November 9th, 2009

New person

So I have been lurking around the community for a few weeks seeing how things work and people's awesome collections and totally forgot to introduce myself! lol So Hi! ^_^

I started collection pokemon about eleven years ago and had actually a massive collection until three years ago the entire collection was stolen.(Long story) So about a year ago I decided to start my collection all over again! Since I had started collecting since the day pokemon was introduced to the US I had had every card made up to that point, so that is my goal again, to collect every card ever made. (English first, I'll get the Japanese ones later)

As far as other merchandise goes I love the Snorlax/ Munchlax pair, as I think they have the best life philosophy. Eat, sleep, and relax! So I will try to hunt down anything Snorlax first. I also love the Charmander/ Charmeleon/ Charizard set, Leafeon is my favorite eeveelution (I could use the clean air it emits with all my allergies. lol) and Secptile. After that I usually find that my collections take on a life of their own. I do however want at least one figure of each pokemon, all 493. ^_^

I will post pictures of my collection so far as soon as I get my camera back. Thanks so much for letting me join this community and share in all the awesome that is pokemon collecting with you guys!

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Hey everyone!
im new to this community, and while i dont have alot of pokemon stuff now (1 game now) i did have way back 10 or so years ago. and id like to start again cause they are just so darn cute!

so, if anyone has any Umbreon, sneasel, espeon, vulpix/ninetails or any other cute pokemon stuff please let me know!
Young Justice Robin

Group Buy: Johto Plushies

Hey everyone! I saw a post the other day with a cute tufted Pichu plush that I didn't have, and decided to track it down. :) And what luck, I've found the set he comes in on Ebay with a BIN. Since I only want the two Pichu brothers and seeing as how this is a rather old set and the other plushies may be hard to come by, I figured it would be better to do a Group Buy. Rules and prices under the cut!
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Now let's get some cute Johto plush! :D
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EEEET'S GIN by staraptor!

pikachu pokedolls!!

okay so, i have some big collection updates to make which i keep putting off since stuff keeps not arriving XD but it includes raichus, lions, pokedolls, halloween stuff (?!) badges and more! yeah, awesome! when it all arrives to be posted :P don't you guys do that too? put off collection updates for weeks waiting for new stuff...

so anyway my point is, i'm jealous of pokedoll collectors and want to collect ALL the special pikachu pokedolls now! but i don't know if i know of them all? i know of the 'regular' which i have, the DX which is coming, plushplush is coming (with pichu, who's dolls i also want all of) these two guys which are probably coming... one is a soft nappy fabric pikachu from a new year's pack and the other is 10th anniversary!

anyway who am i missing? i found this shimmery fabric pokedoll and it says its from a "pikachu pack" but doesn't list any size. regular size or DX, anyone know? also please let me know anything else! remember pokemon center pikachus are NOT pokedolls (like the monthly pikachus or christmas/halloween pikachus). i'm not collecting those. but on the topic of pokemon center pikachus...

(my christmas pika with the new christmas sweets pika)

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Hello! ^_^

Hai~ ^^
I've been meaning to join this community for awhile but forgot...^_^'
Anyways, most of my friends call me Nana or Na-chan (Short for Nayda, lol.)
I've loved Pokemon and been obsessed with it for almost 10 years ~ :3
I collect alot of different Pokemon stuff, it's one of my favorite hobbies besides watching anime and reading manga XD
I'll post some pictures when I take new ones ^^ (My collection has grown since the last time I took pictures.)
I'm not really sure what else to say...XD
Uh, I've been searching for a Brock figure for almost as long as I've liked Pokemon, I plan to buy one on eBay sometime unless someone would be willing to sell me one if they don't want it or trade, I suppose...XD
Anyways, hope to be accepted into the community and make more Pokemon-fan friends! <3

a few things..

First off, if you've purchased from my sales post recently, then your items have been shipped! From the post a few weeks back; if you've received it already would you mind leaving feedback?

I shortened the link because it was rather long; ~

Now I have a few questions;
How much does a Chikorita Pokedoll mint w/ tags go for? And, what about the Chikorita Tomy plush (i'm probably not being specific enough, but that's what I know it by >.>) Any information on it would be great!

I do owe a few payments, and if you're one of them awaiting on it (i'm sure i've stated that i'd get it in Tuesday the latest), then i'll have it sent in tomorrow! Just a reminder.

LASTLASTLAST THING! ~ shameless sales post~
^ reduced prices galore!

Thanks for reading, (if you did :P)

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anyone wanna sell?

Hi there community!
At this time I cannot use paypal, and so I have a question - would anyone in the UK here be willing to sell me some stuff for concealed cash? I do have quite a bit to spend, and I'm specifically looking for merch of these Pokemon:

~ Eeveelutions

~ Poochyena/Mightyena

~ Houndour/Houndoom

~ Sneasel and flats welcome too. Thanks everyone, happy collecting ^^


Nido experts i need your help

I browse Y!J for pictures of new nido things I don't have yet. I can't buy them, but it's still fun to look.

Anyways, I came across this figure here:

I want to go ahead and say it's a kid, but I'm not sure. As far as I know, there are only three Nidoking kid poses including the new one. Am I just missing one or something? Does anyone have this figure? I'm pretty sure it's a kid I just haven't seen before, but you can never be too sure. Thanks!

ALSO: For those waiting for me to send something, It will be near the end of the week before they are sent. One factor is Remembrance day, and the other is that a small section of shops down my street were burnt down in a fire yesterday. On the end of that street is the post office, which I went to today. They told me they were still cleaning some smoke damage, so I have a few days to wait. It was a pretty brutal fire, three apartments above the shops (owned by the shop owners) were totally collapsed and destroyed. As far as I know, nobody was hurt, but the smoke damage is pretty bad. D:

Kuroshitsuji: Sebastian and Betty

Collection Post

I was accepted last week, sooo, its about time I post my collection. So check up under the cut for some cute plushies. =3 Oh, I also have a question. Have the Beast Pokedolls been bootlegged yet? I was asking because I was on ebay last week and saw a Raikou pokedoll that was going for $9.99 and Free shipping. I checked the pictures and it looked real and had all the pokemon center tags but when I looked at the seller name, it was the name of a well known bootlegger. I was just wondering because I don't wanna end up with a bootleg beastie. X3
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Sorry for another post so soon but MAN! you guys are BRUTAL! been going through all the listed shops and those Eeveelutions go fast! i soo want an umbreon or espeon anything and they are always taken lol!
same with vulpix/ninetails.. and pretty much any cute pokemon. hahaha. guess i gotta be first in line to get to the good stuff eh? -prepares to check the comm everyday!-

GA lost. :( ALSO: In search of someone to commission!

I am on the hunt for an artist.
To make me a raichu hoodie.

Nothing terribly fancy, just a tan/brown hoodie with the belly and the stripes and the tail if at all possible and the ears!

Nothing too terribly difficult to do, right?
I know there was someone who did hoodies...but I cannot remember who it was for the life of me. ._.

If anyone has any information, let me know!
I'd be more than happy to give an example sketch of what I am looking for. :)

As for the GA...

Sorry guys..
Someone outbid us waaaay over our budget. :\

Better luck next time.

Wanted: Pokemon Viz Comics + Finds

So today was..FleaMarket Day! I found a few interesting things in good condition
not even thinking I would ever find these here! I bought them at a fair price and as I read them now I want to get the 2 sets I'm missing,I remember seen them in someone sales awhile back not sure if they been sold..or they still up for sale.
Im not sure how much they go for ^^' if I cant find them here I may resort to ebay seen there around 4.50$ with shipping.

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Hope you enjoyed the few pic's and story xD but back to the wants!

Pokemon Viz Comic vl. 1 and 4-want them in good condition,no rips or tears,lol or writing please.GOT THANKS!! Will be on the look out for the others...depending on my ebay..><
Small or slight bents are fine ^-^''.
If you selling these or any other poke viz comics,I love to see links!!
thanks a bunch :]!

Oh yes iridescentfox,your packages was shipped out today ^^
hope you get your lil flareon soon!

And as always there few new items for sale,
includes some kids I got doubles by accident
oops!! ,Prices are Haggle-Able,I also may sell the Chimchar I found
hes a toyfactory plush,and is good condition hes a bit dirty may need a wash and he be good as new :]
Poke Sale
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Strutting with pride

I have a few Minun, Plusle, and water pokemon items over on my journal~


Hello~ Welcome to my sales everyone. Enjoy looking around~

Paypal only please~
Prices are pretty set, however I will consider serious offers.
I'll hold only for one day.
Shipping is not included, simply ask and I'll reply. :3
If you want more pictures, ask~ I won't mind taking a few more.
Sadly I'm not responsible if something is lost or stolen.
All DVD's, games, and whatever else region 1 (USA).

Any and all other questions, feel free to PM, AIM me (violent firebomb), or e-mail me at

Onto my journal! -- firebomb [at]

Permission from lineaalba~

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Pokemon- Desukaan Aww yiss

(no subject)

Packages have been packed up and are awaiting a trip to the post office. (As well as customs forms for the non-US ones) I'm hoping to go sometime this week.
I am so sorry for taking so long to get these out. .___.

In the mean time, I finally finished a real plush.
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made by princess

1/1 cyndaquil

Hello, I just wanted to ask if anyone knew of anyone or anywhere I can get a 1/1 cyndaquil from. I made a livejournal with the hope of being able to ask around in hopes of finally finding one, plus i noticed through looking around that there are some out there and maybe even on this group someone might be willing to sell theres, as a cyndaquil collector i am willing to spend in order to obtain this item. So thank you for anyone willing to help if you are willing to sell or just know a better way to try and find one.

The Plushplush are Here! :D

Firtly - thanks so much to everyone who commented on my post yesterday, I'll be replying to you all! :D

The ultra-special parcel we were waiting for arrived today - the Plushplush Group Auction!! Lots of photos are under the cut! <3

Today's photographs are brought to you by tufty-pichu!

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I'm such a happy collector today! <3

For everyone who participated in the GA, it's now time for the final payment! Due to the rarity of the plush, I'll be giving a couple of shipping options. Details are under the cut!

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^^ buneary

Card Sales

Hey Guys.

I finaly got a bit of spare time from college and have done some card sales.
I need some money to buy piplup items for my boyfriends christmas preasent (He is a bit obsessed.)^^

So look under the cut for my card sales. Bear in mind that I am fiting in shipping around my constantly changing college life.


STATUS: Going offline! I'll reply to you when I get in tomorrow afternoon (Y)

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Thanks For Looking!! ^^
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Pokemon - Growlithe/Arcanine Love
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Collection Update, Jakks Run Results, and Card Sales!

First off, my Toys R Us run was semi-successful. I picked up these guys!
The Eeveelutions might have a buyer, but if that falls through, I'll offer them to people on here :)
Giratina is for sale however! I will also trade it for a Flareon Jakks.
Giratina is $6.90 + shipping.
I can combine shipping with anything in my sales post:

I've also got a lot of cards for sale today, from all sets. :3 That is at the end of this entry!

And here have a little collection update ^_^
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If you see a green strip on a card, that's a piece of paper I put on top as a marker to myself, it's not on the card itself or anything. All cards are in near-mint unplayed condition unless stated otherwise.

-Paypal only, with a few exceptions (ask).
-NO HOLDS. Payments are due within 24 hours of your claim.
-Prices do not include shipping! Shipping on cards in a normal paper envelope will be $1.25. Shipping for a bubble mailer will be $2.25. You can specifically request one or the other if you like. Shipping insurance and delivery confirmation is extra, and available by request.-Trades are fine, make me an offer! Things I want to trade for are here: and here: I'm also looking for cards illustrated by Tomokazu Komiya and Naoyo Kimura. Ask me what I have already. :3
I delete comments to save space after 1 month, so if you don't get your items within that time PLEASE tell me before then ^_^;
-IF YOU PM ME ASKING FOR ITEMS I WILL IGNORE IT. Comments only, and first-come first serve.
-I will combine shipping on orders from my non-Poké sales post too!
Shipping on cards in a normal paper envelope will be $1.25. Shipping for a bubble mailer will be $2.25. You can specifically request one or the other if you like. Shipping insurance and delivery confirmation is extra, and available by request.

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Wants!! + Notice

I am currently looking for these items! Mostly plush & Backpacks...! :3

And [info]soulsilver_iv .... I finished packing your Lugia + 3 Legendary birds lunch box ;o I can't wait to get Bellossom ^_^"
I will be sending this tommorow :3! Hopefully you got the msg with my address!
Looks like Ivysaur and Aipom wanna go too XD

Anyways this is what I'm looking for.. If anyone could help me in finding these I'd be greatly appreciated! :3

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Hey, been a while since I've made a post, mostly been lurking on the comm. But there are a couple of Blastoise items I've seen a couple times and missed out on, now I'm getting kinda ansy. First off, looking for any of the Blastoise bell keychains. I've seen masterball for sure and I believe an ultra ball one if memory serves me right. But looking for any one of those keychains, also any Blastoise retsuden stampers. The Blastoise candy dispensers.

Those are the key things I'm looking for now, I'm sure there's plenty more items that I'm missing from my collection, but just taking things kinda slow for now. If anyone has seen any of these or has links to where I can buy them I'm definitely interested. But just paid off a $400 payment for SMJ and expecting a nice shipment from them, so will have collection update then for you folks :) But in the meantime I definitely appreciate any help you guys can offer with my search for grails :D

Pokemon Plaza gifts

Hey everyone!
Last week I received the free gift from Pokemon Plaza :)


For limited time only, when you sign up for Pokemon Plaza (the mobile phone service in Japan), you will get one of the 3 screen cleaner strap
Pikachu with chikorita, cyndaquil or totodile.

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sorry to post again so soon

I've paid for everything I owe as of five minutes ago. Please excuse my dad's poor spelling and forwardness.

kefanii , I know you said you were going to get back to me with an estimated amount, but my dad wouldn't accept that. I sent you $15, and I'm hoping that covers shipping to Canada etc. If it doesn't, I'll find a way to get you more.

I don't think I'll be collecting pokemon anymore. At least, not unless I buy it from the store myself. Long story short, dad blew up and me and things got bad. Blame was placed on me that shouldn't have been, and all in all I'm in a pretty bad mood. But sometimes that sort of thing happens.

Thanks for being great to me everyone, maybe I'll pop by every now and then. Maybe try some trades.



Updated sales~

New items added such as some of the new chou gets, some rare squeezies, and a vulpix bellplush!

I have class first thing tomorrow morning, so if I do not get to your comment tonight, I will do so tomorrow afternoon. ♥
Lugia Default

(no subject)

I'll post a more major update tomorrow.

TRU Runs

I obtained the following sets today for these people:

terryrose - Raichu Kid
winterwish - Raichu Kid
o0vailo0o - All Kids Sets

I'll get these priced up in terms of shipping, commission and fees tomorrow.

groggles - kids sets J2 and Z2 - I sent you a PM with full details, but basically, as soon as payment is sent, I will be able to collect these for you! ^_^


For the two people who bought items from my sales post (rentotar and trenchcoatedson), your items were sent today.


rukisales, I still haven't recieved the Lugia metal coin yet. This has been sent, right?

dewott - The dog tags have arrived.
keshimeg - Likewise, the zukan arrived today, but what surprised me the most was the DAMN AWESOME ARTWORK!!! :D If you don't mind, I added a little colour with GIMP and turned it into my avatar!!! ^_^

Of course, I'd like to leave feedback for you, and my post can be found here.

That's all for now, sorry about the boring update. V_V However, expect a sales update, collection update and more TRU runs tomorrow!