December 28th, 2008


grail get!

She cost me a pretty penny and took a lifetime and a half to get here, but finally she is in my arms! <3

I was only able to get her because of a certain lovely someone who found her and let me know about her. <3 You know who you are, thank you so much.

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Does anyone have these plushes?

Morning everyone! I hope everyone is having a good holiday break...

I was just wondering if anyone had any of these three plushes. If so I would also like to know if you are selling them for how much.. In case you havent seen the plushes before there on Pokeplush project!

.Smoochum Banpresto Plush,
.Happy Smoochum Mascot plush,
.Porygon-2 Pokedoll clip.

On another note I was also wondering if scarsofsunlight has sent of the Jakks figure yet?

Thanks again and remember my next collection update is coming soon.

P.S, Incase I dont post again this year enjoy New Years Eve/Day!

Collection Update & Zukan Sales!

Hi all! Hope you had a good Christmas and I hope the New Year is good too!
Well we've got back from visiting our families- while we were up in Norfolk we went to Norwich and I was happy to pick up a few new Pokemon:
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EDIT- just noticed Animemate has a few cool Pokemon plushes added to their shop- I think someone was interested in the Charizard before?

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Since it would be both difficult and redundant to try and thank everyone who helped me out in my last post, I'll just do it here.

Thank you for helping me out with my Nidoqueen! The additional TOMY figure information/links were also highly appreciated. Turns out I got more help with the Nidorina figure... and unfortunately, I'm not as far along in my collection as I originally thought. Looking at them now, I think Nidoran and Nidorina might be bootlegs too. Fortunately for me, those two figures aren't as difficult to find as Nidoqueen.. I get the feeling that trying to find her will prove to be just as difficult as getting my hands on the Ponyta and Rapidash figures.. but what can you do, right? I'm bummed, but above all things I just feel stupid. I suppose Nidoqueen is a blatant bootleg, but I honestly didn't know that bootleg figures were also tagged with the official markings and crap. With Nidoran and Nidorina, exact molds were used and colors are off just a bit. The ©Nintendo and TOMY stamps on all 3 figures are somewhat smaller than the markings on all of my other figures.. and neither are the stamps have that inward-bevel look, as pictured on the Nidorina butt below:

everything sticks up outward on the surface of the figures. I guess it's kinda like the TCG, some are harder to spot than others.. and sometimes, I'm just a moron. I have one more question, though.. 

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LOL, just kidding.

----EDIT: Is it lame that I like drawing Pokemon on people's packages/get excited when people draw Pokemon on mine? :S

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A pachi christmas! :D

Christmas has come and gone, and I was requested to showcase one of our youngest collectors opening his Pachirisu filled gifts.
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Sorry I gave him the presents as soon as they got here. I was excited ;_; BUT. I will make sure to film when he gets his others too. GOD HE IS SO CUTE GODDDDDD. Also: sorry for my obnoxious as hell voice, it goes up like 64769 octaves when I deal with him and any other child lol.

All packages that are waiting on me will be sent out the second. Sorry for the delay!

LOL I think i fixed it now.


Hello everybody! ^_^

Here we have a huge lot of holos and rares from some old OLD sets of cards, all MINT condition, perfect for those of you me..have yet to complete the old sets XD

In addition..for all you eevee collectors I have hunted out every eeveelution card I had left from these sets and also added them here, I am also offering..


Happy browsing! ^_^

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