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Massive Update : Groundbreaker collection and ... secret figure ?

Hi community,

I am back for some updates about my Groundbreakers collection !

7 years ago, Kaiyodo officially cancelled the Pokemon TFG series 2.
At that time, we thought it was impossible to get all these 42 figures.
However, today I feel lucky because I managed to gather all of them !

My Groundbreaker collection is complete ! 22 figures are their own original bases !

Thanks to WhiteChocobo for the last figure: Mankey !

I've also found some funny variant grounbreakers.

[Click to see]

2 different Spindas with different patern of spots:

Clear Leaves Venusaur:

Purple Wartortle:

Regarding the mysterious series 3, we have recently discover the Minun figure.
It was the last figure to find. I am proud to show you my homemade checklist 100% complete.


So... Groundbreaker collection finished. Third wave checklist complete.
Is the adventure over now? Is that the end of thrilling? Have all the figures been discover ? That what it seems to be.
Nevertheless, one never seen before figure has just join my collection.
Where does it come from? I don't have a clue but I can notice it is the same size and same quality as TFG's.
Plus, it perfectly matches the two other members of the mythical trio.

Tremble before Giratina !!

It's maybe one of the final 4th wave promo figure.


(Kaiyodo had already produced this character but not in the TFG line ! The figure was bigger and had different appearence )

This compagny keeps many secrets....And there's quite a big chance that this line might surprise us again.
Enjoy this new pokemon and stay tuned !

Good bye everybody !

My want list:
Minum, Plusle, Sneasel, Tyrogue and Whismur tfg

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