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19 January 2009 @ 08:47 am
We won BOTH of the group auctions I had going! =D

Since the Friends plush JUST ended, I won't have totals until I receive my invoice, so I'll post that up when I get them, and delete this one and redo it on the new one once it's there. ;D

So, for the auction that was mostly figures, here's your totals:

mofungi - $5.50
meutre_dun - $15
toda - $17
guardianphoenix - $3.50
iaibou - $8
majime - $5
jedi_amara - $4.50
omega_alomaniac - $3
grrowly - $4.50
yaoi_queen - $4

I can't remember who the other large Bulbasaur and the Totodiles were reserved for, but I'm thinking the Totodiles are for Rachelled? If you don't mind, remind me how much you offered, and I'll give you totals. xD;;
Paypal is hikari.h.takemoto@gmail.com
All shipping costs are made assuming you live in the US, so if you live in a different country, please let me know so I can give you a new total.
19 January 2009 @ 10:09 am
Hi everyone :D

Thanks to the new-found ability to create my own feedback thread, I am located HERE on page 8:

My Feedback Thread!

Anyhow, to keep this post from being completely boring and redundant, I've taken some pics of stuff. Pictures range from newly received items to some stuff that I didn't even know (or remember) I had, as well as a preview to the next big sales post. :D

Introducing My Weird Looking Starter PlushCollapse )

Kind of a collection updateCollapse )

Upcoming Sales Post Preview!Collapse )

So, I guess that's all for now.

**Oh, hey! badgerr_ftw !! I sent you the total with shipping for the Tyrannamon figure. Did you get that? Lemme know if you still want him :D I have a bubble envelope designated for him right now!

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19 January 2009 @ 10:36 am
Are there such things as clear TOMYs? I'm asking because I came across this figure which looks to be clear but the packaging reminds me of the TOMY figures packaging.

And some Lickilicky finds under the cut, just because I found them and I'd feel bad if I didn't post them because they're such lovely looking things!

Lickilicky!Collapse )

19 January 2009 @ 11:41 am

Just BIN'd this lot, I'm only keeping Roserade. Meaning that, yes, Glaceon, Porygon Z, Dragonite and Lucario will be for sale.

Obviously I can't sell them yet since they aren't in-hand, but I'd like to see the amount of interest there is in them, and if anyone wants to make an offer, feel free?

When I have these up for sale, I'll also have the newest zukan so... that'll be around, too. (All but Mismagius and Regigigas.)
19 January 2009 @ 01:14 pm
Just letting those who bid on the eeveelutions tags that we won! I'm waiting for the final invoice from the seller and should have everyone's totals soon! :3

silverpadfoot and chaosoftwilight... Both of you please let me know what's going on and who's taking control of the eevee tag. I'm not giving anyone their total until I know who's taking responsibility for it for sure. Thanks.
19 January 2009 @ 01:32 pm
I was so tempted to bid on this, but I'm more interested in Palkia..but if anyone here collects the Time Ponies and missed out on one of these, now's your chance to get it (hopefully) cheap! The seller has no idea what it is (aren't those the best kind?)

Big time pony link taken down due to someone bidding~

Also, this is so ADORABLE! But ectransfer is selling it, and I know how they sometimes sell iffy products.. Torchic-feather headband!

I would so wear that to a convention >.>

A mistakenly listed Blastoise plush! That doesn't look like any Togepi I ever saw..
19 January 2009 @ 01:47 pm

Hey everyone, I came back from my two days out and am waiting patiently for Pokebeach or Serebii Net to reveal Arceus at the World Hobby Fair, lol^^

There are many things in this post regarding collections and my sales so let me start of with...

1.Did Heenz and Papermutt recieve the new comments on my sales post regarding shipping costs. I would really like to ship the items off this week so please get in contact with me.

2.Even though I dont collect him does anyone have a picture of the rare Giant Skymin Pokedoll. It can be a file image but I just want to see what it looks like as I have seen alot of discussion on them recently. Also does anyone in the community have one(I dont want him but i just want to know)?

3.Expect a special "preview" of my collection update within the next two weeks and expect my full second collection update in Feburary^^

Thats all and thanks again,


collectionandsales021.jpg picture by Twilmer Yay item get time <3

Well, first off, I have a HUGE sales post here with hundreds of items for your pleasure. Rules on the post over here:

Secondly COMMISSION SLOTS ARE OPEN with help from the lovely Juumou. All prices and details are here: http://loneplushieinfo.webs.com/ in the commission section (open slots are on the main page) and if you have any troubles feel free to ask me because I'll be more than happy to help in anyway possible <3 I would appreciate payment ahead of time so I know you are serious about commissioning me. I've been burned many times by people who've changed their mind after I've started or refuse to pay.

Also, people who've commissioned plushies from me before, if you could leave feedback on the guest book area, I'd appreciate it just so others can see it who visit the site ^^;

Thirdly, I am doing sketch commissions. I will draw what you want (no humans plz, I suck at those) and you pay me what you think it's worth. No amount is too small. I'm slightly desperate for moolah since I'm planning a summer trip to Poland <3 examples of my skecthes can be found at my deviant art page: http://lonepichu.deviantart.com and if you want, I can send them to you if you pay for shipping ^^;

Lastyly, collection update which includes my ONE AND ONLY HOLY GRAIL OMG IT IS FINALLY MINE, I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS <3 <3 <3
I'm currently in the process of leaving feedback for peeps <3


Zubat uses meanlook...with NO EYES o_OCollapse )
19 January 2009 @ 05:18 pm
Hey guys! As most of you know, I'm yaoi_queen simply using my shop account. I just updated it with a lot of new items and reduced prices for old ones. :) Please take a look.

Also, some of you may recall the plush that I bought with the Pikachu on top of a DS stylus. Well... it's not at all what it seemed...

The most impressive bootleg that's not a bootleg EVERCollapse )

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Hello Darkness My Old Friend....
19 January 2009 @ 05:26 pm
Hi everyone! As everyone here can attest..waiting for the mail just plain sucks :C SO in light of that I've put together some teasers xD And some cute photos of the umbreon blok as well.

Does anyone else notice..that January is like the most active month for stuff to pop up? Im not sure but..it seems that way to me. My wallet hurts...but I believe all these things are things I will never see again..and very well worth it.

And..as a collector dont you LOVE it when things appear..that you have no idea they exsisted? x3 Such was the case with this particular Umbreon item..

Teasers, Grails,Umbreon Blok..and Glaceon wishing for snowCollapse )
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★ ↔ Anibugs
19 January 2009 @ 05:41 pm
Since Irene asked me, I thought I might give an update on the shiny kids. Last chance (for me) to win these is tomorrow, and with everyone's extra pledges I've worked out how high I can go, which is a fair bit more than before. Hopefully we will win the one tomorrow :3

Thought I might update everyone~
19 January 2009 @ 09:26 pm
oh, did you think that mamoswine's STUPID STUPID STUPID fossil regeneration machine was SO COOL? yeah whatever THIS IS WAY COOLER

(okay no its not i'm just so so so jealous.... *sobbing*)

this is pretty cool though. and a short lame post because i will be posting again in the morning with the new contest.... GASP!

IT'S HERE!Collapse )