December 22nd, 2008

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Sales/other stuff..

Hey everyone,

so this is kind of a weird/multi-purpose post. First of all, I was wondering if anyone here could

A. tell me where and/or how I can calculate shipping for small items?
B. Help me price some cards.. I stopped collecting Pokemon cards ages ago, since I'm not too fond of flat items. I'd like to have an idea as to how much to ask for certain cards before offering them up for sale. The two cards that I am most curious about for right now are below:

I looked these up on eBay, but I kind of get the feeling that they might be a little bit over priced (correct me if I'm wrong!)..

I got permission to make a sales post (weeeeeee)! To start, I can barely walk through my room. It's so full of plushies and stuff I really don't need anymore, and even though I love to collect cutsey things.. I admit that at 20 years old, it's a little more than ridiculous. I have SO much stuff I need to go through, and I've been running across a lot of old Pokemon stuff that I honestly hate to see go. Still yet, I need to quit being such a greedy bastard and pass it on to other collectors who actually have the shelf space. I came across one item, however, that I seem to be having a really hard time letting go of. Funny thing is, I forgot I had it up until a few hours ago. It's been sitting in a box unopened for quite some time, and I was curious as to whether or not anyone else has seen this around?

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I honestly don't remember how much I paid for this. Several times I had been tempted to take the dispensers out of the package to try them out, but even as a 11-13 year old kid I guess I was an anal collector. Besides, I bought it solely for the Raichu (even though Charizard and Snorlax are awesome in their own right), and apparently I was afraid I might lose one of them or something. o_0 The reality of the situation is, I know I should probably let this one go.. but I hate to give up the Raichu, and I honestly don't even know how much to ask for it, especially considering it's still in the package and I haven't been able to find another one like it online as of yet. I might give in and sell the Charizard and Snorlax individually.. If it turns out to catch enough attention the way it is, I'll trade it for select TOMY figures (since again, I really don't know how much to ask for it D:):


I know that might be pushing it, though.. even though there appear to be lots of other Raichu fans around here, I'm still not really sure how many people have the above mentioned figures, and would be willing to trade them off for a couple of candy dispensers. Please feel free to burst my bubble if anyone thinks a trade like that is a far stretch. you can't blame a girl for trying, though.. right? =/
..ANYWAYS, onto the stuff that I'm actually selling. Collapse )
These are just a few things I was able to find.. I'm a little sad to see most of it go (providing any of it does), but I have a lot more clearing out to do. I'll have some plush, BK figures, TOMY doubles and some cards up for grabs soon, but that will be later on in the week, probably after Christmas is over and I'm finished going through my random collection.

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(no subject)

I found some new items around my house. I need to do a collection update soon. Anyways, here's a sales post :) I take paypal, concealed cash, check, and money order. Also, I do haggle :3

Also, Ninetails auction ends tomorrow night! The bid is still really low, so add yours if you want to own this awesome plush ;)

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Quick Want(ask) before Christmas:)

Hey everyone, 3 more nights till the big day comes:D

I was just wondering if anyone had these items I was asking, I am looknig everywhere for them(especially the plushes) and I am turning here because this is a last resort because I have to buy from enforever or ectransfer and take my chances with them!

I am asking for,

.Any of the Latias plushes, I dont mind which ones as long as there official Latias plushes,
.Banette Kid.

Again I am sorry for asking for these so near Christmas but its just is I dont really want to buy from enforever and ectransfer. The other sellers on ebay selling the plushes unfortunately are selling both Latias and Latios and I dont want to spend US $90 on a plush I dont even want(Latios). So if you could help thanks!

Finally I just wanted to say that I was originally going to show you some photos I took of my Shaymins enjoying Christmas but they dont seem to work so I will upload them on Christmas Day as well as the ones I will take on the night of Christmas Eve. Also expect my second collection update next month!


I was wondering...

Is anyone from the community bidding on this lot? I stalked it for 2 weeks now and just saw someone place a bid on it :]

I was wondering if you could possibly sell to me any one of the big Kanto starters? If not, I understand. I was considering bidding on it myself Itoday, but seeing how it might be taken...:] I'm sorry if I sound...n00b-ish, for lack of better word. I'm just curious.
I found the bidder :]

In other news. I have a collection update! I've been putting this one off for a while, and I was still too lazy to take pictures, so I did a video instead xD I hope that's allowed...I don't know what happened to the quality D: It was better before I uploaded it...ah well...

Hope I didn't waste 2 min of your life T_T and sorry for the semi-messy room...I just came home from dance contest that day, so it was a bit unorganized. Hope you enjoyed it! :]

pokemon: mamo!


Info. from AAPF! New Kids for March 2009, another Attacks Learned series.
#131 Lapras (Perish Song), #392 Infernape (Flare Blitz), #394 Prinplup (Metal Claw), #397 Staravia (Brave Bird), #404 Luxio (Thunder Fang), #407 Roserade (Swords Dance), #408 Cranidos (Zen Headbutt), #415 Combee (Gust ), #427 Buneary (Healing Wish), #442 Spiritomb (Nasty Plot), #467 Magmortar (Flamethrower), #475 Gallade (Cut),#482 Azelf (Confusion ), #492 Shaymin sky fomre (Air Slash)
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Just a Question...

I've seen the standing Leafeon and Glaceon Tomy Plushes alot and they are at the top of my wishlist. I've seen them on many sites and for many different prices, mostly at around $40 each.  I was wondering how much are they actually worth? Also How big are they? and finally does anyone else have trouble typing on here, I have to press the keys very hard on posts.

Merry Christmas To Everyone!
Hope you have a good one


I just wanted to make it snow ;_;

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Also to those who are waiting on a package from me, I am snowed in and can't get to the post office! Im sorry :'[ I will get it out to you asap! This includes christmas cards, sorry guys. Late seasons greetings D:

And a new frontier in my collecting hath openethd. I'm starting to collect Chansey! I'm really looking for the DX plush.
And from my last big post, I've started a  Pachirisu collection for my nephew. Im looking for the DX plush of him as well.
One more thing, my  Snubbull collection is getting HUGE. Like xbox hueg. Its all thanks to you guys :333

Happy holidays, for whatever you celebrate♥

Hi and why?

Hello there, this is my first post here and also my first on livejournal.
I'm not really a pokemon collector, yet, because I'm not sure if I want to be.
I hope I'm allowed to post here too, I read the rules and I think I can but if I can't then just delete this post.
What I'm wondering is: why do you collect? What is it that makes you collect, and why pokemon?
Also, are all of you female? Do you think it's strange for a guy to collect pokemon.
I know, I have issues, why do I need to internet to tell me whether (sp?) that's ok or not?
I'm just looking for something to collect, I've been craving to collect something, but I just don't know what!
Then I stumbled upon this community and it seemed very fun to collect pokemon, and I feel nostalgic about it, even though I'm only 15.
I've always been a fan of the games, especially the ones on the handhelds, and have some from every generation.
So yeah, I hope this isn't too "offensive" for a newcomer and I'm very interested to hear your answers!


Thanks to everyone who replied, you put a smile to my face today, showing what a wonderful community you are.
You have definately made me see that Pokemon shouldn't be adressed to either gender or age, and that I should collect just because I want to, not for what people might think of me.
I think I might just stay around ;)
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Fun idea!

Since this is a collecting community I thought we should share some of our favorites. Inspired by chibichimp's video what is your favorite card art of your favorite Pokemon( <- plural)?

Also be sensible when showing us your favorites, don't go posting big ass images of it: a small image or a link of it from photobucket or another site would be good.


For lickitung: my fav card art is actually not of a lickitung card, but of a trainer featuring lickitung.
Fossil set 'Mr.Fugi'
For lickilicky: since there's only 2 cards of him up to now I have to say my fav is the Galactic Conquest Lickilicky. Come on! Its a big fat pink lizard running through autumn leaves, what's not the love?

lol, can't wait to see everyone else's fav Pokemon and choices :3

Extension on Auction and Question

Heya guys! Happy holidays! <3 Oh and happy crazy-as-all-HELL final shopping days! XD Dude, I'm working seasonally at Target and it's CRAZY! @_@

Anyway, I just wanted to let you all know that I have extended the auction I was having a couple of days ago to noon tomorrow PST. If any of you want to put in any last minute bids, now is the time to do so. The seller didn't contact me about my total till today, hence the extension for you guys. I wanna pay her tomorrow before I head to Hell... er, I mean work. ^^; For those of you who participate and win items from it will be contacted tomorrow with your initial totals. They do not include shipping, of course. Once the items arrive, you will be contacted again for that particular payment.

Also, I have a question about a really great music box.

I found these images quite awhile ago while I was browsing for pics. It's looks so cute! Does anyone have any info on it? I appreciate any help. ^_^