There will be a standard sales post soon, but tonight I am launching auctions for four lovely plush!

[All pictures removed on 03/20/2009]
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