October 18th, 2009


Prepare for tro--I mean, a Collection Update! [Image heavy!]

Well, I think it's high-time that I post a collection update. I have my first Celebi item coming in the mail any day now [and a grail as it is, that never happens!] but other than that, this is my current [and kinda lame] collection. Big Meowth is not pictured, as he sleeps in my room on my bed with me. He and my fiance fight for the good spot on the bed. :P
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ash party hardy

collectors united!


This is an idea I've been batting around for a while and I finally feel like posting it!

Ask yourself a question: Do you know your fellow collectors of the same Pokemon? How do you feel about them - rivals, friends? Do you hate their guts? XD

I was inspired by my fellow Raichu collectors to start this idea. We are rivals but we always go out of our ways to help each other if we can and have always had a wonderful and friendly relationship (at least the ones I know!). Even in frustrating times like after bidwars between each other we continued to help each other out. With the biggest Raichu collection I would expect to be thought of poorly or with lots of jealousy by other Raichu collectors, instead, they always show me things on auction I don't have yet or come forward to offer trades for items I don't have that they found. You guys are just amazing!

On the other hand though, although in general this community does NOT have a lot of hostility or drama (compared to other communities anyway), nor do I feel the majority of our members need to be scolded for this, I've still seen some rivalries for other Pokemon become very sour, bitter and hurtful, too. I still see folks using very downright mean methods for hurting their rivals, which I don't want to go into detail, but you guys should be know enough to know what is just plain not nice! I also know that in general some very hard feelings form between rivals and I know how hard this can be to overcome.

This is why I propose Collectors United! The idea is collectors of the same Pokemon can make a button or buttons to put in their LJ profile. The button could link back to this post, and putting the button in your profile means you PLEDGE! The pledge is this!

"I will do my best to treat my fellow collectors as I wish to be treated."

Here is the sample button I made for Raichu Collectors! (you guys can make buttons together or just use one you made yourself, it doesn't have to be the same button for everyone although if you agree on one that'd be cool yeah? ;D)

NOTE: PLEASE REPLY WITH BUTTONS as a NEW COMMENT and not a reply to an older one, or I won't see it! XD
All buttons 100x50 please!

YAY more buttons coming in! :D you can use this code to add to your profile... just replace [ ] with < >'s and add the proper URL of your button/s!

[a href="http://community.livejournal.com/pkmncollectors/3919504.html"][img src="BUTTON URL GOES HERE" border="0"][/a]

(pokemon sorted by their primary or best known type; some will be in multiple categories)














Important note is, this isn't to form cliques or shun people who don't put a button in their LJ profile. Remember some folks just aren't as serious or interested in this sort of game, so if someone isn't using a button it doesn't mean we treat them badly. The pledge means you treat everyone nice, button or not! But I hope this can help promote collectors of the same Pokemon to be more friendly with each other, become friends and get to know each other more. It's REALLY nice to collect a Pokemon when others help you out!

So what do you guys think? This is just a little idea and not some moderator enforced policy, so please comment with ideas, opinions or criticisms! All comments welcome!

ALREADY AN FAQ!: You could make buttons for "ANYTHING" collectors! Meaning people or types or some other kind of group like "Eeveelution Collectors", "Flying Collectors", "Roark Collectors" etc. Anything goes okay? :D

Sales update and Secret Wonders offers

I've added several new things to my sales, including a shiny fabric Banpresto DX Arceus UFO. I am still including free TCG cards with every order and also including a free holographic for orders over $5! Click on the picture to go to the sales!

Also, I am taking offers on a mint, complete TCG set of Diamond & Pearl: Secret Wonders. I am asking $100 or the best offer I get before Tuesday at Midnight EST. Just post in the comments below if you'd like to offer.

You can view scans and the entire set list for the Secret Wonders set here, if you're interested.

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[Pokemon] Quagsire
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Auction Reminder!

Time for a mid-auction reminder for my 10x10 painting commission! Click the picture below to go to the auction!

In other news, I've decided I'd like to start collecting Ukulele Meowth!

As you can see, I only have two items so far..! My question is: Are there any other Ukulele Meowth items out there? I'm much more interested in non-flats! If you've seen anything other than the figures I have, I'd love to know! c: I hope there are more UkuMeowth items around!

ALSO, GA PEOPLE: Those of you who participated in my charm GA should know that the charms are still waiting in japan to be sent to me. :( I'm currently waiting on a payment before I can have the box sent out, which includes much more than just the charms! I'm sorry for taking so long guys, but at the moment it's out of my hands.. @__@; Sorry! Hopefully they'll be here within the next week or two :( faskfjf Thank you for being so patient <3

contest entry!

here it is! mr. Toothpaste pretending he's scary- but tickles, the lil cleffa has no fear of the cute-i mean 'scary' suicune, mr. Toothpaste. enjoy! p.s if anyone knows how to make this photo show plz help me out :( thanx :D

Winter Sawsbucks

Orlando Pkmncollectors Meetup

We had the Orlando Pkmncollectors Meetup today. Visited lots of shops, took lots of pictures, met Carrot Fish (R.I.P) and a creepy Aquaman plush, found an amputee Piplup, and also had a great time. Click below for images from the meetup.
Took over 80 pictures. Here's a sample of them (hotel internet can't handle it lol).

Warning: VERY Image heavy!


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Thank you! ^_^

Umineko; Double Trouble

Glameow plush wanted

Hey guys, I don't think I've actually ever made a wanted post like this before..Well, here goes!

Long story short I was playing around on GPX+ and a new item came into the shop that coincided with my current obsession Umineko no naku koro ni...

So, I need a Glameow plushie so I can put a giant blue ribbon on it. Crazy yes? It makes perfect sense to me XD

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Any help is greatly appreciated!

Wall Sticker GA reminder

Wall Stickers

Hi! Just reminding everyone about the GA I'm holding at the moment:


There are still plenty of Pokemon with no bids yet!! Have a look if you haven't already! There are 5 days left.. I'll give a final reminder a day befre the auction ends. Thanks! ^v^

Trade Post!!!

I know i said I gave up on the second generation, but if i can get these tomy's, ill get back into it!!

and i have a trade willing! but first...

Here are the 3 of them in order of how much I must have them (the top being the most wanted)

1. Ampharos

i understand these 3 may be like impossible to find, but i noticed a TON of collectors here with at least one of them

anyway, here are the items


if you have any of those figures for trade i will gladly accept, just send me a pic of the figure(s) you want to trade (so i can verify that they are legit)

any questions? please ask, however, i am mainly after ampharos (she is #1 on the list afterall)

thank you!!!!

sorry for posting twice today but...

this giant raikou took nearly a year! she's about 3 feet long and is entirely hand sewn, very warm and huggable. i based her off of the giant pokemon center raikou-she isnt as big or detailed or anythign but i feel i've done the best to my ability and i hope everyone love's her, i worked extremly long and hard on her. Kou is her name, plz let me know what u think :D the photos of Kou with Mr. Toothpaste are for size comparison as to Kou next to a pokedoll and the one's with me are for human sixe comparison-but i'm 4"10 so im no giant :P

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A somewhat epic collection update, plus a few wanted items and questions

I finally finished taking pictures of all the items I've received over the last month. I apologize if I can't remember who sold me what. On that note, if you did sell me something, and you would like feedback, please comment with your feedback thread. (I've bought from too many people to go searching through the 13 pages of feedback posts.) Mine can be found here if anyone would like to leave me buyer feedback.

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I'm still looking for a few things as well. Please PM or comment me if you have one of these for sale, or know someone who does:
-Groudon chess piece
-Skitty on log "battle" figure (like the Jirachi figure in my collection update)
-Dialga zukan (the "leaning forward" pose)
-Suicune phone straps (clear and non-clear versions)
-Suicune chou
-Gastrodon kid (blue version)
-Caterpie kid with yellow spots
-Bulbasaur megablock
-extra pegs for zukans, extra Pokedex figure base, or extra pink/purple FCS base

Downtown Shoppe price reductions

For the next few days only, Downtown Shoppe's prices have been reduced. I'm going to the Celtic Women concert and so I'd like some extra money to take with me just in case :) and I haven't sent out the past purchases yet due to not being able to get to the post, so if you want to combine shipping, just let me know. All packages will be shipped out this week, though :)


And so this post isn't just a boring sales update, have some Spineraks

002.jpg picture by Twilmer