December 11th, 2008

small sales

-Paypal only, sorry No holds
-comment with location for shipping, I will do the cheapest possible for your convenience,

-Jirachi 1/40th scale zukan- SOLD
-Jirachi clear limited tomy figure- $2.00
-other mini jirachi figure- $1.50
-Officer jenny 1/40th scale zukan- SOLD
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i have some rare/sought after EEEEEVEEEELUTIONS up for buying and bidding! :D please check it out!

first, eevee towels! these were going fast, but if enough people want them i can try to get more sets this weekend (if they are not sold out). please let me know! for now i have one of each for $16.00 each. please reply with the towel/s you want below in comments!

EDIT: original eeveelutions towel and GS eeveelutions towel BOUGHT! only leafeon and glaceon left.

AND! i am not kidding around with this girl. she is glaceon keshipoke, which is one of the most difficult to find series of figures - ever. anyone who deals in keshipoke knows i am not being dramatic when i say this might be the only glaceon keshipoke you ever see available, ever.

Please reply to the bidding thread below to bid. Bidding starts at $20.00 and will go until midnight EST, Sunday!
iggly soul suckah

Collection update coming.

I was in shock this morning when I was reading the news on Yahoo. They had listed the top gifts not to give someone and had put Stuffed Animals on there. I guess they could be right, stuffed animals are a bla kind of gift. However stuffed POKEMON, now THAT is a gift worth getting!
My turtwig collection has grown humongously thanks to you guys and I owe you a collection update. Palkias, munchlax, jigglypuffs, my shelves are just amazing and fill me with joy & happiness thanks to you guys.

I have packages from a bazillion folks around here. I just received a Sunnyshore package(Turtwig Bloks, yay!) , Thanks to Rachelled, Happyjolteon, shiny_vulpix, juumou (oh the grass cube *dies from the cute*, Meowthcollector and bitterwhite for their packages all arriving safely.
 I promised this a while back. Meowthcollector's awesome artwork. I had purchased the way too cool Pikachu bling for Mr. P, and the accompanying artwork was too awesome not to share (Chikorita's grill..whoa!)
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Back from the ends of the earth+Marshtomp+Help!

Hey everyone, its been a long time and finally im back:)

This is a multiple news post so I will start off with some sad news about my collection.

1. Recently I have brought a few stuff off ebay which were lickilicky DX Kid and lickilicky keychain though unfortuantely it looks like a fluke after months of waiting and talking with them it seems there making exuses. I also need to get in contact WITH SCARSOFSUNLIGHT because I am wondering where my lickilicky Jakks is.

2. It seems that I may be starting a new collection, MARSHTOMP. I was wondering if anyone had any items of him such as plushes, zukan , anything really. Though I might not buy it till Christmas but I would like to know if anyone may have any items of him.

3. Finally expect a collection update in January(2 months late) consisting of what I got after a Christmas spending spree. In 2009 I am planning to buy alot of Pokemon Movie 12 stuff especailly if Arceus and the first fifth generation Pokemon is in it!

Until next time,

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Umbreon Purple
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Contest Entry!

This is my first time ever entering a contest..I used my favorite plush to help me out :3


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LOOK what just came in the mail :D


I dont generally collect Lucario (though I do have a few items- its hard collecting a movie pokemon ~.~) BUT- I saw this on ebay and I couldn't pass him up! LOOK at those cute paws ^^; This came with the pokemon center tag still on it, better photos when I take my large collection update! This is the pokedoll keychain from NYC poke center.
Biohazard: 狙撃兵

Eevee Country invades Australia + SUDDENLY, CARDS.

Y hallo thar, sunyshore box sitting on my table. How are you today? :D Epic photostory oh yeaaah

Y'all get off there, I need to get a knife so I can rescue them.


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That's all for now! ... wait a minute.

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PS: Have some high resolution scans of the new eevee doll tags :) Leafia and Glacia were left unscanned because they're the same as their other counterparts. I can scan at your request though. REQUESTED!

Gen I-II Download Here (1.4mb, JPG)
Gen IV Download Here (460kb, JPG)
Pokemon - legendary bird trio
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Well, I finally did it.

A freak incident earlier today left me really upset, but something later on really helped brighten my day in the form of a 1/40 scale duck straight from Sunyshore.

The kicker of it all?

I now have all of the bird zukans ever released, EXCEPT for the giant Lugia and Ho-oh which are essentially pipe dreams. XP And while I do own the Piplup and Aerodactyl zukans as well, my main collecting focus is on the feathered flying-types (in that case Lugia is pretty debatable, but I totally include him in my bird collecting anyways ♥). I counted all the individual bases and there's eighteen sets total- it's no wonder I was running out of room on my bird shelf!

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I want to extend a huge THANK YOU to this community for helping me achieve this goal, whether you've sold one or more of these sets to me or if you've helped me find them available to buy. ♥ Now can we please get a Moltres and a smaller scale Ho-oh so I can truly have 'em all? XP
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I have a question

I wanna know if anyone has been to "Nintendo World" in New York lately? I was thinking of going there when I get the money and I wanna know what kind of Pokemon things they have there?

Sorry if this isn't aloud, I'll delete it if it isn't.
nene, korinku

Hey guys!

A quick question. The other day I purchased a questionable pack of cards at a shop (it has Shinx and Luxray on the box) and when I found my old (1998) box of energy cards, I noticed that the "newer" cards were a lighter blue on the back compared to my old cards. I wonder, are these possibly bootleg? Also, the Swellow card, has several typos. (example: "base dagage", "it" instead of "is", lack of spaces between commas, and other cards with capitalization errors.)

On another note, I was wondering about the price of DarkRai Banpresto plushes, as I found a shop in ChinaTown that carries them for 11$. I almost grabbed one to give away on here, actually. (I know I can't open a sales post yet, but I was thinking of grabbing it and a Christmas one to give away. Then I checked my wallet. XD)

Anyways, sorry if I'm posting too frequently. XD

And thanks for the warm welcome, guys! I love this place so much. ♥
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on a lighter note

Prepare yourself for the cutest backpack in the world that I own:

My friend GAVE this to me ;-; I was ecstatic, I'm not even a big Marril fan but it's so sofffft.

I was so excited I didn't even bother looking inside its zipper compartment till today. Like my old Pikachu backpack, it could probably fit like a CD if I tried real hard. Unlike my old Pikachu backback, however, it had a damn VOICEBOX inside.

I turned it on, thrilled. Nothing. Pressure activated? Tried its tummy, no. Physically pressed the box inside, nothing. Aww. I was idly pressing on random extremities, when upon touching its ear it screamed "ABUHBUHBUH! :D"

Let the records show that it did scare the shit out of me, and I did drop it in terror.

My only curiosity now is, is that what it's supposed to say? The sound quality was remarkably clear for something that is not its name.

Also, psst, cheap Cyndaquil pokedoll over here! It looks a bit loved. But cheap! <3
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