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Voltorb & Electrode Collection - English pg. 9

Another week, another update!
Before I dive into the cards, I want to take time to show off the wonderful artwork I have for my English collection. The concept for this picture is Electrode stationed in front of the Buckingham Palace to represent the English language. The artist, eboncharizard, used colored pencil for the final product and scanned it to be shared with you all. I'm really happy with how it turned out!

Alright, on to the cards!

EX Legend Maker Electrode RH
Secret Wonders Voltorb
Secret Wonders Voltorb RH
Secret Wonders Electrode
Secret Wonders Electrode RH
Stormfront Voltorb 80
Stormfront Voltorb 80 RH
Stormfront Voltorb 81
Stormfront Voltorb 81 RH

The 4th generation kicks off with the Secret Wonders Voltorb and Electrode. Starting with this set, the Voltorb line adapts the full card foil treatment as opposed to the background foil from the ex series. This type of reverse holo has continued into the current expansions, although Black & White began using a slightly different version. Nevertheless, I've never been a big fan of this kind of reverse holo. I started playing competitively in 2010, so perhaps it was the over exposure to this style that put me off. They don't look terrible, necessarily, just boring. In addition to that, the artwork seems rather unimaginative, with the exception of the Secret Wonders Voltorb. The Stormfront Voltorbs and Secret Wonders Electrode artwork are too uninspired for my taste. When considering all of these factors, these cards end up being my least favorite (that doesn't mean I still don't love them!).

Alright, so that is it for my update this week.
I am approaching the point in my collection where I need to make new scans to show the newer cards, so my updates may be a bit delayed as I figure out how to make scans. Apparently, my scanner has stopped working... I should still have a couple of more updates before I reach that part.

Keep an eye out for the next part in my English collection! Thanks for reading!
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