December 24th, 2008

PKMN: Skitty glompage

contestu entru

I've had this idea in my head since the contest was announced. ^^ With certain stresses in my life recently, I haven't been able to devote the effort to it I wanted to, and thus, this picture is made of a fair bit of fail. But it's kind of cute so I'll share.

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(so sorry if this isn't allowed, I didn't see anything in the rules that said this wasn't allowed..) >_<;
Ok, so I signed up for shopping mall japan last night and made a deposit, but I haven't gotten my new password to bid on stuff. So now I can't buy these 2 Pokemon figures I want. ;_; They end in like 1 hour...
I re-read the rules and couldn't find anything that said this wasn't allowed.. but could someone bid on them for me?
They are 100 yen each and only 1 has a bid so far. It doesn't have the shipping price listed but I'd be gladly willing to pay anything they charge.
I'll even throw in an extra 5$ if you can do this for me?(or more, I don't really know how much to give. :x) (and once you confirm that you can buy them I'll send you link to the auctions^^)

Any help would be appreciated, thanks.
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sales reminder and auction reminder

^ this'll take you to my sales journal, specific updated items are:
Auctions - Figures - Flats - Plush - Miscellaneous

Sales reminder and mainly auction reminder! :D These are the items I have for auction that are ending in about 8 hours!

Click on the pictures to go to their bidding threads!

Annnnd one item I stupidly forgot to add to the post! So it'll end on Friday at 8 PM CST instead of tonight.

LARGE GROWLITHE KEYCHAIN! :D Get 'em while he's hot and fluffy.
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Auction reminder

Hello all! We have our big, amazing plush group auction going on until 10 PM Pacific Standard Time, which is in about four and a half hours now! If you've had your eye on something in that lovely pile of plush, please make sure to get your bids in before then!

SMJ's site seems to be down at the moment, which makes me quite nervous, but hopefully it'll be back up in time for me to bid. D:

I'm not sure, I think I possibly remember this being posted before but it was a while ago, so I think it deserves to be seen again for laughs:

That's not overpriced at all! XD

Also, seeing as I'm posting anyway, no one bid on my Ebay auction, so I've relisted it on Buy It Now with free shipping and cheaper. I hope someone is interested this time! It's a great deal!
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