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10 December 2008 @ 07:50 am
I don't often stop being lazy long enough to post here, but it has been agreed upon that I must post this amazing get. RIGHT NAO.

because this is what dreams are made of XDCollapse )
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10 December 2008 @ 08:50 am

no seriously folks, i had a couple random leftovers, so please don't be shy to speak up if i missed something or messed up something in your order. i am pretty confident everything should be okay, but when you send out 60+ orders of veevees in 3 days, well, who knows.

thanks guys! do enjoy!
10 December 2008 @ 10:17 am
My entry for the contest. :3 I'd been going to do a photostory, but I've got so much to do I just have yet to find the time, so I figured I'd just do a quick picture instead. If I find the time, though, I hope to still do the photostory and post it closer to Christmas.

Contest entry behind this cut...Collapse )

A few misc photos under this cut!Collapse )
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10 December 2008 @ 02:04 pm

Auction reminder. :3 This is a short auction! It ends in a bit less than 8 hours (you can see a countdown here).

The super-rare keychain plushies:
Corsola: $12 - regen! - $19 BIN
Natu: $13 - meowthcollector! - $25 BIN
Bayleef: $13 - omega_alomaniac! - $20 BIN
Volbeat: starts at $10 - no high bidder! - $15 BIN
Houndour: SOLD
Togepi: starts at $10 - no high bidder! - $15 BIN

Shamyin and Skymin DX plushies (series 2):
Shaymin Land Forme: starts at $15 - no high bidder! - $35 BIN
Shaymin Sky Forme: $15 - killerjaw01! - $35 BIN

And some Dialga and Palkia tape, best offer. :3
Pii pika pikachuu?
10 December 2008 @ 02:05 pm
Hello everyone!

I'm studying for finals so I don't have a whole lot of time (read: I should be studying), but I just have to organize a little group auction for these towels!

Pictures and infoCollapse )

EDIT: Removing my claim on Umbreon/Espeon/Eevee because I got one from denkimouse, so please feel free to bid against me! I will still be running this because I already have a bid in, however. :) I know these are highly sought after and there might not be many available, so I figure I might as well help others get some even if I'm already getting one myself!

ALSO, would anyone be interested in a perfectly good, working Leaf Green version? I have an extra copy of it that I don't need, and I was thinking of asking $15 + shipping for it. :)
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I am a writer of fictions
10 December 2008 @ 04:14 pm
It's time for probably the final sales post I will be having until after the holidays. I've been busy with work and other things, but still can't seem to find enough to buy things for people for Christmas. I'd like to be able to raise at least a little bit. Under the cut are the items I have available for sale!

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10 December 2008 @ 04:30 pm
Updating two collections this time. :3 My Meowth collection (which I am temporarily putting on hold) and my general Pokemon plush collection!


Meowth! Dat's right!Collapse )
PokePlushies!Collapse )
10 December 2008 @ 07:59 pm

Old fur version - Asking $25, but you're welcome to haggle a bit. Still cheaper than you'll find on ebay ;)
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The Flower Which Blooms in a   Pleasant Paradise
10 December 2008 @ 08:50 pm


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Because ponies...
10 December 2008 @ 09:29 pm
Hey again! I found a really cool lot of plush that I'd like help in purchasing seeing as I only want one thing. :) Details under the cut...

Pikachu Used Zap~!Collapse )

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10 December 2008 @ 10:42 pm

Just an update, I've gotten everything packaged up from all sales and I've been getting them all mailed out little by little, so expect your packs in the mail soon ^^ and so sorry for the delay. Killerjaw, can you email me your address again? I accidentily deleted the paypal thing with your address on it x.x my email: lonewanderer2989@yahoo.com

Secondly, I've been working on my contest entry :D lotsa ribbon and sparklies!

Thirdly, I was going through my cards and I found some that I didn't really want, so I thought I'd offer them here in a mini sale. I take trades (not really looking for any specific cards) just to let you know ^^ also, some old holos with reduced prices.


Card SaleCollapse )
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Blackjack Gabbiani
10 December 2008 @ 10:49 pm
First, the standard plug for my sales

Sales guidelines:
~I take cash and checks, and money orders if I know you.
~I can now ship internationally, but you'll have to convert the rates yourself.
~Give me time--it takes me a while to get to the bank since it's not on the bus line. Shipping time may depend on the volume of orders--the post office *is* on the bus line, but if I have few orders I'll wait to see if I get more before I go (no more than a week).
~Shipping costs will be approximated--I have a cooking scale and this site, but that's it.
~I can take a picture of or provide more information on any single item upon request.

If you've bought from me before, please leave some feedback if you please.

Now that that's out of the way, here's some pictures. I decided to snap my Lugia collection for you all...and it's not nearly as big as I thought it was.

Lugia!Collapse )

Anyway! Not doing a full update today, but here's some wide shots.
Two room shotsCollapse )

And of course, one of my redone shelves. The theme is "Evil Teams"--see if you can identify what everything matches up with.
I was born to rule the worldCollapse )

Contest submission coming soon.
10 December 2008 @ 11:27 pm
Hello, fellow Pokemon enthusiasts. I'm new to the community, and although I have been lurking around and leaving comments in sales posts, I've felt very shy to post an introduction without a little collection to even post.

I'm not new to Pokemon, I've played the games since I was 11, I collected the cards with my mom, and I was very much a PokeNerd. But at one point I stopped collecting (I never stopped playing the games, though!). But, thanks to me browsing around one night, I found this community and stalked it for a few days before deciding to join. Since then, I've been collecting all sorts of little Pokemon things again.

I feel lucky to have found such a nice, friendly community where I don't have to feel dorky or ashamed to still love Pokemon at my age (I'm only 21, but it feels awkward).

My favorites include; Shinx/Luxio/Luxray, Torchic/Blaziken, Eeveelutions (mostly Flareon, Umbreon, Leafeon), and just about all of them, really. (I started making the list and it got to be about two paragraphs worth...haha~)

So far my collection consists of a Shinx PokeDoll that I bought from chronidu, a Blaziken PokeDoll I won in an eBay auction, along with some cards and little random figures I got from a gashapon and some box randoms. I hope to be able to take pictures very soon. ♥

I'm so happy I found this community. I hope to make many friends, and help others with their collections (along with my own~ X3) ♥

If anyone is interested, I do art, and I would love suggestions for Pokemon to draw for people. I dunno if it's against the rules to just post art here, so I've been holding off showing it.

(Sorry for the long post! XD;;; I just got way too excited!)
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10 December 2008 @ 11:29 pm
Hi everybody!

I'm a new member to pkmncollectors and I just have to say that I love it here so far. I've been looking around for about a week now and everybody here is super sweet and nice! Everybody's so kind and helpful :)

A little bit about me: I've loved Pokemon since I was in the second grade (I'm a Freshman in college now) and I have a weakness for anything furry, cuddly, and cute. My favorite Pokemon are Quilava (squee!!), Bayleef, Nidorino (they seriously need a plush for him), Vulpix, Eeveelutions (especially Jolteon), and bird Pokemon (Fearow=love). 

Here's a post of my collection that I have with me at college.

I look forward to meeting everybody and having a great time!

Mucho amor!

Edit: I'm going to try and figure out how to put pictures up tomorrow. I have a final tomorrow so I have to get to bed. Bye and sorry for the inconvenience!
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