December 12th, 2008


I need to stop my addiction to Y!J

Ok. I probably do way to many of these.
I really need to stop Looking at Yahoo!JAPAN
It's taking all of my money.
I'd really like to keep some of these cards to myself, but with christmas coming up, I need to save up and buy presents.

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As for the Mew and Mewtwo auction It looks like i made a mistake with the envelops and somehow got them mixed up. If you recieved the wrong card please let me know so i can get the right cards to the right people. I feel really bad about that.

Sales time (finally!)

It's Friday! Pay Day! Quick, let's spend it, now!

Every section of my shop has some wonderful new items, all at $10 or less. My brother iluvmudkips has joined the family business and has included a few items of his own for sale, too!

Please note that I will be leaving the computer shortly, so any purchase requests made will not be addressed until later this evening. Please be patient!

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WARNING: Very image heavy!!

Remember: my plush auctions end December 14th!


We Won!~ :D

Yey! *squees*We won the giant plush group auction on Y!Japan! ^-^ (

Totals (including everything except shipping from us to you), will be posted very soon, once we hear from SMJ :D We have done a rough working out, and think that with the fees and shipping from Japan to us, it'll probably work out that people will be paying around their original offer :D (but we'll wait to hear from SMJ to make sure! XD) Once the parcels arrives at ours, we'll put up a seperate post to let you guys know how much shipping will be from us to you ^-^ I hope that makes sense - this is the first group auction I've run! ^^;;

Also! A reminder! My auction for the plush in the photo below ends tonight (in about 6 hours!) - if you're interested, take a look, a lot of the plush are still really low, and they all have B-I-N prices :D Click the picture to visit the auction!

Happy Bidding!~ ^-^

Challenger Buizel

Few minor things...

This is just a small getting-my-crap-together message:

Firstly, I got my packages shipped out for iammyworld , iaibou , heenz , faiarrow , resilientspider , fernchu , and ladylegsdarkrai . So you guys can look forward to your stuff in the mail soon!

I updated my collection and wanted pages pretty thoroughly, though not completely, at my site aqua-jet[dot]webs[dot]com. I'm trying to keep everything up-to-date, so if you see anything through my wanted list that you have and are willing to trade, contact me through lj.

That's it for my little update, have a happy holidays!!