December 30th, 2008


very hard decision

Ok...Well I'm about $250 short on rent...(my rent is due the 1st. I don't get paid till the 3rd)

So if I can't get a loan from my moooooooom... I might have to sell the following:

Chikorita 1/1 plush

Serebi 1/1 plush

Dragonite pillow

Giant piplup plush (like 10 inches bigger then a 1/1 plush) It stands knee hight to me and I'm 5'5"

I was just wondering if anyone is interested,and about how much they'd go for? This isn't a for sure thing yet...But just wanting to find out just in case.

Busy, packages and a question!

Hi guys!

I've been a little inactive in the chat and on the community due to my mother visiting from Florida. I'm still checking LJ, but just not as constantly as I normally can, however things will go back to normal in about a week just as a heads up.

Anything bought from me recently will probably not be mailed for at least one week (especially if it is international) due to the holidays.

I will be posting a collection update after the holidays with some nice things I've gotten recently, though nothing grail-ish.

And now, a question to you all:

If you put insurance on something and it doesn't get there, who is normally responsible (think from an ebay perspective), for taking care of the claim? The buyer or the seller?

EDIT: I suppose this probably seems like a no-brainer, but the reason I ask is when my dad bought something from ebay the seller faxed over the insurance claim info.

I've never had to deal with one, but I may have to. =/

Post Christmas Collection Update!~

I hope that everyone had a lovely holiday, and tat you're all looking forward to the new year!~ ^-^

andyboyh and I got some lovely Poke-gifts this year!~

FIrstly, we got some new Pokedolls! We have decided to collect more Pokedolls, so we'll be parting with some of our other plush soon ^-^ We got our first Eeveelution dolls, along with Wobuffet and Baby Wobuffet! Here they are making friends with the other dolls :)

Does anyone know what other Pokemon are available as mini-dolls?

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oh!~ Packages have been sent yesterday/today to iammyworld , usakochan , rikiraichu , almiraswolf , trainer_irene , emurii , bergunty and fernchu (to the aqddress you sent me ^-^). Tomorrow I'll be posting the next batch, which should include davidaipom , mommymoose  and citrus_vision :)

I haven't received payments from ,heenz  , chibichimp ,  iaibou and yaoiqueen  - if you can get them sent in the next 24 hours I can post your parcels tomorrow too, if not, I'll try and get your parcels sent ASAP after payment ^-^

Introductory Post! A little bit about me and Pokemon:D

Hello pkmncollectors:)

I am new around here and was only accepted a few moments ago:) I am aussiesmoochy and here is a little bit about me.

I live in Australia and my first memory of playing Pokemon was playing the originial Red and Blue(I was actually 5 and accidently deleted my brothers Blue account when he had almost caught all 151) and then since then I have played all generations including the recent generation 4 games. So far my favourite games are Diamond/Pearl/Platinum due to all the cool Pokemon and the storyline.
I found this community after my cousin who is actually part of this community(koolhk) told me about it. Currently I have no Pokemon merchandise besides the games/tcg so im ready to start:
My favourite Pokemon is Smoochum and am desperate for any stuff. Of course my holy grails are the two Smoochum plushes(banpresto and happy mascot) so I will always be on a look out for them:)
If anyone has the plushes or any smoochum merchandise I would most likely happily agree to buying them:D

Well thats about all and I hope to meet alot of great people in the community and to make my Smoochum collection bigger:)

Also(just came in mind) I use to watch the Anime series on a show which aired anime/cartoons called Cheez TV which aired them every morning. Now I watch the DP series online in both Japanese and English and I got inspired to collect after my cousin showed me his collection and some other peoples:)

hay you guise!

I hope everyone had a happy holiday. :)

Anywho, I apologize for this way more than I should, but sorry for the disappearance! I fixed up the Member Feedback page today. Everyone should be on there now.

I am here once again to ask if anyone would like to have a link added to the sidebar. Please provide me with the title and URL and I will have it updated ASAP! In addition, if there is a link already present that you would like changed in some way or removed, please let me know!

Quick shout out to trainer_irene! I received the Mudkip plush on Saturday. Thank you so much again and I am sorry again about the payment delay. ;w;
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Sales update! Pins, pokedolls, and more~

Click the picture to go to my shop (or if that's not working for some reason, click here.

If you bought anything from me last week, I just got back from seeing relatives, so I'll ship them off soon :D
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My Collection in Video Form!

I was inspired by the person who recently posted a video collection update (sorry I really am terrible with names) and decided to show off my own collection in video form! In a lot of ways it can be better than photos, and is definitely a lot quicker to do! The volume is really low, sorry!

Hope you enjoyed the 'tour' of my room, ehehe. :3