December 14th, 2008

Surfing Pika

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I found an auction that might be of interest to someone here--it contains a Lugia plush I've never seen before, and only 500 yen so far! Hurry if you want it, though, there are only five hours left!

I may or may not be posting this so I'm not tempted to bid on it. ;) I hope it finds someone who wants it! I'll delete this post in the morning when this auction has ended because it'll just be taking up space by then.

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the holiday season...

sure brings lots of hard to find/uncommon plushies to Y!J -sigh-

This little guy has eluded me for months now...and it shall AGAIN. I lament at my lack of funds to buy this little guy. But seeing how it's pretty sought after, I probably wouldn't have enough money to pay for the final bid and extra fees and everything, anyway. Darn you RAICHU ;_;

In other news. I found this Squirtle and I was wondering if anyone knew anything about it. It's about 11 in tall, and I've never seen it before D: Until now (It suddenly popped up in two different auctions...) Maybe I've been living under a rock or something. My suspicions are that it's probably from same series as the Charizard/Venusaur/Blastoise DX UFOs. If it is, are there Bulbasaur and Charmanders on as well? Does anyone have information on these DX plushies? Like which pokemon are in the series? I've tried looking for some, but aside from "DX" and "Banpresto" I haven't found anything.

It's so cute D: I wanna get it...Darn you budget...

I also spotted an Absol pokedoll a couple of days ago. I'm sure the bid's pretty high by now. :]

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How rare are these items?

Hey everyone,

For starters I wanted to thank everyone for the overwelming response to my new want list yesterday and I was so lucky that I may even be getting a holy grail of mine but I will tell you about that in good time!

I just wanted to ask today, how rare are the kecleon plushes and does anyone have one of the plushes? I looked on The Pokeplush Project and there didnt seem to be many but does anyone in  the community have one of the plushes. I dont really  know which one but as Christmas is coming up I am looking for new mechandise to buy.

As you can guess lately I have  been buying items of different Pokemon and in 2009 I plan on collecting a few new Pokemon besides electivire(one of the Pokemon I might be collecting is on  my display picture):) So if anyone has a kecleon plush up for sale please let me know!

Pink Leopard Print
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quick question

Are these Tomy figures? I'm asking because the Bellossom one looks exactly like mine but  I had no idea that Tomys were meant to come with the little battle discs.

I found this on eBay USA, I'm not interested in getting them myself but if anyone else wants a look just ask and I'll mail you the link or something :)


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Today is an absuplendous day. :) Maybe it can be for you, too! This is a reminder that my plush auctions end in 12 hours, at midnight tonight (EST). The current high bidders are...

Entei... heenz $51
Charmander... nobody!
Larvitar... eggsterminatus $30
Darkrai... glacidea $12

This is your final reminder and final chance, so hustle on over if you want to place a bid!

There are also still plenty of great items available in my latest sales post! Items marked "on hold" have been claimed but not yet paid for, and items marked "sold" have been bought and paid for.

For those of you who have paid, your items will ship tomorrow!

Mew Nostalgia

Sales and Official Plush Group Auction Post!

All right everyone! We've got two things to do today:

1. General Sales! If you have items waiting for shipping from me, you'll get free or reduced shipping. :D

2. Let's get that group auction I mentioned about fourteen hours ago going!

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Auction is over! The winners are listed above. For clarification, bids made on the hour (6:00 PM by my clock) count as official bids. Anything listed past that (6:01 by my clock) does not count. Please check to make sure I got all of this info correct, including that final bids were made before 6:01 PM. I did it carefully, but I'm human and I do make mistakes from time-to-time!

I will post the results of the overall auction tomorrow--keep your fingers crossed!
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Sales Post & Groudon plush get!

Okay, dooms day has arrived for me. In other words, sacrifices have to be made for financial purposes. It is very hard for me to let any of these items go, but it's a necessary evil. I hope they all find good homes. Sales under the cut...

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Pokemon: Eeveelutions

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Harro guys, quickie this time, more out of curiosity than anything else!

I am looking for a mightyena TFG playing piece from the Groundbreakers series.

Can anyone tell me where I might find one/shed some light on where the hell that series died so quickly? xD


I figure I'm not the only one that will be interested in this!! <3
AJ and TS shake

I finally figured it out!

Yay! I now know how to post pictures on LiveJournal without making a huge flood :D

I posted my introduction a few days ago and was unable to post my collection pictures due to my limited knowledge of LJ. But now you can see the wonderment that is my small (very small) collection of Pokemon items.

This is all the stuff that I have with me at college. I have more at home, like all of my cards, most of my figures, games, random stuff, and my Bulbasaur plush. Sorry Bulba I love you!!

Anyway, here it is!


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Yay!!!! I did it! :D

A drawing and some pictures

Hi! Today I would like to share some pics with you.
All this Pikachus are always with me at the studio where I work. The little one is the first Pokémon figure that I got ten or eleven years ago and it has a hole for a pencil down there (hahaha).  The other two I found them in flea markets. Both are second handed.

Then this Psyduck also is by my side atthe studio. Psyduck is one of my fav Pokémon.

This lunchbox is really special for me because it was a price from a TV Show contest. The program gave me a lot of Pokémon stuff and this is one of the few that I still have in my hands. Other stuff was a starter Pokémon TCG deck, a Pokémon T-Shirt, etc...

So, changing of subject, I'm gong to show you a drawing that I made some days ago.

The drawing was made with watercolors and color pencils and is more or less small, in an A4 watercolour paper.
I choosed Shaymin because is a Pokémon that I like and I'm looking for get it in Pokémon Pearl but I don't know how to do it!
It was really fun to make it and now I'm going to draw another Pokémon but I don't know what to draw.
What would you like to see next?
Here is a pic of the paper hanging on my message board.

Well, hope you liked my entry. Have a nice week!


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WHEEEEEEEEE! As a bell plush aficionado, I am VERY happy right now!!!! None of these are my holy grail, none of these were on a wanted list, but they were on THIS mental wanted list, right up in my bell plush obsessed head.

Why? Because in all my time collecting these little guys (and finally finishing my electric bell plush collection with the most epic grail story of our time), I have held every sing bell plush in my hands and taken my own photos of them.... except for Kabutops and Meowth. They (and Jolteon) were the final frontier. Well, one day Our Lord Arceus delivered Jolteon unto me, and since then I've been excited and hopeful to be able to find Meowth and Kabutops so I could hold them for myself.

Well, this auction was found a week or so ago by a chat goer, and I completely lost my nuts over it. After a week of patient waiting... yes ... I winned! With much cheering and happytiems! Already I decided that long week ago to keep Kabutops as a reminder of how special he is (the ONLY fossil pokemon to get a plush before Cranidos and Sheildon got them in DP generation!! WOW!) and how much I just freaking adore bell plush.

All hail! A very epic photostory to follow later this week... :D

(because i know people will ask, YES, these will be up for sale/auction here, all except for kabutops, meowth and electabuzz. you can look forward! :D)