December 31st, 2008

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Hey guys!
I hope everybody's ready to welcome in 2009!!
I'm going to have a huge collection update coming up in mid-January when I get back to my dorm thanks to the community :) Thank you to everyone!! <3

Anyway, I'm posting because animemate has had a HUGE Pokeplush update as seen here:
There's an awesome Absol and a really cute Mudkip and Pikachu pair of plushes that will make you smile :) I'm just letting everyone know this because I'm sure some of you have a few of these plush on your wanted lists :)

Also, I found a picture of the most adorable fuzzy Lapras on Pokeplush Project and I fell instantly in love with her:
Does anybody know where I can find one or how much one would cost? I need to save money ^^; Or if anyone is selling one? :3 I would also like to know the size since it says "small."

Well th my end of the year post. I hope everybody has fun on New Year's Eve!

Mucho Amor!! <3

To all Smoochum collectors out there!

For starters I just want to thank everyone for yesterday for the overwelming response of welcomes! It made my day alot better:)

This post is generally directed to people who collect Smoochum(like me) such as Regen and whoever else does(sorry I only know Regen collects it). I am kinda at a holt at my collection! From previous posts from other people I saw that Regen brought a Happy Mascot plush on Y!Japan and I was wondering to people who have collected Smoochum, what sites have you seen Smoochum stuff frequently. I look on ebay and Y!Japan and they only have the same figure(I dont want the TCG yet) and I saw some peoples collection of Smoochum and thought, where did they get all this stuff from? My cousin(koolhk) has recently put on order a official Banette Plush and says if he buys it he would even give it to me to use as a trading item for the Smoochum plushes or other rare smoochum items. So my question is, anyone who has come in contact with smoochum, what site have you seen which has frequent smoochum merchandise besides one figure?


Help me get my Birthday Present :>

I want to get the banpresto Lickilicky plush for my birthday (while I wait until my various commissions are other packages get here).

I'm looking for somewhere that has it for sale for cheap BUT also has really fast shipping. D: ITS MY BIRTHDAY PRESENT DARNIT, I don't want it to get here a month after it past.

Anyway I thought you folks at Pkmncollectors with your above average collection skills could help me :3. I don't have the money on my paypal yet (just incase you guys have it) but I could really use some help finding a safe and fast method to getting it.

Thanks in advance!

BTW: My birthday is on the 8th of January :B just if you're all curious!

Stuff mailed! :D

Anything that was bought from me recently was mailed yesterday, so you should be receiving it soon. :D

Also, koolhk, I'm still awaiting payment on the Lati* items I've been holding from you.

I've got a collection update pending within a week after my mom leaves, which is when I'll return to my normal, more active status on the community and in the chat. ^_^ I'm anticipating UFO catcher releases (I believe Glaceon and Dragonite were in there? XD), though apart from the small bit of eevee stuff released in December, I haven't had much to post about collecting-wise.

I hope you all have a happy new year! My new year's day will be spent reorganizing my room a bit and perhaps photoing my collection some.
♥ Kitsune ♥

2008 Collection!

Hey! It's time for my last update for 2008. I joined this community just around August of this year... It's been awesome. :] Well, onto the pretty pictures!

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On another note, I've also updated my ◆ WiSHLiST ◇ ! :P
...and, my ◆ SALES ◇ haven't been updated, but i did lower the prices. Feel free to haggle, i just kinda wanna get this stuff away, if anyone wants it.

And for all you custom art connoisseurs, I will finally be open for commissions sometime in January. It'll include the potential for figures made with sculpey clay, along with other traditional media such as acrylics, watercolour, and ink. Pretend to be excited, to boost my confidence. XD