January 11th, 2009

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Wow, it's been a while since I've posted an actual entry over here!

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EDIT: My place of work recently moved to a Target withing walking distance during my breaks, and I plan to be going there almost every time I'm on break. From what I recall, they had 3 combees and 1 sneasel of the throwing pokeball plush and a few of the beanies, alongside coutnless figures. If anyone is interested in these or curious about other items, feel free to ask! I'd be more than happy to go over and pick one up for you.
(If this is frowned upon, please let me know!)
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Please forgive me...

In a way, I sort of feel bad posting this. It's a pretty unimportant question that could probably wait until the next time I want to post something...but still, curiosity's getting the best of me. Last time that happened, I ended up wasting a Timer Ball trying to snag some Shadow Pokémon, so let's see if this one turns out any better.

Do you have any idea what this is?

Der, a Manaphy!

No, what I mean is what type is it? It looks like DX plush material, but as far as my knowledge goes, there isn't a Manaphy DX. Besides that, it's way too small for that (the actual picture is in Iridescence PokéCollections, one of the links off to the right). I did a quick search, and I found a Manaphy in a similar pose to this, but it seriously didn't look like it was made of this material.

It should go without saying that I'm quite interested in this. Though I'm expecting it to be expensive, any knowledge given to me about this will be very appreciated. ^^
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Hai Guise New Person Here

Hi there! I'm Heather, I'm new to the community here, but I already bought some things here; I can't wait for their arrival!

My favorite pokemon are Nidorino and Shinx--Nidorino having more priority--though I tend to go for dialga and palkia, too.

So far, my collection is fairly limited; I took a photo tonight, but I can't find my BK Nidorino keychain and I forgot the Togepi Smucker's glass.

It's a fairly big picture; but I'm surprised my camera didn't make anything blurry. :3

Nice to meet everyone!
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First Sales and a Collection Post All in One!

***WARNING: Very Image Heavy*** 
Hey everybody!
I finally put together my sales post with permission from Gin :)
This entry is half collection post and half sales post. I was going through my stuff that I found at home and the nostalgia was amazing. But I decided that some of this stuff will look good in somebody else's collection so I'm sharing the love. <3

Anyway, onward to the collection and sales post!



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Where are you my beloved?!

Sorry for posting again so soon but does anyone have any idea where to get the Magikarp cookie/biscuit mold? I've been looking for a long time but to no avail I'm starting to think it might not exist. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated. Currently my computer won't let me onto Y!Japan for some reason so that might be a big problem. Thank you all again for the help.
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Ninetales Zukan photos wanted~

(^photo from Zukan Ranger, of course)

Does anyone have any close-up photos of a Ninetales zukan? I'm making an art piece, and it would be perfect to use as a reference~

Unfortunately I don't have the zukan myself, but I'm hoping someone who does can give me a few macro photos of it at different angles. Or maybe you can link me to someone's collection site that has it?

I have the ninetales tomy, but its in a sitting position and isnt much help in this case. :x

If you want, I can give you some photos in return of something from my collection, just ask. XP

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we won!

To the bidders of the large Tomy figure auction:

We won! :D

Here are your totals, not including shipping! Please comment on this post (or PM me if you'd like) with your country, so I can give you your total.

heenz - $2
rusalchka - $2
bahzi - $4
chaosoftwilight - $2
iammyworld - $6
me - $9 ^_^

Also, a question involving shipping - Can someone tell me the basic differences between First Class and Priority shipping (international, since this is coming from the states to Canada)? Since the latter is more expensive I'd assume it's better, but I'm unclear as to how. Thank you!
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- how to do LJ cuts -

Posted with permission from denkimouse.

EDITED: 27 Oct '09

So, you got some really awesome figurines and plushes you want to show off, and you've taken a lot of pics and you're ready to post them here to show off to everyone.

BUT WAIT. Your pics are HUGE. And once you've posted, people start asking you to put them beneath a LJ-cut.

You've looked at the FAQ, and you still don't understand how to do a LJ-cut.

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I hope this helps. XD ♥ Feel free to point out any mistakes I've made or suggestions to improve this little guide. 8D
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A few things. First of all,

Welcome to our community!! I hope you can make good friends, good buys, and share with us your own things. PLEASE READ THE RULES before posting, that is really important!! A couple specific notes I want to make are...

1. Do not post every single day or multiple times a day, especially if your posts are repetitive, demanding, or without photos (this is important!). Try to limit how much you post and save up your exciting news for ONE GREAT POST rather than seven small posts once a day for a week. Posting too much will leave a bad and annoying impression on people! Naturally if you have an amazing thing to post and then something equally amazing arrives in the mail ten minutes afterward, find, go ahead, post again! We understand! But use good judgment so you do not annoy folks right off the bat.

2. PHOTOS PHOTOS PHOTOS!!! Photos are vital! Photos, images, and pictures help so much when you want to ask questions, post a wanted list, or show off your collection, and it also makes your post 10 times funner to read and easier to understand. If you don't know how to post images, try this!

3. Please do not feel nervous to post. If anyone gives you trouble, they can talk to the MODS, and on that note....


The fifth rule under the "How to be a good member" section of the rules is...
5) Be polite and friendly! This is a community that rarely sees drama or arguments, so don't start any! "If you can't say something nice, don't say nothin' at all." Even if someone collects a Pokemon you think is very ugly or stupid... let it go :) SOMEONE loves it!

The moderators of this community will no longer tolerate ganging up on new members and/or blatant and/or veiled nastiness towards folks in comments on this community. If someone is being an annoying rule-breaker, we will find a way to handle it. Copying and pasting of sections of the rules when someone breaks them is fine, but being mean is not. It has been tolerated in the past; and it will be no more. Nastiness will be rewarded with a warning, no matter who you are or how special you think you might be!

IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS OR CONCERNS, please comment here with them!
(Also, no need for "i swear to god that time i didn't mean to be nasty" "do you mean me?" comments, no really, there is no need. just keep this all in mind for the future, the past is behind us ^-^)

Important quick wanted post!!!

Morning pkmncollectors(morning for four more minutes here in Australia)^_^

This post is a very quick but important want post. I am buying some items for a friend and was wondering if anyone had any of these items up for sale. I was just wondering if anyone had these after I told my friend I would look here before going to ebay. So here I go...

.Snubbull Kid,
.Snubbull Zukan(found one on ebay I might get but would prefer to get it here)
.Snubbull laying down plush pictured below.

Please help if you can and have a good day..

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(pathetic) collection & plushie update

Hey guys, sorry I haven't been around much!

I have a very pathetic collection- It's a handful of cards and a drawing I made for myself. x: Only one of which is related to my Luxio collection... XD

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And here's the (very little) progress of my Luxio plush I started when I posted here last. He at least has a neck now, and his little poofy mane.

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Ever since I cosplayed Riolu (My friend was doing Lucario so I decided to make Riolu, so they could match), my heart has opened to this cute little Pokemon. So, here is my small collection for RIolu ^^ Its still not much, but I hope to expand it even more later this year and with the help of Pkmncollectors.

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A stupid question + quick sale

I'm sure I'll delete this quite soon, but hey. I believe someone here won this auction:


If that someone is not going to keep the Vulpix/Ninetales zukan pieces, I'd be very interested in buying/trading~ *have been looking for them like ages* Please PM me if you won this and would like to sell or trade. Thanks, and sorry for sounding rude.
Thanks for answering!

And... I still have one of these Absols up for grabs:

SOLD! i22.photobucket.com/albums/b317/Roll-chan/pokemon/trades5.jpg SOLD!

I'm selling him for $35 (shipping included anywhere in the world). For Rikiraichu and Frugrow, I still have these for you, too, so no need to comment here. ;3

Aipom Slippers!

Hey Guys I haven't posted in a while! I was supposed to do my collection update last weekend but I bought more Poké stuff so I'll do it another time.

My question is how rare are these? and has anyone seen these for auctions. This is my one and only Holy Grail. Any help would be apprecited even if it's just the size they've been seen in
I've only ever seen them on PPP and Never on eBay.

Please help~ =D


Thanks Guys! I will be posting a want list soon too =]

Vivi FC

Buying Skymin stuff

Sorry for posting again.

I'm looking to expand my collection of Skymin stuff, basically, so if anyone has anything from my DO WANT list, comment on my journal here:
Also, if you have spare stuff from my Kind of Want list you can sell, I'm up for that too, but not as much as the do want list. However, that missing petals bootleg / reject Kids is pretty funny.

Collection and Welcome Post!

Hello there, everyone!

In actuality, I joined a week or so ago and have been commenting a little, but I wanted to wait until I could post collection photos before I made a welcome post!

I've liked Pokémon since it was new, but never really collected much merchandise. I have lots of cards, but not with me. It's only really recently that I've started to collect things- I'm mostly interested in zukan and plushes.

So, with out further ado, onto the pictures! I apologise for the poor quality of my pictures- my camera isn't very good and artificial lights don't help, but never mind. I wanted to show you all my stuff anyway.

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minun, plusle

collection premire

So I'm not sure if I spelled premire right... but whatever you get the idea xD Sorry it's all links, haven't learned the ways of live journal yet =/
Finally home, I run upstairs and pull out all of my poké stuff... my mom just looks at me like "O.O wth.."Yeah.. lol So this is most of it. I still have some things put away that I'm gonna go dig up later but here we go!

you're prolly thinking "what? why 2 movie 2000 books?"... its cause ones in french xP

saved him from party city =]


Pokemon: Eeveelutions

(no subject)

Hello again all!

Update on the shiny kids GA situation! I've been told by about 3 or 4 people now that the last lot of this kind went for $200 on Y!J, so I reckon we are going to need to come up with that number to stand a chance. Right now, things have settled at a total of $180, which although $20 short of the target, doesn't help out any with deputy service fees! I think we're going to need about 240-250 to cover everything. I'm happy to cover some of it, but I can't work a miracle.

So after much deliberation, to ensure that I don't bid outside my means, I've moved the end date of the community auction 24 hours forward, so that I have a total, and I know how much I can bid with.
The end date is now Thursday the 15th of January at 10PM GMT, which is 4PM CST (USA), and 5PM EST (USA)
If anyone has any questions, no matter how silly, don't hesitate to contact me!
I apologize in advance if this is to anyone's inconvenience~ Happy bidding, and goodluck to everyone involved :D
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