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17 January 2009 @ 12:19 am
For my birthday tomorrow (technically today! Yay I'm older!), I decided to make some special bento since I can't afford expensive DisneyLand food. I was gonna make my favorite Jewish onigiri and sandwiches sweets and such, and then decided "Hey! Let's make a bento picture!" so I designed... a SHINY LION! ♥

Edible Shiny Lions! So hard to collect!Collapse )

I'll try to take pictures of it being consumed or something, maybe even pictures of DisneyLand, and Pan the Shinx's adventures wherein!
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Stormbringer Cirrus
17 January 2009 @ 12:37 am
Bidding is now closed! Thanks everyone! If we win (and fingers crossed!) I will contact you with your final totals once I receive my invoice!

How's about some zukans, folks?
Little PokeymansCollapse )


* I will be accepting the last bid on Sunday 18th, at 11pm GMT. This means that bids placed at 11pm on the dot will be counted, but 11:01 will not be.

* Starting bids are at $8, and if the total cost works out to be less than the total amount raised, the savings will be divided out accordingly :>

* Please reply to the last person to bid. Bids that are placed outside of their thread will be deleted.

* Postage will be a flat US$7 to anywhere in the world, and will be added to your final cost (postage within Australia will depend on your postcode).


* Mudkip/Marshtomp/Swampert --> Claimed by me ($15)
* Aron/Lairon/Aggron --> skysailing @ $12
* Lotad/Lombre/Ludicolo --> snowball21 @ $10
* Meditite/Medicham -->
* Geodude/Graveller/Golem --> wilyfungi @ 9
* Koffing/Weezing -->
* Zangoose/Seviper --> wilyfungi @ $11
* Snorunt/Glalie -->
* Nincada/Ninjask/Shedinja --> faiarrow @ $19
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[~ Kari XIII ~]
17 January 2009 @ 12:42 am
Hey guys,

GA1&2 will be closing soon. We seem to have competition, so in light of this I'm moving the end date to Saturday 11am GMT (About 10 hours from this post). Please get any last bids in right now!

I will also remind everyone that if we do manage to win either auctions and there's leftover money, some people will be getting a reduced price.

EDIT: Oh yeah, please check to make sure your bid has been counted!
Aubrey Myers
17 January 2009 @ 07:46 am
So I've had these stickers for some time now, I've only heard about two other people that have them. They're jumbo stickers made for the original 151, so none of the latter generation pokémon.

Jumbo stickers for saleCollapse )
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17 January 2009 @ 10:25 am
I know someone out there will appreciate this. Wailord zukan,  ~$30, no bids, ends in three days:
On yahoo japan

edit:  another find: entei plush:
I dont know if the price is reasonbale because I dont collect entei.
17 January 2009 @ 10:44 am
All the cool kids are doing it.

Unfortunately, my camera has no sound, so I'll type out the important stuff.

After about 15 months of Pokemon collecting, here is what I have. Much has come and gone, and I love every piece that you see in these videos. Nothing is for sale.

3 short vids under the cut!Collapse )
Lati Queen
17 January 2009 @ 10:46 am
Please help us out! The green trainer is still available, all offers are open! we made the price, but if anyone wants the green trainer, please speak up!


thank youuuu<3

Also Fernchu, as soon as we match the price for the set, can you please give everyone their totals? thanks again<3 If it comes down to it, I may have to pitch the rest of the money in if necessary ^-^;
rah rah Raira rah.
17 January 2009 @ 12:23 pm
Oh man, collection video time :D
Blame garefowl for me actually doing one of these. I would have stuck it here sooner, but with midterms stabbing me in the face, I had other things on my mind D:

This video is too wide for no cut!Collapse )

IF you cannot see this, then I'll take down the post and re-upload it somewhere else. D:
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17 January 2009 @ 12:38 pm
There're some new things in Unknown Dungeon. ^^

[~ Kari XIII ~]
17 January 2009 @ 02:06 pm
Yep, you guys know what that indicates.

Good news: GA 2 was won!

Bad news: We put up a good fight, but we got outbid on GA3 (And I think they would have continued outbidding us by 100Yen until they won anyway). Despite having more interest in GA2, GA3 went for more than GA2!

I won't take payment in until Group Auction 1 has finished.

Thanks so much to everyone that is participating, and especially to those throwing in a couple of extra dollars - They really do make a difference. You guys are great <3
17 January 2009 @ 02:16 pm

Hello =)

After searching everywhere, I found the Regigigas zukan. I was wondering if anyone would like to host a group buy (since I havnt asked for permission to do it). If anyone is interested, please let me know if you can.


Each set would be $6 each if someone was to do a group buy, and if anyone does, Regigigas is mine =P lol

EDIT: I have bought from him on eBay and he is a reliable seller

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17 January 2009 @ 02:48 pm
I just got my booster box yesterday, so I said a prayer to the Pokemon gods (Arceus mostly) and opened it.

Arceus was not shining his favor down upon me apparently as my pulls were below average ;_;. I have 5 Mismagius... same holo in 1/4th of my 20 packs!! What are the odds?! WAHJAKLhjlkjgh XD Ah well... The point is! To anyone who HAS bought some of this set in 1st Edition Japanese, I'm looking for a few cards I'm missing from it. Most importantly I need a Surfing Pikachu reprint. But I'm also looking for Frostlass, Lucario, and Leafeon. (Also the Rotoms (excluding Spin) but I'm not TOO concerned about not having them all...)

PLEASE let me know if you have doubles, or have one of these you don't want... I'm happy to trade, but I didn't get too many good cards SO I'm more likely to be buying them from you than trading. BUT, I'd love to trade if I can.

This is being offered to daynipp first, but I have a double of the new base set Pikachu. He's first edition Japanese. So that card might go for trading fodder or else I'll sell it for the funds to buy my missing cards. Darn my bad luck.

Oh and I CAN take pictures, if need be, but I figure that the people who'd have what I need will know what I'm talking about without pictures.
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Hi all~!!

With no new gets lately due to the same money woes that the rest of universe is feeling (although I did decide to treat myself recently, so I do have some on the way :D ), the suggestion to do a collection vidpost by kiraras_lemon seemed like a good way to get a post up on here again! Sooooo~ Here it is, in two poorly-lit and appalingly narrated parts!

Ah the hilarity of my sleep-deprived, sniffles-fuelled Cambridgeshire-bred voice XD Apologies if it's hard to understand!! And double apologies if I'm now so late in jumping on the belated bandwagon that this could be classed as some kind of redundant post XD

Stay awesome y'all~!! :D
- Jay -x-
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Rock Mafia
17 January 2009 @ 07:07 pm
It was time to clean off my desk and dust my shelves again, so I reorganized my shelf and Slowpoke corner. :D

Slowpoke is blasting off aga-- wait.Collapse )
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Tina Pratt
17 January 2009 @ 09:42 pm
I've been doing some collection weeding!
All items are listed with a price, but feel free to haggle! I also take trades for any items that I don't have of the following Pokemon, Zapdos, Entei, Jolteon, Vaporeon, Combee, Larvitar
  • I accept Paypal ONLY and will ship worldwide. Shipping to the USA and Canada starts around $2.00.
  • I will not hold items.

On To The Sales! - Click Here!Collapse )

17 January 2009 @ 10:45 pm
Hello everyone! I'm finally back with pictures from my Spiritomb Collection. I also have my first sales post finally ready :).

Spiritomb uses CUT!!!*after applying Gameshark*Collapse )
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Shaggy Griffon
17 January 2009 @ 10:56 pm
ello! im looking for several things:
the flamethrower typhlosion figure (i know ones on ebay but 30 is too high for me atm)
typhlosion kid
typhlosion figures
jumbo cyndaquil plush
cyndaquil UFO catcher
raichu figures or plush (i have the DX one)
ivysaur/venusaur plush
any aggron figures (i have the kid and advanced generation figure)
thanks! im posting pics on my collection soon
17 January 2009 @ 11:17 pm
I have a couple of questions for anyone/everyone.

Does anyone have anyone of those card sheet protectors? Y'know, fits in a 3-ring binder, has 9 slots? The cheapest I found on ebay is 10 for $4.20, I wasn't sure if this was a good price or a ripoff, since I haven't seen them in stores in years.

I haven't asked permission yet to do a sales post, but when I do, I want to be prepared. So I ask all sellers; do you have any advice?
How do you estimate shipping? Where do you get your packaging, envelopes and boxes? Best way to ship cards? Cheapest [but safest] way to ship figures?
I want to be as good a seller as I am a buyer. On ebay, I only have one feedback as a seller [gameboy printer].

Thank you everyone!
17 January 2009 @ 11:54 pm
Gah, I couldn't wait or help myself. I'll have to post photos when my CS box gets here because wow. Some of the stuff I've managed to get is amazing.

Nothing beats this though for me right now:

All my love and thanks go to ladylegsdarkrai for finding this and pointing this out to me. I was upset to the point of tears over losing an auction for the ANA Zapdos and Moltres set, she found this, and now I have a pair coming I can assess and add to the collection.

I'm guessing that I will probably complete, or fill a huge amount of promotional gaps with this lot. We have ANA sets, both flying pikas, a surfing, and their bird counterparts. We have JR Rally folders with cards. E-Reader Ho-Oh and Rapidash, a heap of other e-reader cards. ANA Larvitar and Pikachu, ANA Maril. Yamada's Slowking. Too many glossy Gym Leader CoroCoro promos for me to count off the top of my head, and theme decks. All in all 192 cards + decks. All for what will be probably about 40 when fees and shipping are added, for cards that sell on ebay for twice as much on their own thanks to bid wars.

Ahh, I'm crying. Thank you ladylegsdarkrai. I can't wait to get them and post to the community about them ;_;
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