December 26th, 2008

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[ Sales Post! Over 30 plushies for sale! ]

I have 33 plushies that are up for sale! =DD They are all from the Pokemon Friends line of plushies~ I adore the way these are made~! Everything from the fuzzy material used to the beans inside *some* of them to give them a little weight. They are such high quality for little dudes~~! They are roughly about 4 inches each. And way too cute! x3

Most of these plushies have been marked on their tags in moonspeaks~ This is a picture of what I am talking about. Other than that they are in good condition~ ^^

Shipping is included in all prices if you live in the U.S. if you liveoutside the country just let me know where so I can look it up. ^^

All payments must be made in USD. I accept Paypal, Money orders and (U.S.) Personal Checks~!

So first up is Jolteon~!
Jolteon (best offer) Current Offer silverpadfoot $15.00
(I will be taking offers until tommorrow)
((as a small note he has a tiny scuff on the one side of the eye pictured))

The rest are for sale under the cut~ ^^
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Also~! Here's my wishlist. :D
Trades are love! ♥

((And here's left overs from my last sales post. Munchlax used leftovers. D: Everything from that post will be mailed out tommorrow (techincally today since the day has started~ xD;; I was away in Virginia and Connecticut for my holiday and just got back. ♥))
Happy Latias *

A very late contest entery

Contest Entery.

<lj-cut text="*Gin. If I win...plz give it 2nd place.*

I very rarely give my plushies a in the spirit of the Holidays, I decided to give them names.
They are:
**All of them are female, besides Lucario (Foxy) which is a male)
Leafia-Rifia (but you say it as: Reafia)

<img scr="">
Mist: Has anyone seen Sliverbolt?
Kari: Nope, maybe Foxy has.
Foxy: Neither have I, sorry.
Zafra: I did, I think that he was wrapping up X-mas gifts.
Rifia/Prince: I wonder what we're getting.

Silverbolt (out of veiw): Can I have a bit of help here plz.
Nethamel: I'll help you.

<img src="">
Silverbolt: Thanx Nethamel, I needed it.
Nethamel: You're welcome ^.^

Mist: Wow, I got a Pokemon-TCG starter's not the Glaceon Starter, but who care's.
Nethamel: I got a Wishing Star.
Rifia: That's not a Wishing Star, it's Papua Fruit.
Prince: Here you go everybody, here's some chocolate to share.

*Everyone: Let's dig in!

I hope that you like my contest photo story.">

(I want to enter the last photo~if someone could kindly fix the photo's to show up (as I don't know how to) & make it into a "cut".)

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Mew Nostalgia

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Also, I know I've posted this a million times already, but now the price is as low as it's going to go. Can't beat $38.50 shipped for a game that retails for $30-35 generally and six nice Japanese plush (mostly in brand new condition) plus two figures on top of that! I hope someone decides they want it. I kind of want to get the stuff out of my room, haha.

I hope you all had a great Christmas/other holidays and got some Pokémon things you wanted! I'm hugging my Pokémon Center sleeping Pikachu plush I got for Christmas right now. :3
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Kecleon Merchandise in pkmncollectors!

Hey everyone, I hope everyone had a nice Christmas and are enjoying their holidays!

As you may or may not know I am currently collecting 3 Pokemon. They are electivire, latias and kecleon and I already have alot of merchandise of electivire(with more on the way) and alot of Latias merchandise on order(im so excited to show you my collection update next month-early february) but I have no kecleon merchandise.

I was wondering what are some merchandise people have of kecleon they may sell. I hightlighted may because I may not buy them but  I may depending on some personal things. So please reply,

Remember expect a massive collection update within the next two months so stay tuned.
P.S, I actually brought a really rare item only 3 people on this community know about but I may not get it so thats why I said may be buying kecleon stuff depending if I buy the item!


Auction reminder

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! Now, I'd like to remind you of the Mew Zukan auction. It's currently just 7 USD (a bargain for such a cute figure) but there's time only until 12/28. Click the picture and make sure not to miss this opportunity! :)

Espeon/Umbreon/Vaporeon merchandise?

Hello, I'm trying to find some certain items of these 3 Pokemon, but so far no luck.
I've been really wanting to further my collection of these pokemon but I seriously cannot find anything, or if I do it's way over priced.(as in an espeon pokedoll for 75$) I don't mind paying high prices, just as long as it isn't INSANE. :/
But basically, does anyone here have any Espeon, Umbreon or Vaporeon merch they'd sell me?
I already have the pencil toppers, umbreon Gashapon, pokedolls, but thats it..
Any help would be loved.. thank you. ^-^
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Noragami - Punk Yato
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Some things~


I hope everyone had a great holiday! Mine was great this year. Friends and family and more gifts tomorrow!
One of my friends got me the Visual Guide which is absolutely amazing. I'm going to read the hell out of it. 8D Also, my mom got me the rest of my Haunter cards that I needed!
I'd take a picture of them but I just moved so who knows where my camera is. :[

ANYWAY! For those who participated in the Metal auction, my invoice has come in. Here are the totals I came up with. This includes the price you won them at, shipping and so on. I'm swallowing some money {including pp fees} to make it as cheep as possible for you guys! :}
eiei_o_kumori - Mewtwo/Kingler/Graveler $6.50
heenz - Pikachu/Farfetch'd/Squirtle $7.50
yaoi_queen - BRIGHT Pikachu $5.50
orunitier - Porygon $5.50
scarsofsunlight - Venomoth $4.50
guardianphoenix - Marowak $5.50
deusredux - Sandslash $7.50
growly - Arcanine $7.50

Please send payment to private.snafu[@]
If you're sending any other way, please comment to let me know. Payment is needed ASAP so I can pay in a timely fashion!

Also, for those who I have recommended MailOrderJapan to... I'm sorry but go else where! I bought $30 worth of Haunter merchandise and with their fees and shipping, it cost me an extra $110 dollars! OUCH!