December 23rd, 2008

My first auction: Original Illustrations Minun & Plusle, Shaymin and Leafeon


How are you? I'm fine, enjoying my holidays. Past saturday I found at the flea market a small Blastoise figure that shots water and a Jessie figure. Both are in good conditions!

Some people commented thatthey would like to get some of my drawings so I decided to make this auction. This is the firsttime I sold my art this way. The money will help me to but new art material (I need new watercolors and brushes!)

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Pyro monkey?

All packages have been shipped out from my last sales post! Please allow extra time for items to arrive due to the holidays. (meowthcollector, did you receive my reply back to your PM?)

Also, prices on my sales post have been lowered! Flareon Stadium figure reduced to $8. Most other items reduced too!

Finally, I hate to add to the want list posts, but....

He's the last Monferno plush I need (Beanie). And one of 4 items I need to complete my collection (The others being the newly released keychain figure in the US, the clear kid & the Tomy MC). I'm also interested in Shinx (though it's unlikely anyone here will be selling that one) and Shieldon too.

I'd rather not order from eBay, I prefer the comm. Thanks everyone!

Introductionary Post!

Hi all!  My name's Nessa.

I've always thought Pokemon were cool and watched a lot of the cartoon, but only this year has my boyfriend got me started on playing the games (Firered and Emerald to start).  Since then, I started blending my love of Pokemon with my hobby of sculpting, so I've made a number of Pokemon figures with Sculpey and Super Sculpey.

Here are some of my favourites.  Hope you enjoy them!
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rentorah is beautiful

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after lots of soul searching and organizing of my room and desk, i've decided that i have to give up my custom lions statue by the artist fireeyesdragon. i know it will be better loved in a lions collection that has more room for it. ;_;


Height: 20 cm
Weight: 750g
Condition: Good as new, no cracks, scratches, breaks, nothing. Some dust that will be cleaned by a very OCD person before sending.
Shipping cost VIA 3-day EMS w/ tracking: 22.00$
SHIPPING NOTE: I will spend as long as it takes and as much bubble wrap, styrofoam and tissues as needed to insure this will not break in transit. Keep in mind it arrived in Japan without any breakage after a TEN DAY journey. I cannot guarantee it will not break, but I know this is a very sturdy piece and will do all I can. Also, it will arrive in roughly 3 days, so it won't be up in the air for long.
Ends: Saturday, Dec. 27th at midnight pacific time.

The starting bid on this item is 65.00, almost a 50% discount from what I paid. I will take Buy-it-now offers if anybody wishes to make them, but they'd have to be over or around 100$ for me to consider. This piece is very difficult for me to give up after treasuring it for so long.

Reply in comments with bids and offers, and if you have a bid please reply to the person who bid before you. Thanks, and I hope someone can give them a good home!

Shipping, some links, and big plush photo meme!

Everyone who bought things from me recently, your items have been shipped! The line at the post office was crazy yesterday, but I suppose that's what I get for shipping things out a few days before Christmas. I hope they all arrive quickly and safely, and please let me know if there are any problems!

My Ebay lot, which contains Pokémon Leaf Green, six plush, and two figures is ending in about twelve hours:

The price has been reduced--it's a steal! I hope someone here snags it. :3

Also, don't forget about our awesome group auction going on here:

It ends tomorrow night, so get your bids in if anything catches your eye!

Also, I've been buying a lot of BIG plush lately... Show me your biggest plush! Even if it isn't that big, just whichever plush is largest. I can't show you mine because they haven't arrived yet, but I just love big plush more than just about anything. ♥
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Christmas time, wonderful time

Hehee, we have a LOT of snow here in Ranua, Finland, so I decided I'd participate the contest, too. At first I thought I wouldn't and actually I have almost all my Pokemon in Ylitornio where I live now. But, I got home for Christmas and happened to find a bunch of TFG figures for cheap so... I got to participate after all! Let's get to business...
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And the last but not the least... Merry Christmas everyone!
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Anyone I Owe Money To:

Could you please remind me who you are?

I'm sorry payments are so, so late - my house has been a chaotic mess, because they gave my great-grandad 48 hours to live, so family has been in and out, I've been in and out of the hospital, and haven't had the time to think about or go put money on my card. I definitely have the money ready now, but I can't remember who all I owe it to, as my inbox is a disaster. ><

Individual messages to people:
meowthcollector - :] I got Entei. He's adorable, and I'll leave you feedback once I have another spare minute. X_x

Frisk - ; ; I couldn't get Pachi mailed out before our post office closed down for Christmas, I'm so so sorry! I guess he'll have to have a late Christmas present...

plush group auction winners - I'll get all of your plush mailed out Friday morning, if our Post Office is back open by then. Sorry to make you guys wait.
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Collection update~

Now that I'm home on break, I can finally give you guys an updated inventory of (almost) my entire Bulbasaur collection.

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Feel free to direct me to your Bulbasaur merch, I might not bite, but hey, it's the holiday season, I'll have money soon... and I do love Bulbasaur dearly.

When I get back to school, maybe an update of my other collections (Cacnea and The Bats).


I've heard about the pokemon collectors chat room? how would one go about to access this? I'm very interested in popping in :D sorry for the generally boring post ^-^; Merry early Christmas to everyone though :>

EDIT: wow you guys are fast! thank you very much :> see you all in the chat!
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(no subject)

pikaraii, please email or PM me! Need to talk to you about Pachi.

Edit: Thanks so much for all the comments, guys! Sorry if I don't have time to get back to you all personally but ilu all ;_;

Done my pre-Christmas commissions!

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PKMN // Togepi Line~

Collection Update Time!

Oh boy, work's been keeping me busy these past few days, but while I have some time, I'm gonna post the collection update I've been meaning to do, now that I have everything I was expecting this month :D

First of all, major thanks to miss_fuu_chan! I received Buneary yesterday morning! :D She's even more adorable in person X3 I was feeling a little down from a bad day at work the previous day, but she brightened me right up, I gave her plenty of hugs when she got here XD (And took plenty of photos~!)
Thank you so much for the cards too :D They were a lovely surprise!

Anyway, now onto the rather image heavy update!

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That's all of the update :D I just want to tag on that I hope you all have a wonderful awesome Christmas! :3