December 15th, 2008


I speak many words

Alrighty. For the first matter of business I 'd like to say that the group auction with:
Most of the cards from my last group auction was lost. =[ I was out bid at literally the last second. I'm really sorry guys, We also lost the Kid/Tommy Figure Auction. however i did manage to snag these.

I posted them as a part of the last group auction but no one really seemed interested so I'm just going to post them again hoping someone would like to go in on them with me. I have the money to pay for them, but i recently found a "holy grail" from DBZ that I must obtain! Plus with it being Christams and everything i'm a little low on cash.

Besically whats going to happen is i'm setting a price for each of these cards at $8 Each. Shipping will be $2 to the US and $3 to Everywhere else.

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So If you guys would like to help me it would be greatly appreciated.

Also Before I forget, If you Received anything from me you might have gotten the wrong item. The name on every envelope was Kaycee M. I somehow got the Mew and Mewtwo auction cards mixed up when i was addressing them. I really don't know how it happened but it must have been due to the face the post office was closing when i sent them out so i was in a hurry. Again, I'm really sorry about that and I want everyone to get the cards they wanted and paid for.

The Next order of Business is:
The metal figures auction came saturday. YAY! They are you cute. I just wanted to let you know i'll be sending them out hopefully next week. Like i said, I'm low on money and basically everything i own is in my paypal account. I have a few things to pay for from SMJ and once i pay for those and my money is transferred I'll be sending those out. So if it takes a while i apologize but i wanted to let everyone know there here safe and sound!

[this isn't pokemon related but if someone could help me find this i would love you forever. It's the "holy grail" mentioned above]
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I am in a DESPERATE SEARCH for this book.

I CANNOT find it anywhere online. The TWO places I have, they are priced at above $5,000. (DO YOU THINK I'M KIDDING? I am dead serious.)

So pkmncollectors!! I am sticking my hope with you!! Do any of you have this adorable looking book?
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Love Tsushi is in Ditto-love

Oh man...

I wouldn't usually do this, and hopefully I never will again, but is anyone willing to bid on this for me? I've been after it for so long! And it's possibly my favorite of the missing Pikachu cards in my collection. Of course I'll pay for all the fees and I'll even pay the person who snags it a 5 dollar tip for their help. Please PM me or comment if you're willing.

And so this post is less boring. Some plush auctions.
I spy bell plush!
Smeargle plush is something I don't see often.
Also a very tiny Mareep plush!
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Guh by Ghostmeast
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Pokemon 151 no more

If you haven't read already, the Pokemon 151 website is closing at the end of the month ;_;
I am so bummed! I was REALLY looking forward to seeing Growlithe and Arcanine!
Anyone know why they're closing up shop? I can't read Japanese.

Makes me want some fan organization to make their own 151 line shirts... hmm actually I think I could do that.
If I had contests to have your design made into a real shirt to order, would anyone be interested (in buying or designing)? I'm thinking it would have to be a one-color design (two at most), I could cut out stencils based on the art and use fabric paint. The price would probably be fairly low since it's a cost-effective way of making shirts. I could send the designers a percentage of the sales each month.
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Taking bids/offers on custom made Lucario and Mew hoodies!


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I finally finished the Lucario hoodie! (Sorry about the picture quality, my camera does horribly indoors. I tried to get outdoor pics today, but it's way too windy. ><)

This hoodie is made from anti-pill fleece, the eyes are embroidered, and he has lots of plush details. This one was so time consuming, that I most likely will never make another Lucario one again, even if/when I open commissions, so now's your only chance if you want it. The size is a men's large, but due to the baggy nature of the style, could fit many sizes fairly well. The sleeves can be hemmed up or let out an inch or two, and the bottom hem can as well. There's much more info on sizing and such on it's deviantART page.

Lucario hoodie bid/offer information:

I also have a mew hoodie up for grabs, the size is a women's large, but the sleeves and bottom hem can come up a bit if need be.

Mew hoodie bid/offer information:

If anyone has any questions, you can comment here or email me at

Contest Entry and a Question

I finally made a contest entry! Though I had to set part of it up twice and lock my cat in my room for a while to do so. ^-^;

This picture is not my entry. It's more of an intro picture. My entry as well as other pictures under the cut! (Warning, lots of pictures!)

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Since so many people have posted contest entries today, I was going to wait a little while, but I have a question to ask about something that's really worrying me and I wanted to ask it soon. A week ago I asked to get a feedback post, but I never got one. I know on the page where you ask for a post it said that the person in charge of it will make a post anytime they will be inactive in the community. I have no idea where to look for such a post so I don't know whether or not to ask again. I bought a few things from people and I know they won't be able to leave me feedback, which worries me because I don't want to be un-trusted(if that's even a word >_<) when I buy things from people. I'm sorry if this is a really dumb question or I'm just stupid and missing something, but does anyone know what I should do? I don't want to have to wait weeks or months to get feedback. D:

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I picked up a couple of the tins lately, and got a pretty neat card to match another I already had in Japanese.

.....One day, Charmeleon. You'll be mine. But for now - Zard love <3

Also! I have a small sales. Including some Battrio (inc. Torchic, Cyndaquil & Eevee), random figures, Growlithe menko, Raichu Chou Gettou and more! And on auction for 24 hours: Flareon Battle Stadium!

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Also! If anyone has a closing Woolies store near them (UK only) - Even if they've been out of stock of Pokemon for ages, go check if you haven't already! Mine randomly put a large Torchic plush in a bargain bin for only .80p! Plus, Pokemon posters for £1 or less! :D

FINALLY - Anyone have any Heracross or Ivysaur stuff for sale?

Contest Entry!

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Twas a blizzard of a night. Raisuki-chan & Shin-xi-chan wander alone into a forest. They come across a penguin (of all things) who proceeds to lead the young couple to a dark grotto in the middle of the forest. There they witness Pikachu in various costume, bizzare reindeer having a competition of who will lead the sleigh, a polar bear and the most wonderful Santa with a Poke-Centre bag full of goodies!
Only one small problem- the reindeer at the back has a laser for a red nose....!