December 25th, 2008

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Merry Christmas pkmncollectors+I really need help!!!!

Merry Christmas pkmncollectors, I hope you all had a good day and got what you wanted(if you wanted anything)!

I really need help pkmncollectors(below is mostly for the U.S readers), I have recently brought an item off ebay but the seller can only ship to America and he said find someone in the U.S and then I asked him if I cant find anyone can he ship straight here(originally he said he could but its really expensive but I contacted him this morning asking could he hold it, I need more money in my Paypal but he hasnt replied) but if he replies tomorrow saying yes I wont need this but I was wondering is there anyone here who I can give your adress to and they ship the item then you ship it to me ^_^

If there is I dont want to rude but I will need your feedback(so I can see if your trustworthy), I am really sorry to ask for this but I would really like this item.

Besides that, have a good day with your friends or family!

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Christmas Goodness

Since alot of people are sharing what they got for Christmas this year here's my sum I had,got more pokemon stuff and yet another BIG surprise from my wonderful boyfriend,I thought he outdid himself last year when he got me this Bigger then life Minun plush with a promise ring attached to its paw but he did it again this year.He surprised me with a real life Pachirisu,well sort of,it's called a woodbaby and they are quite popular in the Renne Faire scene.He has one, a baby griffon and his name is Lemidicus.He went to the place that makes them and had them custom make me one into a Pachirisu,my second favorite pokemon.It's amaing how life like these things are and people believe that they are too when they are perched on your shoulder and using the mechanism to make it come to life.

Also got lots of awesome presents,my main one from my parents was the entire collection of the Aye Chihuahua series of collectable figures by Westland gifts.

Heres pics of what I got....

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Pokemon- Desukaan Aww yiss

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Funnel Cake's House of Wares

I've reduced prices on a bunch of items, added zukan, a Skymin Friends plush, as well as a bunch of those candy catcher refill tablets/candies and some sticker sheets.

As usual I'm looking for the newer Origin Forme kid in both normal and clear variations, the Another Forme card from DP5, and the Another Forme card from the DP6 Giratina vs Dialga set and will gladly trade most items in my sales post for these.

At the same time I've got a collection update too. :D I finally updated my Giratina collections on my site after putting it off because I always had something else coming. XD I also added the Spiritomb Pokedoll I recent bought too.

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Help! Is this a bootleg? :(

To start..

Merry Christmas everyone!  I hope everyone had an awesome holiday and got some equally awesome new stuff to add to their collections. :D

Oooookay. I've said it before, and I'll say it again -- I'm a huge TOMY figure collector.. Aside from any Raichu, Purugly, Shinx, Luxio or Luxray stuff, that's basically all I collect. Currently, I am undergoing the fun/frustrating/expensive process of trying to collect the first and second generation of Pokemon, with the exception of the above mentioned Pokemon (okay, so that's a lie. There are other exceptions like Electivire :P~~~~~~~). Having said that, I'm BARELY making it through the first 151 original Pokemon. XD
Anyways, I had a question about a certain TOMY figure that I own. About 2 years ago, I purchased Nidoran F, Nidorina and Nidoqueen figures off of eBay. I'm about 95% sure NidoranF and Nidorina are official. Both figures have correct coloration, niether are mishapen.. actually, neither is Nidoqueen, but she's the one I'm a little concerned about. In all actuality the figure doesn't have a crappy paint job, It's just that its ALL BLUE. She has hints of purple here and there, but as we all know Nidoqueen has those tan/beige breast-plate thingies along with the under belly. What confuses me the most about this figure is the fact that it has the usual crap that all TOMY figures are typically stamped with:

The exact same thing goes for both the Nidoran and Nidorina figures. Collapse )(I would take some pictures of the actual TOMY stamp, but with all the cleaning and clearing out I've been doing, I moved my figures to my grandfather's house to keep from losing any of them. :/)

I've been super careful, maybe even obsessive about the figures that I add to my collection.. but even when I was younger I watched out for bootlegs. I learned fast that all official Pokemon figures, or at least the type that I was collecting, were marked TOMY. Accidentally aqquiring a bootleg or two wasn't such a big deal back then, though. That was back in the days when department stores like Wal*Mart and Kmart both sold the American release of TOMY figures in packs. Currently, I only have 63 figures, but every single one of them is official -- at least to my knowledge. The only one NOT marked TOMY would be my Lickitung, but then again I got it in a Hasbro package at Wal*Mart (it also came with an Eevee figure that is marked official, as well as a grabber ball on a string and a rainbow badge pin. While I'm sure stranger things have happened, I don't see how likely it is that an exact replicated bootleg figure of Lickitung would end up in official packaging with other licensed merchandise). Blah, blah blaaaaaaaaaah. Basically, what I'm trying to ask is.. is it possible to find a bootleg figure with all of the markings/stamps characteristic of an official TOMY? Does this one look and/or sound like a bootleg figure to any of you? Is it too hard to tell without more pictures? I've really been watching eBay, I've always been careful anytime I buy Pokemon stuff from there. If this one does turn out to be a fake, I will be a bit bummed needless to say. Nidoqueen is a little difficult to find, I think. D: Aaaaaahhh.. Oh well.. if that's the case, I guess all I can do is watch the community for a massive figure sales post (which I always seem to miss out on, ironically).

I'm sorry. I've said a mouthful, as per normal. Thanks everyone!


...........................Oh, by the way.. Are there TOMY figures of Glameow, Purugly OR Spinda?

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