January 18th, 2009

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[ Official Rules & Guidelines | Community Feedback | Group Auctions | Sales Permission | Wall of Shame ]

HALT!! Before you do anything, read the RULES!

Now, for those who did not read the rules, a notice:
IF YOU MAKE AN UNAUTHORIZED SALES POST without first obtaining sales permission, it will be deleted without warning. If you re-post multiple times and ignore warnings, you will pretty much automatically be deemed too obnoxious to EVER be allowed sales permission.

Calm down, read this stuff over, do it properly, and we'll all be BFF. Thanks!

If you is cool with all that stuff, then you've already completed step one on the road to getting sales posts of your very own.

Sales Permission Enables You To:

1. Sell or auction Pokemon goods on this community.
2. Advertise your Ebay auctions/Deviantart/Etsy/etc sales for Pokemon goods on this community.
3. Accept payments and/or provide shipping services for Group Auctions.
4. Do store runs to bring local items to the community (note that you DO need special permission to begin this service).
5. Most importantly, earn money while knowing your goods are being sent to great new owners who LOVE POKEMON TOYS!!!

+You can also trade, but you can trade before obtaining sales permission too, if you meet the requirements. Details here.

Next are these important things to consider!

Have you ever posted to the community? Only active members will be given permission to sell. Don't even bother if you've never posted or just joined recently - please use eBay (which has its own type of customer protection) if you want to make a quick sell.

Lurk, hang out, comment now and again, buy some goodies, and in general get your name recognized by some folks and just watch and learn how the community and other sales posts operate!

Head on over to our Community Feedback page, log in with your LJ username, and you can see if you've already been left any feedback -- or leave feedback for someone else! You can get feedback for even the smallest purchase here, including GA participation.

+Be sure to link your feedback page to sellers and ask them to leave you some.
+If sellers continuously forget to leave feedback for you, tell a moderator -- it should get them moving!
+If you do not even have one community feedback, the potential of being turned down is very high.

This community can be, hmm, how to put it - elitist - even those members who only collect lightly and not very seriously tend to develop a refined taste for quality Pokemon goods! The special thing about PKMNcollectors is that it is a place where you can buy what you can't easily buy anywhere else. If all you have to sell are old Burger King figures and Base Set TCG, you may find it quicker and easier to sell them on eBay.

Please remember that thousands of dollars of transactions occur here every month. The moderators must be able to trust to you to ship out an item once someone has paid for it. Some things folks do ask themselves before applying are:

+Do you have regular access to the post office and/or a vehicle to ship out your packages?
+Paypal is the standard method of payment on the community. Do you have your own account in order to conduct your own transactions?
+Are you prepared to purchase all of the materials necessary to ship items?

Also know that this community has no age limit, and we welcome members of all ages, children included -- this community is full of members from age 1 (with some parental help of course!) to age 60+. As long as you are allowed to be here and prepared to act maturely and responsibly, you are welcome here!

Before you begin, these are the key points you MUST MEET -- if you can see that you do not meet these requirements, you will not be approved and it will waste moderator's time!


Your first post or comment on pkmncollectors must have happened at least one month ago.
+You can view all of your own posts by using this URL!
http://community.livejournal.com/pkmncollectors/?poster=YOUR LJ USERNAME HERE

Remember, lurking and never posting is totally fine! You simply need to move beyond lurker status in order to obtain sales permission.

Ten positive feedbacks as a buyer shows us that you have been a responsible member, have had good transactions with our sellers, and have experienced many various selling methods and sales post of other members.

It also (usually) takes more than a month to obtain this many, so the first requirement is also easily fulfilled.

Sometimes members are very active participants, but for various reasons (like buying most of their collection goods locally) do not buy much, or participate in group auctions often. We understand under those circumstances gathering ten feedback can take far too long. As long as the member is actively participating you can still obtain sales permission. You don't need money to participate by posting photos, photostories, unique photoshoots, even memes or interesting information, all of which also shows you are involved in preparing posts and talking to other members.

By the way -- don't even try posting once a day for ten days with anything you can think of just to meet this requirement. If you try to fudge it just to get permission we WILL know. Your ten posts should be actual posts with an actual purpose -- if all ten are within the same 1-2 week period, AND you just barely meet the Member for a Month+ requirement, well, our eyebrows will be raised.

REMEMBER: these requirements are MANDATORY! If you are SURE you meet them, continue on below!

Please copy and paste the following, fill it out, and post it as a comment to this post.

1. When did you begin to participate in the community?:
2. What are you interested in selling?:
3. Post a link to your community feedback page:

4. Tell us a little bit about your participation on the community:

+For Question 1: Link us to your first post or comment if you can!

+For Question 2: If you plan to sell custom items of any kind, we will need to see a gallery of examples of your work. Please link to it!

+For Question 3: Feel free to also link to Ebay, Etsy, or some other form of off-community feedback as well.

+For Question 4: Link us to your posts using http://community.livejournal.com/pkmncollectors/?poster=YOUR LJ USERNAME HERE, along with any comments or other forms of participation you feel may be relevant!

If you are denied, we will let you know why, and you can re-apply anytime you like, after you've fixed up whatever was lacking! Keep in mind reserve the right to deny people based on language, behaviour, and perceived lack of maturity or respect -- if you cannot type or spell even remotely well, this will also be a detriment to you.

Make sure you have comment notifications turned on -- your comment will be screened once we've replied, and if you don't get email notifications of comments, you might not be able to see what the reply was!

PLEASE BE PATIENT! Being approved for sales permission takes a long time BY DESIGN. We will usually take more than a week (or more) to respond to permission requests. Getting approved will NOT be a quick process! We only wish to approve members who show patience and maturity while waiting for their response. It also helps to show understanding if the wait time is longer than usual due to congestion in the queue -- moderators ARE humans, and we appreciate your understanding.

If you are unwilling to wait and incredibly desperate to sell your goods RIGHT NOW, please go to EBay! Any unscreened (visible) comments are also people waiting for a reply, so you can see where you are in line :)

Once approved, learn the RULES FOR SELLERS! Especially do not forget the rule to "...always include two important things: Which mod approved you for sales permission (and when, if possible), and a link to your feedback page. You will be asked to please add these two items if you forget."

Permission is binding! You do not have to ask us before each sales post once you've been approved.

If you have a bad expierience with someone and/or cause a bad expierience, you might find yourself giving or receiving negative feedback. If you have negative feedback, please respond to it and try to resolve the issue as soon as you can. If you need to leave negative feedback, try to leave just the facts and be as calm as possible, as we never can be sure why someone might have messed up (deaths in the family and job loss are occasionally some of the causes, so don't be too angry in your post or you might regret it later!).

Comment with any questions or concerns.
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(no subject)

Okay, so.... I'm pretty lame and don't know where to buy kid figures (I'm only looking for Luxio) or anything, and I was wondering what you guys use for finding stuff?

I've already searched eBay and bought the Tomy figure, but I couldn't find a new/non bootleg kid.

Of course, if any of you are selling Luxio items, I'd be willing to buy from you (shipping to 78382) if you show me pictures. :3
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(no subject)

Hey members, It's been a few weeks since I don't post anything! I don't know if some of you find this post useful...
While browsing on ebay, I found these goods that might be of your interest, hope these help! =D

This Entei plush, I believe is very rare, both are from US sellers:



A very charming Eevee plush, I think my aunt found this one at toysnjoys but i like the 1/1 scale better (hope I can get mine soon XP:


I think this Jirachi is also very rare! It's the movie UFO plush:


If this post is some kind of annoyance to other members please delete, I just wanna help =)

Cya =3

Touko // Hanging on
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(no subject)

Hello everyone! I'm Tia. I've joined this community just recently, but I've loved pokemon for a long time. (since 1999, I was 4 then.)
I haven't been really collecting Pokemon merchandise until 2008; I mostly bought the games and whatever I liked.

My favorite pokemon are Groudon, Latios, Palkia, Piplup, and Mudkip, but I've been leaning toward Altaria, Cherrim, and Shaymin's Sky Forme now.

My collection is really really small, but there is some stuff I'm proud of. x3

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Pokemon- Desukaan Aww yiss

(no subject)

Funnel Cake's House of Wares

Update includes 18 new in package kids, 8 new candy catcher tablets, and reduced prices. :D

I have a collection update that I'll probably post sometime this week or so after I get my last grail. :3
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Rawr, Axel, Charizard

Jumbo Birthday Pika Card

Hey guys, I have a quick question on behalf of my friend.
It's her birthday soon, and her parents have booked her a holiday in Japan. On her birthday itself, she plans on going into Pokemon Center Tokyo. We both know of three things - Card, Mini Movie, Battle. But - There's nothing we can find online that says anything about it >_>;
The question she wants answered - Does she get the card, the battle, or....?

She's really interested in receiving the card, especially as she loves Pikachu to bits. Thanks for any info!
pokemon: mamo!


So yesterday in pkmncollectors chat, ambertdd mentioned she saw some fossil restoration Pokemon thing at Target, and denkimouse and I, being huge Roark fans, naturally FLIPPED THE FUCK OUT and continued to squeal about it constantly for hours and hours after finding pictures.

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Mew Nostalgia

Shiny kids, anyone?

Today was my first day so far of the semester in which I go "Hmmm, I have a ton of Chemistry homework I should be working on," and then promptly go spend like six hours thoroughly looking through Yahoo! Japan auctions at virtually everything for just a few very small and obscure items.

However, I did find some auctions that might interest people on here! Specifically some shiny kids and other things as well. :D If you're planning on bidding on one of these auctions, please let me know and I don't mind removing the link. ^^

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I'm very impatiently waiting for a big SMJ box right now... Expect sales pretty soon, including some Poképark items! I keep winning Poképark items, it's kind of exciting. *___*

I've also been extremely lucky with plush lots lately. I may edit this post with some pictures of what I'll be getting in my next SMJ box (after the one that's on its way right now).
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Collection Update!

So I decided to do a collection update for good measure. Some things aren't pictured because everything came out fuzzy so I only kept the good ones except for Haunter who needs to get shown seeing that he's the one I collect!
That sounded like a run on sentence, huh?
RUN ON OR NOT, here are the pictures! Watch you step, it's heavy with images. 8O!

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I am still looking for non-flat items of the following to help my collection:
Ghosts: Sableye, Froslass, Misdreavus, Mismagius, Shedinja & Duskull line
Other: Mawile, Girafarig & Red Gyarados/Gyarados
Dewott - Happy
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Group buy?

I know one of these was done lately, but I figured there might still be some interest :3 I don't normally collect zukan myself, but I want the sheeps set like burning.

Tangela/Tangrowth - available
Doof/Bibarel - available
Midreavus/Mismagius/Shuckle - toda
Rotoms - heenz
Regigigas - kasaii
Sheeps! - claimed

Sets will be about $10 plus shipping!

Also, I made a rash financial decision the other day and may have to sell my Umbreon pokedoll ._.; Let me know if you are interested~
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