December 21st, 2008

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this is not my week. @_@

Attn everyone who bought stuff in my sales post!

So, I learned that you should never try to make a sales post the week before finals. Ready for a long story? Collapse )

tl;dr I am ridiculously sorry about all this and I must sound like a super flakey seller, but my life is seriously retarded enough for this series of events to have transpired. @___@ I'm really sorry to make you guys wait. I'll keep you updated on the status of your packages (which I am PRAYING show up at the airport by tomorrow) and in the absolute, worst case scenario (which I reeeeeally don't want to think about)... if the bag containing your packages is lost forever, everyone's payments will be refunded. x___x But hopefully the odds of that are slim and things will just be a little bit later than I planned. ._. Again, really sorry, guys. MORAL OF THE STORY: don't put off shipping things, or they might get lost somewhere between New Jersey and Missouri. ...Or something like that.
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CHEAP Meowth keychain!

   I've been technically "collecting" Team Rocket/Meowth merchandise (cards, keychains, random odd finds, etc) since 1998, but I just recently thought that it might be kind of cool and fun to start taking my collecting seriously...

   ...that's how I found this: a light-up Meowth keychain in its Japanese packaging. For... $1.99!?

   I ordered mine Friday. :D

   Just thought I'd share this great find with anybody else who's collecting similar items.

Trading: trying to get rid of TCG doubles, Diamond and Pearl series cards.

This is gonna be an extremely long post, I'm going to try to cover every single field, but the long and short is this is an actual trading post where I'm trying to get as many unique cards as I possibly can from any set by trading away all the doubles; my entire set of cards is listed here.

Collapse )

I'm located in Canada and I don't have my own PayPal so I'll have to haggle with my friend to use his account if it ever comes up. In the case money does come up, I guess PayPal kind of helps solve the international currency issue, but in the case it doesn't I think it'd be easier to keep financial things restricted only to people within Canada. Also my suspicion is that mailing these away in regular envelopes might be asking for trouble, do those of you with more experience in buying/selling/trading cards through the mail recommend using those fat bubble wrap envelopes?

If I type any more I won't even be reading it, so I'll cut off here. Every thing else can be figured out depending on response and as this goes along. I might try to post to some non-TCG-centric forums later in the week. And whoops if this violates comm. rules, I don't think it counts as a dump since I'm mostly trading and in some cases buying rather than selling, though.

wanted post and quick question

Hey everyone! I've been looking for the large Latias and Latios plushies. I'm also looking for the Tomy plush Lugia, and the Banpresto one. (Please help, I haven't had any luck.....) My question is about this website. They have the Tomy Lugia I'm looking for, but I don't know if they're still selling them. I've also heard a lot of bad reviews about this website. Thanks for your help guys! 
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WHEEEE i love sales

^ this'll take you to my sales journal, specific updated items are:
Auctions - Figures - Flats - Plush - Miscellaneous

Yay guys! Big sales times over at Pangolin's Box, including auctions!

And everybody who bought items from my previous group auction, your items came with the package! :D If you'd like to buy something from my post, I can combine that with your items.

Specific messages for:
- warandromance, Ditto Marill has a buddy... Ditto Pikachu! Would you like to get him too?
- regen, bergunty, ataetarin, meowthcollector, and icy_bouquet, your packages have all been shipped!

A special note: because of the general clusterfuckery of the holidays, these packages probably won't go out until after Christmas.