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weekend sales post

Hi! I have some rare stuff for sale today. I hope that's okay as I just posted sales 2 days ago, however all these items were NOT included in my previous sales post, plus the first post isn't on the front page, so if it isn't okay, let me know. :) So last night, I made a decision to weed out the other items in my collection so I just have items that I can really, really like so the rest is up for sale. :)

Includes GIANT custom milotic plush, rare pokemon league GIANT over 5 feet poster, canvas plushies, figures, and more. Check it out!

Sales permission granted by dakajojo on 11/10/10
-I ship from California, USA-I do ship internationally
-I will hold an item for up to 48 hours if committed! None after that please...
- I work full time so I will try to ship packages during the week. If not, then the weekends
-Because of new postal rates, most shipping starts at $3.00 to cover cost of
shipping supplies and shipping itself. Of course, flats like TCGs and
the like will vary and can be shipped in an envelope! SO PLEASE ASK.
-I would ship internationally but please be aware of the outrageous price hike. Ask only if you really want the item...
-If you want insurance, signature confirmation, let me know at the time of purchase
-PayPal only
-I am NOT responsible for lost mail. Proof of shipping will be provided upon request
- I TOOK BIG PICTURES. So please click on it to get more details

Kangaskhan Mystery Dungeon House - $10
Dratini,Dragonair,Dragonite zukan line - $39
Articuno zukan - $33
Absol zukan (base provided not original) - $18
Dunsparce zukan (base provided not original) - $20

Plusle canvas TTO - $17
Buizel canvas detached hang tag - $26
Drifloon canvas TTO - $26
Pikachu pumpkin mascot MWT - $14

EX Emerald Rayquaza poster OVER FIVE FEET LONG as you can see. This is not made with regular thin poster paper. The material is THICK and GLOSSY and nice feeling. There are usual scuffs from being a display poster that are hard to capture with the camera. When displayed it looks great. There are 4 pinholes on each corner of the poster. I have never seen this for sale. Great collector item - $299

Whiscash Pokemon Center plush with detached tag. The hole for the tag is ripped, but tag is "attached" by tape, so technically attached but still not haha. The tag has crease and is a little scuffed. The plush is in great condition - $109

Swirlix japanese pokedoll - $16
Shiny Magikarp plush (bought from pokevault) - $17 (cheap because tag is detached and tag has stains on the top right if you can tell in the picture and 2 little spots on the bottom. Tag was kept SEPARATELY from plush, so I don't know how it got stained and the plush itself is in EXCELLENT condition. I only ever displayed it)

Archeops custom by shadottie - less than what I paid - $39

Pikachu ID Badge holder. Cute thing to hold your ID! xD - $6.50

GIANT over 5 feet long custom Milotic plush by em_lemon, price is what I paid for it. - $280 Only been on display. uurrently on pending hold. But please let me know if you are still interested so you can be next in line.

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