December 18th, 2008

Hi! I found a wild Pikachu!


I found a Pikachu at the supermarket. It is a christmass tree decoration. Here is a picture.
It came in a box together with another plushie of Shin-Chan (why? O_o) It is an oficial item but I don't why put together two diferents characters from two diferent series...

Also I'm finishin another Pokémon drawing. This time are Minun & Plusle. This is just a picture of the drawing that is not fnished. Maybe tomorrow I'll upload an scanned version. What do you think?

Have a nice day and thanks for the last coments.
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Your metal is in my bin! Anyway, I will be letting everyone who participated and won a figure know what he/she will owe when I receive my invoice. If everyone who won a figure could please PM me their location/zip or comment, I can figure out shipping and give out the invoice.

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If you missed out, I'll be selling the rest in January when I put up some new cards for sale.

Talking about cards, I was wondering if anyone would be interested in a Diamond & Pearl Torterra LV. X card. I'd be willing to trade it for a Dusknoir, Mewtwo, Empoleon, Gardevoir, Darkrai or Dialga LV. X. The card is in excellent condition. The minute I pulled it from the pack it went into a protective sleeve and into one of my volumes. :}

Also, I went into this dinky little shop in Japan and they had TONS of Haunter merchandise. I bought one of everything and my total came to be 49,000 yen. I was so happy until I woke up. D:

Anyone else get dreams of disappointment like this?
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Mega bloks~!

So I bought a Mega bloks set the other day because it had an adorable mudkip in it, and I don't really want the rest of them at all, so I thought I'd see if anyone else wanted them. (: They're still brand new and in the wrappers, and will be unwrapped once they're purchased, so they're in mint condition.

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Shiny Ninetails Auction

Good evening guys and gals. As the person who commissioned the Ninetails has backed out (side note, I hate when people back down from a commission. I gave nearly a year from the time it was requested until now) so I've decided to find her a home. I'm auctioning off This Ninetails plushie which could be yours ;)

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PS: All packages have been shipped except three plushies and they will be shipped next week. Thanks guys for bearing with me through that tough time, I appreciate it ^^
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Gift Advice (Snorlax merch?)

It's nearly Chanukkah, and I'm stumped on what to get my younger brother. Back when we were little, he adored Snorlax. The one he had named "Sir Charles" on his Blue version was his very favorite. So I'm thinking of getting him some kind of cute Snorlax gift for old time's sake.

Any suggestions? I've got a plush or two that I'm eyeing on ebay, but I'm still undecided. He would probably want something small, and I would want it to be relatively cheap. Any input from you guys would be most appreciated. Thanks! :)
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Small Sculpture Commissions!

So recently I've decided that while finishing a medium sized sculpt I'm working on for juumou (and also a plush for junoluver Juno, I've sewed on Anubis' little belt. Just need to get the headdress thing worked out and he'll be ready to send out to you.), that I'd open up a few slots for small-ish pokemon sculpture commissions and see if any of you comm members would be interested. Information, examples, and pricing are all under the cut:

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Beyond all that, I've also got a very special (to me at least) addition to my doom/dour collection coming soon. For those who read my personal journal, you already know what it is. XD There will be pictures soon.
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Group Auction!

All right everyone, the group auction ends in under three hours! GO GO GO get your bids in! I'll be doing my best to win this auction tonight! :3

Also, everything for sale in that sales post will be combined into a lot. If it's not crossed off, it'll be in the lot. If you'd like to make offers on all the unsold items, please let me know! I'll take a picture of the whole lot a bit later. :D
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Latias+The Hoenn Collection!

Hey everyone!

Whos looking forward to Christmas, only seven more days and then I can start buying my new collection, I already have some really neat items on order!

To the point, I was wondering if anyone had any of the Latias plushes such as the banpresto, pokedoll or the giant "12" plush? If you have one of them I will only be able to buy them even next week or after Christmas but I will be able to pay by Paypal, however if you dont want to wait till after Christmas I can pay by Money Order!

Also lately some people may of noticed I have been requesting Hoeen Pokemon such as kecleon, marshtomp and now Latias as well as a Skitty in my display picture. This is because in 2009 these Pokemon will be many of the Pokemon I will be collecting in 2009 and most of them are from Hoeen. Here is a list of Pokemon I am collecting over Christmas so if you have any items from these Pokemon please contact me...


.Skitty(though I am not fussed on Skitty, I would rather Latias and Kecleon items)!

Thanks again and have a Merry Christmas:)
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Hi there


I am new to this community, so hello to you all.

I was wondering if anyone is willing to sell me some Riolu, Luxray (or previous evolve forms), Jolteon and Palkia figures and plush toys. Name your price and if it sounds good, can pay immediately via PayPal. I may even consider Lucario or Vaporeon.

Things that I already own...
-Riolu Jakks plush
-Riolu Tomy Standing Plush
-Diamond and Pearl: Riolu figure Battle Link
-Jolteon Tomy Figure

I can't use Ebay at the moment, since I am having problems with it.

Pokémon Circus & Minun and Plusle


Today I would like to share with you something fun:

When I was 18 I used to write to different videogames magazines and one of those was a little one called Pokémon Magazine. I sended them 3 differents drawings called "Pokémon Circus" and hey consists in a bunch of drawings of strange versions of Pokémons, for example a Machokewithout belt or a Tangela without the "hair". Here you can take a look to the second and third Circus that were published in the issue Nº10 published more or less at the beginning of 2001.


You can find:

Circus 2

- Cloyster and Omanyte without their shell. Both have big ears.
- Female versions of Gyarados (with the mouth closed!) and Magmar.
- Machoke without his belt.
- An strange evolution of Slowbro.

Circus 3

- Bellossom without the leaves skirt. You can see big socks.
- Unown Ñ.
- Piloswine showing its beautiful eyes.
- What's inside Togepi's egg?: A TV screen!. You can see a Teletubie!
- Mew 1.5. Full of love for everyone.

I cant find the issue where Circus 1 was published butI remember it appeared what's under a Digglet, a Naked Tangela, etc...
I made it usingcolor pencils and markers. The quality was not very good but I remember itwas very fun to draw it.

Talking about drawings: Today I have finished my Minun & Plusle drawing. Whatdo you think?:

I colored it using watercolors, color pencils and markers. It was really fun!

Well. Hope you liked my entry. Sonn I'll show you some cool things that I found today searching this magazines.
Have a nice weekend!

Mew Zukan Auction!

I'm offering a brand new (NIP) Mew Zukan from the European 10th Anniversary movie series. The auction'll end on December 28th 12:00 PM Pacific Standard Time. The photo is of my own figure since I didn't want to open the package.

Starting Bid: 7 USD + shipping
Auction Ends: Sunday at 12:00 PM PST
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