classypersian (classypersian) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Sales sales sales!

Gosh it seems like I only post here to sell merch, I'm so sorry about that! :/ I guess the lack of must have poke merch is taking its toll V___V my mom is nagging me to get rid of some Pokemon things so I added a few new items~

Sales permission granted by allinia 6-11-14

I ship from the U.S. And can ship to most international countries :)

I have 3 cats who go in and out

My home is smoke free :D

no title
Only the TR blocks are left which are $5~

Meowth pokedoll figure is $10
Togekiss chupa
Vulpix and Ninetails Korean stickers $1 all together :)
I also have a meloetta ex for $5 a meganium ex for $3 a mega mewtwo/blazkiken bromide for $3 a pika/pichu bromide for $2 and a mega lucario seal for $2 :D

I hope everyone is doing well😉
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